Would the design of more modern hardware have seen different and more advanced designs today? Would we just have 2 minutes more each day to snuggle our cats because we got to spend less time jiggling loose door knobs? . We also offer a broad range of knob designs, including more complex design such as star bullet, six-fold and emblematic designs. Look closely at antique or vintage house or furniture hardware, dating back decades or hundreds of years. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. 177-ZN-ES Art Deco Chicago Series Single Wall Sconce. For maximum design flexibility, shades are sold separately. We reserve the right to change or modify policies, prices, sizes, and/or designs at anytime, without prior notification. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Only wish it would ship faster without extra cost. All the things you need for the perfect Valentine's Day! I would LOVE to eliminate the rattling and twisting of the doorknobs and spindles in my house by using all Niles Chicago hardware, but its not quite that simple. Niles Chicago is hard to find because it was produced for only a short while.. cpr piper railroad hiram In certain design cases, the real beauty lies in the detail, and Olde Good Things is pleased to present antique hardware, fittings and accessories for your home or commercial property. Hippo Hardware is an eclectic building salvage store specializing in hardware, lighting, architecture and plumbing from 1860-1960. We offer assorted collectibles, trinkets, whatnots, and whoziwhatsits depending on what we get in. The spirit of Hippo Hardware is to rejoice in the individual, the unique, and the original., Hippo Hardware was officially established in 1976 after the founders Steven Miller and Stephen Oppenheim decided to turn a life of swashbuckling adventures into a second life of swashbuckling adventures. We live in the local, even for our customers far away. That means you will probably hear a story about burying a Porsche in a state park while you are asking about a faucet or see photos of our cashier's Saint Bernards while you're paying for a light fixture. We strongly support community projects, teachers, artists, adventurers, dreamers, and one-man-bands.. | 0 Comments. There is no need for set screws or washers, no loose and rattling knobs, no stripped knobs from loose spindles, and perfect fits for the escutcheons. Due to Covid-19. target bullseye history retro 1962 corporate logos rings through ads circles today its permalink parent embed award give Ecommerce Software by Shopify, Niles Chicago: Sometimes the Good Die Young. Come visit the store again! Hippo Hardware was featured in INC Magazine. All staff are fully vaccinated and masks are required to shop.Closed on most major holidays. Covered completely with deco design and pictured with one of the most deco designed shades made in America, we just have to sayScreaming!!. Antique Cast Bronze and Oak Wood Door Knob and Plate Set by Chicago Hardware Co. - Circa 1888, Antique Cast Bronze Door Plate by Chicago Hardware Co. - Circa 1888, Antique Bronze Door Plate by Chicago Hardware Co. - Circa 1888, Antique Cast Iron "423 Design" Door Plate by Chicago Hardware Co. - Circa 1895, Antique "433 Design" Bronze Door Plate by Chicago Hardware Co. - Circa 1895, Antique Cast Bronze Pagoda Style Entry Door Plate Pair By Chicago Hardware - Circa 1894, Antique Bronze Door Plate or Escutcheon by Chicago Hardware Co. - Circa 1885, Antique Cast Iron "Tunis" Design Door Plate by Chicago Hardware Co. - Circa 1895, Antique Cast Iron "423 Design" Door Plate or Escutcheon by Chicago Hardware Co. - Circa 1895, Antique Cast Iron "433 Design" Door Plate by Chicago Hardware Co. - Circa 1895, Antique Cast Iron Door Plate or Escutcheon by Chicago Hardware Co. - Circa 1885, Antique Bronze "444 Design" Door Plate by Chicago Hardware Co. - Circa 1895, Antique Cast Iron Door Rosette by Chicago Hardware Co. - Circa 1885, Antique Chicago Niles Interior Mortise Door Lock, LED Filament Light Bulb: 4 Watt (40 Watt Equivalent) Flame Dimmable CA11 Type, Antique 4-Light Dual Tone Pan Ceiling Light Fixture with Glass Shades - Circa 1920, Antique 2-Light Brass Gasolier Ceiling Light Fixture with Etched Floral Shades - Circa 1890, Antique 2-Light Brass Gasolier Ceiling Light Fixture with Etched Cherub Shades - Circa 1890. * By completing this form you are signing up to receive our emails and can unsubscribe at any time. Hours of Operation: Monday - SundayNoon to 5pm (CST). But what about the innovation that wasnt absorbed into the main stream manufacturing? These fixtures