Online casinos have a delightful practice of giving away free money in the form of deposit or no-deposit bonuses to welcome new players and encourage them to be loyal to the site.

This practice has led to a number of new terms such as “bonus whoring,” “bonus bagging,” or “bonus hunting,” which are used to describe players who register at a number of online casinos with the purpose of maximizing their free casino bonuses.

Players wondering how to maximize a free casino bonus can be reassured that bonus bagging is not the same as “bonus abusing,” which is illegal and frowned upon by casinos.

A bonus hunter simply maximizes his/her free casino bonus by staying within the terms and conditions set down by the casino. This is not a simple task and requires players to implement certain bonus hunting strategies, which include making a thorough study of various bonuses, games, wagering requirements, and so on.

Bingo Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements is a special online casino device to beat bonus abuse and to retain players. Casinos are well aware of the fact that players register only to receive bonuses, owing to which they have set down a series of conditions that players have to satisfy before they can withdraw their bonus amounts.

Usually, players will have to play through their deposit plus bonus amounts a certain number of times before being allowed to withdraw any funds from their accounts. Players wondering how to maximize a free casino bonus will have to study the terms and condition first.

The best way for players to maximize their bonus amounts is to understand the wagering requirements or any other term and condition associated with the bonus before claiming it.

Playing the Bonus

Players should also be careful about how they spend their bonus amounts. When the time comes to withdraw their funds, players may never actually be able withdraw their bonus amounts; however, they will have to withdraw their winnings. This means that players must use their bonuses to win as many jackpots as possible.

This is easier said than done, considering the fact that most of the games offered at a casino are games of chance. What’s more, casinos place certain restrictions on player friendly games with lower house edges such as blackjack, video poker, and roulette.

Casinos fix it so that wagers placed on these games do not contribute toward fulfilling wagering requirements; however, wagers placed on game with a high house edge such as slots contribute fully toward wagering requirements. Players should therefore play a judicious mixture of different types of games with the purpose of not only satisfying wagering requirements, but also winning a lot of money.

Betting Small

The only way to maximize the bonus is to make small bets and quit playing in case of continuous bad luck. The biggest mistake a player can make is to bet big with the hope of winning big. Players should also avoid getting frustrated with casino games because this makes them bet irresponsibly. Above all, players must study the rules and strategies of the game properly before actually wagering real money on it.

Players wanting to know how to maximize a free casino bonus will have to play wisely, so that they can make a very nice profit from their initial deposit bonuses.Vegas Towers Casino offering $50 FREE bonus