“Bonus Abusers” are a result of the practice of offering free money through bonuses by online casinos

If you have come across the term “bonus abusers” and want to know what it means, read on. People who register on a number of online casinos with a view to claiming and using the bonuses offered sidelining terms and conditions that govern them are bonus abusers.

There are unscrupulous elements who create a number of identities and register many times with the same online casino site to claim and withdraw bonuses. Though bonuses are given to new players by online casinos for the purpose of attracting and retaining them, more often than not, these sites attract bogus players who are out to cheat them. Rather than becoming loyal to the casino, these players try to make use of the bonuses offered by these casinos and make profit out of them.

Understandably, most casinos now are skeptical about offering bonuses for new players and keep control over the situation by tightening their wagering requirements and this has helped bring the situation under control and minimize bonus abuse.

In order to deal with the issue of bonus abuse, a number of ways have been devised by online casinos through the years. New players still try their best to capitalize on the deposit and no-deposit bonus offers and take them home. This tendency of players to abuse them has led to a situation where online casinos no longer offer these bonuses.

In order to minimize bonus abuse online casinos enforced wagering requirements for fund withdrawals. Now, unless players have played a certain number of times on their deposit and bonus, they are not eligible to withdraw their winnings.

This led to a situation where bonus abusers played only games that were player friendly. This means they chose games such as video poker and blackjack that came with lower edges and totally ignored those with higher edges like the slot machine games.

Wagering requirements were subsequently altered by online casinos and eliminated wagers placed on video poker, blackjack and other player friendly games. Some casinos allow players to wager on these games too but only a percentage fulfills their wagering requirements.

Another method devised by online casinos to deal with bonus abuse is to offer sticky bonuses. These “sticky” deposit or no-deposit bonuses cannot be withdrawn at all. This means, even if you use these bonuses for free and win money, you can never withdraw the same. If you however win any jackpot using these bonuses, it belongs to you. Sticky bonuses also have low wagering requirements.

Unscrupulous bonus abusers try to take advantage by registering on various computers under different user names on the same casino that offers welcome bonus. Online casinos have thus been forced to deal with these abusers through a series of methods. Today only one account per family is allowed on most of the leading casinos online.

Bonus abusers are dealt with by these casinos with the help of software developed for this purpose. Countries that have a very high rate of bonus abusers are identified by the software and these countries are not eligible for bonuses.