are all substantial, with a great dark/light pewter contrast. Pictured here with both a frosted 0319G shade and an amber 0319AMG shade, however any of our 2 1/4" shades will fit. co. single 19th century antique american figural "greek head" knurled edge doorknob with neogrec border, early 1880s original ornamental cast bronze figural "greek head" antique doorknob with knurled banded rim, 1870's original antique american ornamental copper figural greek or roman solider doorknob with neogrec border, late 1870s antique american ornamental cast bronze roman or greek soldier doorknob with footed shank, unusual heavy ornamental cast bronze drum-shaped late 19th or early 20th century yale & towne antique doorknob, group of six matching early 20th century salvaged chicago ornamental cast iron "panama" pattern doorknob backplates, rare 1870s fully functional american victorian era ornamental bronze compression cast exterior residential doorbell pull lever, rare 19th century american victorian-era railroad passenger car ornamental cast bronze doorknobs and backplates, late 19th or early 20th century antique american ornament wrought brass "de bercy" pattern doorknobs by russell and erwin, exceptional american art deco skyscraper style "detroit" pattern cast bronze streamlined entrance doorknob backplate, late 1870s original single ornamental cast brass residential doorknob with banded rim and dimpled field pattern, finely cast 19th century ornamental cast brass late 1870s brandford lock works doorknob with banded rim, late 1880s antique american cast brass victorian-era salvaged chicago doorknob, 1880s single salvaged chicago antique american cast brass residential doorknob with nicely aged patina, single 1890s ornamental cast brass phoenix lock works banded rim doorknob with nicely aged patina, late 1870s original salvaged chicago ornamental cast bronze yale & towne "gothic" doorknob with knurled banded rim, impressive 19th century american victorian-era salvaged chicago ornamental cast brass "sunburst" pattern corbin doorknob, original hard to find matching 19th century ornamental cast brass "ivy" pattern eastlake style residential shutter hinges, matching set of original 1870s yale & towne "roman head" ornamental cast bronze figural doorknobs with nicely aged patina, rare original 1880 ornamental cast bronze "greek head" soldier doorknob executed by the mallory wheeler company, hard to find 19th century ornamental cast bronze "thistle" pattern chicago-niles salvaged doorknob with spindleless shank, late 19th century ornamental cast bronze gothic style reading commercial store door entrance handle and backplate, late 19th century salvaged chicago antique american ornamental cast brass doorknob and matching backplate, original 1880s antique american eastlake style f.c. If you appreciate the quality and details found in products made in long gone eras, it is natural to want to bring the past into the present. Milton Cleveland Niles, a farmer with some bright ideas, and his son Sidney, implemented a new lock and doorknob design in 1878. So if you do not see what you are looking for, contact us or come visit our Rochester, NY warehouse to see what's new. If required, please contact an Urban Remains sales associate. We've got bin pulls, casters, sash locks, sash lifts, transom and casement window hardware, door knobs, locks, plates and rosettes and lots more. Art Deco Chicago Close Ceiling 5 Light Chandelier (176-ZN-5CC), Art Deco Chicago Double Sconce Light (178-ZN-DES), Hughes Art Deco Shade 2 1/4" Fitter (0319G), Vintage Recreated Glass Holophane Shade 2 1/4" Fitter (0614G). Due to Covid-19. open for order pickup, by appointment ONLY!. It features the use of heavy-duty materials such as bronze, cast iron, steel, wood and brass. Posted on Hippo Hardware has three glorious floors and 30,000 sq feet of building salvage to explore. Our inventory, and staff, is divided into four departments: Hardware, Lighting, Plumbing, and Architecture. We do our best to highlight our inventory full of unique items and reproductions on our website, but most of our stock is not online yet. Please contact us if you're looking for something you don't see here. They are objects of beauty to be appreciated and add important design touches to homes and furniture. The Showroom is only open for order pickup, by appointment ONLY! We hope you enjoy shopping at Historic Houseparts, Inc. Antique Fireplace Backs, Grates & Inserts, Antique Glass Fixture Shades - 2-1/4" Fitter, Antique Glass Fixture Shades - 3-1/4" Fitter, Clawfoot Tub Curtain Rings & Shower Heads, Antique