SeeThe City of Calgary Standard Specifications Waterworks Constructionfor specification drawings on servicing requirements for residential, commercial and industrial developments, water meter details, and cross connection control device details. #5;zvboefgN_;gB=:,T/- s. Have passed a cross connection control course in backflow preventer testing at an accredited college or institution and obtain a certification from a, Finally, you must register your certification by applying to The City of Calgary. 4 0 obj What if I have moved, or no longer work for the same company? As a certified cross-connection tester, you have an important role in ensuring compliance with Calgarys Water Utility Bylaw. When will sight tubes be discontinued for use in Calgary? backflow tester In order to test devices in the City of Calgary, you must: When you apply to register your certification with the City, you will need the following: The City does not endorse or promote certified cross-connection testers, or any contractors for that matter. Additional Information & Resource Library. - A copy of the latest Certificate of Calibration Note:When signing up for Online Test Entry please submit the following requirements: You can also find more information about cross connection control in ourCommercial/Industrial cross connections brochure. Cross connection control testers are individuals certified by recognized institutions to test cross connection control devices and systems. Together with the support of our third party partners such as your company and registered testers we will strive to implement an efficient system that will benefit all stakeholders and keep our water system safe. Failed cross connection devices must be repaired or replaced within 5 business days. This guide will help you navigate your authentication process once you have received your invitation email. To report a change in your information, please submit your request using the Tester Online Service Request. Devices must also be tested at the time the device is cleaned, repaired, or replaced, and at least once per year. Cross-connection devices must be registered and tested at installation. KTm!o7DwF%9K9R{c_ZS&a It is essential that you report any change of company, address or equipment to the Cross- Connection Control Department. Official web site of The City of Calgary, located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Watch Video, Follow instructions from the creators of SwiftComply! xlK~"Fk/m5p Pz^3"2$hw~~?O_?o?_}zA_>>yv~?{@~fZ?{3[o/ O_;W?4zyyyn^^OZX|}|}}>?_soo($?^-J_|}}6!/S?R2_?O~}v37VCu}z6w=x?mj4~}o//i>|}Dc5@f_wl[}~@E,od?_312#OvzyF}o d`o; &{}|}2%Qnoo'??&3a/>Z'F{o3?/_$^IGba~=iI~Yn|3^,'y4?,\oF(&M6FOo/l&wxaZ&A^Fz}k?B4xi!_M1tAv|Vf|f>h~j_vL+)?h}_/}*fY/o^I=|G>Qj>0.3gz0p7f {'E Tfhw["c9Vi8^W.^>3-n For City of Calgary Annual registration testers that have not been testing within a yearmust go to a training facility recognized institution and do the 6 tests. fcQhQto_Dsz"ST;a0Nm0L;b>Wl#yb?e1^ BkucRm |-1e9Jbwyy0.FBV7%dc" i|Io6M z>""eTy7i ^ We believe this decision best supports Calgarians and the Cross Connection Control Program as we move towards a risk based approach in our digital future. Cross Connection Control tests performed with Sight Tubes will no longer be accepted by the City starting April 1, 2022. "Q0l|%D6w7 [XTZ6;L6n( mzdlS5BygCX'`\BhAF1>RN0co'X-f?SDj3wFG,0 Rkac! - Latest copy AWWA Certificate % - Cross Connection Control Application Tester Registration stream How can I become a certified tester for The City? For the Service Provider Company who would like to include their Administrative Staff to enter their reports on behalf of their certified testers please provide the following info:Full Name, Email and Phone Number. 2022. While the national standard does allow for the sight tubes to be used and the tests are accurate and valid, it does not dictate that municipalities or water service providers must follow or allow this practice. To apply, complete the, A copy of your Cross- Connection Control Specialist Certificate, A current accuracy verification or calibration certificate for the test equipment you will be utilizing to test cross connection control devices, Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Prevention Assembly (RP), Spill Resistant Vacuum Breaker Assembly (SRPVB). What happens if I fail to renew my registration & certification on time? Follow this link to the SwiftComply website to enter your test reports. We do however add contact information of approved, certified testers to theCertified tester list. Listed below are the approved backflow devices: For a current listing of certified backflow preventers, visit theCanadian Standards Association website.

Your City of Calgary Registration is due annually. If you fail to renew, or if your qualifications have lapsed, you can no longer test in the city of Calgary and any test reports received will be returned to the owner of the property. All testers will be required to submit via the new online platform (SwiftComply); email or mailed submissions of test reports will be not be accepted after April 1, 2022. ei6O6HZjahA>>+FgFP)}a/4!r~~drv %|z~KzL[JG==&>x0j6;K{mwlM ?Wj P,$(-|i+? << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> The City of Calgary is making this decision to facilitate the move to a digital repository (Swift Comply) that requires all testing equipment to be registered and have proof of annual calibration. As the steward of high quality drinking water for Calgarians, The City is responsible for the water quality and safety while making accountable for decisions that mitigate risk to the water system. Cross Connection Control Tester Application. Tips for searching for serial numbers, addresses, uploading certification, registrations and more. For AWWA Certification typically you will need to take a recertification course if your qualifications lapse. Whether its installing, replacing or repairing cross-connection devices, performing annual tests or submitting the reports, your efforts help protect Calgarys drinking water system. %PDF-1.3 Submit this form using SwiftComply or the Tester Online Service Request. The City of Calgary Standard Specifications Waterworks Construction, Commercial/Industrial cross connections brochure. Devices protecting irrigation systems are only required to be tested when the irrigation system is turned on for the season, if the system isnt used the device does not need to be tested. Does The City promote or recognize my company? We appreciate your diligence as we move forward.
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