Many Online casinos give free money with the name of various bonus offers to promote their website and this leads to the phrase “bonus abuser”.

Bonus Abuse

The process of registering an account at an online casino just for the point of gaining the bonus and seeks to stay away from its terms and conditions is called as bonus abuse.

Some of the bonus abusers will be dishonest to a level that they will create a number of fake identities to withdraw the bonus from the casinos.

Actually, online casinos offer bonuses to draw a huge count of players to their site. But only a small number of players are attracted by these bonuses and be loyal to the casino. Rest of the players simply grabs the bonuses, makes profit and moves on to the next casino. Indeed, recent casinos are suspicious about the bonus abusers and they want their players to fulfill the wagering conditions and make withdrawal of their bonuses in order to avoid bonus abuse.

Online casinos have been working out several ways to stop bonus abuse for many years. But still most of the new comers trust that they can make use of zero deposit or bonus and take it to home. So many online casinos stop giving no-deposit offers as players have the tendency of abusing them.

In reality, wagering requirements are created for withdrawing the bonus in order to avoid or reduce bonus abuse. With that, players can make withdrawal of their bonuses plus winnings only after they played with the deposits and bonuses for a certain number of plays.

These restrictions are updated further when bonus abusers started satisfying wagering requirements by playing simple games with minimum risk like blackjack and video poker. They ignored the slot machine games which have higher risk.

Nowadays, bets kept on simple games like blackjack, video poker or any other games that do not help players have their own wagering requirements. Anyway, it contributes only a particular percentage to the wagering requirements.

Online casinos now use the sticky bonuses concept in order to get rid of abuse of bonus. Gamers are free to use these sticky bonuses to play games and succeed, but it cannot be withdrawn. Anyway, these bonuses have minimum wagering requirements and the jackpots won with these bonuses belong to the player.

The worst thing about bonus abusers is they mistreat the welcome bonus by registering in one casino from various computers and with various user names.

 Online casinos scowl on such bonus abuses and take many actions to treat it. As a result, many reputable casinos in the gambling industry permit only one account for a family. Online casinos have also improved their software to let them identify and stop such bonus abusers. Some countries become ineligible to get bonuses as casino software has found a very high rate of bonus abuses from those countries.