Brass Festoon Forged Switchplates, Antique Pewter Festoon Forged Switchplates, Bronze Copper Festoon Forged Switchplates, Burnished Antique Brass Forged Switchplates, Egg And Dart Oil Rubbed Bronze Switchplates, Mottled Antique Copper Forged Switchplates, Timeless Calacatta Porcelain Tile Collection. linde cast brass doorknob and backplate with nicely aged patina, matching set of original 1870s antique american salvaged chicago cast iron doorknobs with banded brass rings, 19th century 1870s high victorian-era ornamental cast brass oversized commercial door thumblatch with griffins, oversized 19th century american victorian-era ornamental cast bronze russell & erwin store door thumblatch handle, late 19th century original ornamental cast brass commercial building monogrammed doorknobs with fanciful lettering, early 20th century custom-designed ornamental cast brass milwaukee electric railway and light company doorknob and matching backplate, large lot of matching 19th century interior residential salvaged chicago cast brass eastlake style passage door backplates, 19th century antique american ornamental cast iron "st. louis centennial" custom-designed icebox door handle, group of matching 19th century original reliance building interior office door cast iron backplates with bower-barff finish, four matching 1895 interior office door reliance building doorknob backplates designed by charles b. atwood, four matching 1880s eastlake style "rice" pattern ornamental cast bronze anglo-japanese shutter hinges, ten matching original 1890s interior reliance building office cast iron doorknob backplates with original bower-barff finish, matching set of late 19th century ornamental cast bronze richardsonian romanesque residential pocket door plates, unusual antique american 19th century oversized wall-mount oversized ornamental cast iron pivoting hook, original 1870s antique american victorian-era uniquely-shaped "clara burton" figural cast iron doorknobs with matching rosettes, group of matching original late 19th or early 20th century wrought ornamental bronze "eulalia" pattern doorknobs with sunken centers, large lot of early 20th century antique american ornamental "putnam" pattern interior residential doorknobs, single early 20th century ornamental cast bronze gothic style residential passage size doorknob by p.f. You provided exactly what I needed..thank you so much!!!! Chicago Showroom & Headquarters220 W Kinzie St, Ste 400Chicago, IL 60654(312) 245-0200, Mequon Showroom7555 W Mequon RdMequon, WI 53092(262) 420-5024, Minneapolis Showroom275 Market St, Ste 151Minneapolis, MN 55405(612) 315-0300, BlogPay InvoicePoliciesTestimonialsSitemap. Comments have to be approved before showing up. It still leads us to wonder, what place would Niles Chicago have in antique hardware today if it was more wide spread? Would our door knobs jingle less? Check out our 2020 Gift Guide to find ideas for everyone on your list! Thank you for subscribing to the newsletter! What you will find is a stunning display of hardware styles and details like ribbon and reed door pull plates, Chippendale Willow brasses, Hepplewhite thin brass pulls with eagle symbols, or elaborate Victorian crystal door knockers. Please add any specific finishes or sizes, where applicable, that you may be interested in. West 52nd St, NYC We have an extensive collection of antique cabinet, furniture, window and door hardware to suit every type of restoration project. The knobs move independently of one another, a slick departure from threaded spindle kits. If you're looking for a hard to find hardware pattern or can't find the match to your lamp shade, we'd be happy to tell you if we have it, seen it, or know where you could get it. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. 2020-2022 Chicago Brass, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The socket can handle up to a 100 watt incandescent bulb, or purchase our optional LED bulb to maximize your energy savings. The Showroom is only Hard to say. But Niles Chicago hardware, despite it's scarcity, is a great part of antique hardware history. And sometimes the good die young. The Chicago Hardware Manufacturing Company became the Gray Iron Company in 1882, and after 1888 the Niles Chicago design was seen less and less. The design, while superior in some ways, was also created in the middle of a design boom, and other more standard designs won out in popularity. Also, while there are less parts to replace and adjust on the Niles Chicago design, that also means that when a part fails, there is no easy fix. That aspect shortens the life of the hardware significantly. Niles Chicago also made glass knobs, very cutting edge for the time! Our product categories include cabinet knobs, cabinet pulls, appliance pulls, cabinet hinges, door knobs, door levers, hinges, pocket door track, pocket door locks, multi-point trims, entry sets, electronic entry sets, mortise locks, door stops, and accessories. Our vast online collection contains over 75,000 meticulously documented and photographed architectural artifacts salvaged from buildings across the United States. Love the product. Click Here to Leave a Nice ReviewOnce reviewed, just enter your email address to reveal your discount code! Our diverse range of antique hardware is represented by manufacturers such as Yale & Towne, Corbin, Sargent, Russell & Erwin, Stanley and Knob Hill. Our hardware schedules come with a guarantee. A. Finkl & Sons Chicago Foundry Objects & Artifacts, Chicago Athletic Association Building Artifacts, Chicago Stock Exchange Building Artifacts, Vintage Builders' Hardware - Doors & Hardware - Architectural - Products, Copyright 2021 Urban Remains All Rights Reserved | ALL SALES FINAL |, rare 1904 first edition locks and builders hardware: a hand book for architects by henry r. towne, two matching original early 20th century custom-designed chicago dearborn hotel guest room doorknob backplates, hard to find early 20th century cast bronze rococo revival style chicago residential entrance door backplate with nicely aged patina, one of two matching stunning 1920s american art deco style nickel-plated cast bronze doorknobs with rosettes, single 1880s original fully functional ornamental copper-plated cast iron residential entrance door bolt, two matching fully functional american victorian copper-plated ornamental cast iron flush mount chain door bolts, two matching original 19th century cast bronze 4 x 4 inch reading "columbian" pattern salvaged door hinges, nicely aged original 1880s salvaged chicago ornamental cast bronze "basketweave" pattern doorknob and matching backplate, highly sought after 1890s original salvaged chicago lexington hotel monogrammed doorknob with nicely aged patina, two matching 1870s high victorian-era ornamental cast bronze interior residential compression cast doorknob backplates, unusual and rare 19th century finely cast victorian-era cast bronze residential swinging door push plate with nicely aged patina, hard to find original 19th century salvaged chicago "arabic" pattern cast bronze swinging door push plate by mallory wheeler, original 19th century milwaukee city hall building interior office door "letters" mailslot with bower-barff finish, original 1870s high victorian-era american salvaged cast bronze entrance door "letters" mailslot with nicely aged patina, hard to find all original 19th century eastlake style chicago commercial building "broken leaf" entrance door thumblatch handle, original 1880s salvaged chicago ornamental cast bronze anglo-japanese style figural door hinge with distinctive finials, rare 1880s chicago hardware company ornamental cast bronze "thistle" pattern residential doorbell push button backplate, four matching 19th century eastlake style ornamental cast bronze circular-shaped salvaged chicago pocket door backplates, hard to find original 1880s salvaged chicago copper-plated cast iron residential surface door rimlock with matching keeper, exceptionally rare 1850s massive milwaukee mansion residential entrance door mercury doorknob set with tapered shanks, original 1870's refinished ornamental cast iron american victorian-era entrance door "letters" mailslot, john wellborn root-designed ornamental cast iron 1888 rookery building interior office doorknobs, hard to find original charles atwood-designed 1896 ellicott square building interior office doorknob, historically important original john wellborn root-designed cast iron doorknob and backplate from the kansas city board of trade building, oversized cast brass exterior residential entrance door backplate with nicely aged patina, set of early 20th century wrought brass interior residential salvaged chicago doorknobs, heavy single-sided cast bronze monogrammed new york city plaza hotel guest room number plaque executed by wagner, solon spencer beman-designed ornamental cast iron 1890s pabst commerical building doorknob and backplate, 1880s fully functional george barkentin-designed "cushion" pattern ornamental cast bronze doorknob set, original c. 1870's high victorian ornamental cast bronze interior residential "servant call" wall-mount bell lever, one of two early 20th century interior cast bronze monogrammed covenant club building doorknobs, hard to find 1880s antique american ornamental cast bronze "brocade" pattern entrance door mortise catch, 1870's refinished ornamental cast iron american victorian-era strong box or cabinet drop handle pull, impressive 1870s ornamental cast bronze high victorian-era exterior residential doorbell pull lever with nicely aged patina, pair of holabird and roche-designed ornamental cast brass chicago city hall doorknobs with matching rosettes, single hard to find 1870s ornamental cast brass high victorian-era residential window sash lock with matching keeper, matching set of oversized interior residential salvaged chicago pressed glass doorknobs with chrome-plated shanks, group of matching 1880s ornamental cast iron salvaged chicago residential passage door keyplates, three original early 20th century ornamental wrought bronze "roanoke" pattern salvaged chicago doorknobs, visually striking american depression-era art deco cast bronze commercial building door handles executed by sargent, group of three matching 1890s wrought ornamental bronze "pinwheel" salvaged chicago doorknobs, charles b. atwood-designed 1890s figural or emblematic ornamental cast iron fisher building office doorknob, large lot of late 19th century salvaged chicago interior residential ornamental wrought bronze "roanoke" pattern doorknobs and backplates, "normandie" or "dedham" pattern interior residential salvaged chicago cast brass doorknob with nicely aged patina, original late 19th century ornamental cast bronze "empire" pattern p. & f. corbin doorknob with partially intact nickel-plated finish, rare late 19th or early 20th century salvaged new york city mansion lavatory milk glass towel rod with unuusual ball finials, matching set of original salvaged chicago 1870s high victorian cast bronze interior shutter door latches, original salvaged chicago 1930s depression-era art deco "skyscraper style" cast bronze doorknob backplate, 19th century american eastlake style salvaged chicago cast bronze "oriental" pattern entrance door catch or strike plate, original hatrd to find 188's american eastlake style ornamental cast bronze "ivy" pattern entrance door mortise lock catch or strike plate, rare early 20th century "seal of the city of elmira" emblematic doorknob hardware model or pattern executed by p.f. - All rights reserved. Our pieces have been salvaged from all over the world by our specialist team of antique experts. Additional Reading about Niles Chicago Hardware: A Genesee House: A Historic Home in the Genesee Valley. Niles and Son began producing the design in 1979 and became the Gray Iron Company in 1880. The Niles Chicago hardware differs from the more common threaded knob and spindle hardware in one major way; the spindle and knob are integrated. Scranton, PA. See all the changes! Choosing The Right Register Vent Covers for Your Home. We serve projects locally in the Chicago, Illinois, Mequon, Wisconsin and Minneapolis, Minnesota markets, nationally, and internationally through our award winning showrooms in Chicago, Mequon, and Minneapolis. Broadway, NYC Choosing our company to meet your hardware needs makes sense, if you appreciate high quality hardware, customization and exceptional service. Contact us anytime! Projects into the room only 5 3/8" with the shades pictured. The major advantage of this design is the impeccable fit. rep answered questions re lead time promptly- easy! Chicago Brass markets, specifies, and distributes luxury architectural door and cabinet hardware to architects, designers, general contractors, and affluent homeowners. Just could not resist taking a picture without the shade, since the metal fixture itself is just so nice indeed. Check back daily as we are constantly adding new products. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. Pictured here also are several of the matching Chicago Series lights, including a close ceiling light, double close ceiling light, and 5-light close ceiling chandelier. New acquisitions are added daily to their respective categories found on the homepage. November 18, 2016 Antique Hardware Supply appreciates the fact that antique hardware represents more than just useful pieces for opening drawers or doors. Each knob is attached to an oversized "integrated" spindle. The spindle has a knuckle on it that, when fit into the mortise and turned, will open the latch. The Niles Chicago mortises themselves are unusual, featuring a larger hole and with a bar separating the two halves for each knob to snap into place. Urban Remains does not deal in new or reproduction building artifacts. corbin, original 1870s high victorian ornamental cast bronze american residential entrance door "letters" mail slot, rare 1870s ornamental cast bronze exterior residential doorbell handle or t-lever with backplate likely fabricated by corbin, distinctive 1870s ornamental cast bronze exterior residential doorbell push button escutcheon, pair of 1880s original salvaged chicago anglo-japanese style ornamental cast bronze circular-shaped pocket door pulls, latre 19th century adams & westlake cast bronze saloon door handles with lightly incised concentric circle. matching set of late 19th century romanesque style cast bronze salvaged chicago doorknob backplates by yale & towne mfg. Our focus has been and continues to be on curating best in class architectural hardware products and offering second to none technical specification and project management services. If you are looking for a specific piece of hardware or material please contact us and we will check stock availability at all of our warehouses. Vintage Hardware & Lighting 1999-2022 With our main facility and building artifact museum and gallery located in downtown Chicago, Urban Remains has been dealing exclusively in the reclamation and recycling of American antique architectural artifacts and other oddities found among commercial and industrial buildings or residential structures for over the past 20 years. Bowery, NYC Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates. Quality lights - the originals don't exist but these are so close to the real thing nobody will ever remember. Please provide your contact details and we will contact you about your quote request. Makes running the sconce all night long, perhaps as a nite lite, very economical indeed and cool to the shade as well. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Sign up for emails and receive discount coupons. Well, this brings us to the tale of the Niles Chicago hardware. Your web site is easy to navigate & offers much to choose from. The Museum is Closed. Sales@AntiqueHardwareSupply.com | 734.728.8890| Free Shipping Orders $149+, Timeless Styles & Exceptional Craftsmanship. Our hardware schedules come with a guarantee: we pay for our errors or omissions. Grand Ave., LA We offer blueprint take-offs, in home or office consults, job site walkthroughs, installation template coordination, and post install follow-up. Vintage Hardware, Vintage Lighting, and Vintage Hardware and Lighting are Registered Trademarks. Also, the Niles Chicago knobs can be found in popular patterns, materials, and finishes of the time, such as the Le Grande and Corinthian patterns. Olde Good Things antique hardware inventory currently includes Classic, Victorian, Art Deco, Traditional, Mid-century, Aesthetic and Modern styles. That is precisely why we have specialized, in crafting fine reproductions of the classic hardware pieces that add beautiful styling to furniture and homes. While Chicago Brass was officially founded in 1985, our roots in hardware extend back to 1914, all under the ownership of the same family. 2014 Hippo Hardware and Trading Company 1820 W. Grand Avenue Chicago, IL 60622 | Mon - Sun, Noon to 5pm. Art Deco Chicago Single Wall Sconce (177-ZN-ES). Vintage Hardware, Vintage Lighting, and Vintage Hardware and Lighting are Registered Trademarks. If you have an account, sign in with your email address. corbin, original early 20th century ornamental wrought bronze "cairo" pattern drum-shaped doorknob by lockwood. We donate to: NARAL, Planned Parenthood, Portland Women's Crisis Line, Benson High School, Sunnyside Environmental School, Junk to Funk Recycled Fashion Show, SE Works, Vision Northwest, Multnomah Playschool, Union Gospel Mission, Community House, The Friendly House, Marylhurst Childhood Center, Portland Lions Club, Sabin Elementary School, Oya No Kai supporting the Japanese Magnet Program, Lee Owen Stone Preschool, Public Interest Law Project, Jefferson High School for the Performing Arts Theater Department, imago Theater, Reynolds High School, David Douglas High School, and Milagro Theater. 1980 - 2022 Historic Houseparts, Inc.. All rights reserved. Join our newsletter to get the latest information. The Museum is Closed. The best term to describe this series is simply: Screaming Deco, since that really is what every nuance and every square inch of design says. We're here to help answer any question. Vintage Hardware & Lighting ~ 2000 W Sims Way ~ Port Townsend, WA 98368 ~ 360-379-9030 - All rights reserved.
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