800 years before the glass pyramids of the Louvre were built, Gothic engineers and masons built these almost weightless walls of stained glass. $15 general admission and $12 wine club , The Rose Window is most brilliant right before sunset as almost-horizontal streams of light shine through the glass. Chapelle! Batobus: (Notre Dame or Hotel de Ville stop) - Get Batobus hop on hop off river cruise tickets. DAVID BRACCINI, Attraction : , QUATUOR CLASSIK ENSEMBLE June 25th -The Come Together Band -Blues Brothers June 18th Father's Day Concert with -The High Street Band

To explore the rest of the ancient area behind Sainte Chapelle, continue walking west (ie, away from Sainte Chapelle). There are no upcoming events at this time. Check with Booking.com to find today's sale prices on hotel rooms in every arrondissement of Paris. You'll be given a complimentary brochure that tells you exactly what to look for in each window. As a French cultural site, Sainte Chapelle offers free admission for all visitors under 18 (photo ID required) and EU/EEA visitors 18-25 (photo ID required). Its invaluable possessions indicate to the period powerful king as leader of the western Christendom. A 7-year project to clean and restore Sainte Chapelle's stained glass completed a few years ago, leaving the windows more sparkling and beautiful than ever. On closer inspection, you can see many different scenes - 1,113 in all - in the 15 stained glass windows. , BERTRAND CERVERA FOLIES BAROQUES RENAISSANCE ET AVE MARIA AVE MARIA DE CACCINI & SCHUBERT (Or get a ticket for just the Conciergerie.). THE FAMOUS QUARTETS & SES PLUS BELLES PAGES, Attraction : As a verified user, you will be granted access to our quick upload forms, that allow you to upload content faster. To get to Sainte Chapelle you must first pass security at the Palais de la Justice, then climb a spiral staircase before entering the magical kingdom created on order of French king Louis IX in the 13th century. Pope Boniface VIII canonized Louis IX as a saint in 1297, the only French king awarded this distinction. September 3rd

9. Even though Louis IX paid a small fortune for them - more than three times the cost of building Sainte-Chapelle - their authenticity has never been confirmed. Be sure to choose the Service Privilege option for the best seating, the most champagne, the best meal, and the ultimate experience. VIVALDI LES QUATRE SAISONS Chapelle Privacy Policy Terms of Use Please enjoy responsibly. Logging in with Facebook or Google will register you for an Eventseeker account assuming you agree to the. LES PLUS BELLES SONATES BAROQUES , , Already one of the most dazzling churches in Paris, La Sainte Chapelle was made even better during an extensive restoration. It also gives you time to admire the lightness and airiness of the church. His idea was to push the boundaries of what the Romans knew about arches. , le Saint-Louis, the small island in the Seine River next to le de la Cit where Sainte-Chapelle is located, is named after him (as is Saint Louis, Missouri, along with many other places around the world). La SainteChapelle, 8, boulevard du Palais, 75001 Paris, France, Google Maps. No outside Alcohol VIVALDI LES QUATRE SAISONS When he couldn't pay up, he appealed to the French king Louis IX (otherwise known as Saint Louis, like in the island).

Metro: Line 4, Cit station Sainte-chapelle hosts concerts for a wide range of genres from artists such as Antonio Vivaldi, having previously welcomed the likes of Antonio Vivaldi.

Here are several excellent choices within a 5-minute walk: Use this Paris hotel map to find more hotels near Sainte Chapelle: Les Deux Palais, almost directly across the street (Boulevard du Palais), is a popular place for simple brasserie fare: salads, steak-frites, pastas, or just a drink. 6. To know the price lists of tickets, and buy your pass meeting on the site Ticketmaster, CLASSICAL MUSIC & OPERA - CLASSICAL MUSIC, American Express Partner of Ticketmaster, Ticketnet, a company of Ticketmaster group. During the revolution, the outer decorations are destroyed, and the arrow also. Would you like to become a Verified User? le de la Cit Walking Tour including Notre Dame, Sainte-Chapelle Concert Schedules & Tickets. Picnics welcome, food available for purchase on site from local vendors. If you visit during the day, remember that as a top Paris attraction, Sainte Chapelle attracts numerous visitors throughout much of the year. 5. Sainte Chapelle is located almost next door to its less-famous neighbor, the Conciergerie, once a medieval palace but better known as the notorious prison where Marie Antoinette spent her final days. , The stained glass walls are among the most magnificent in the world. https://www.classictic.com/en/affiliate/10055/?e=1084131&r=77, http://ticketmaster.evyy.net/c/266168/271177/4272?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ticketmaster.fr%2Ffr%2Fmanifestation%2Fvivaldi-les-quatre-saisons-billet%2Fidmanif%2F518421%2Fidtier%2F18864121, https://www.classictic.com/en/affiliate/10055/?e=1084134&r=77, http://ticketmaster.evyy.net/c/266168/271177/4272?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ticketmaster.fr%2Ffr%2Fmanifestation%2Fadagio-billet%2Fidmanif%2F518663%2Fidtier%2F18864121, https://www.classictic.com/en/affiliate/10055/?e=1084137&r=77, http://ticketmaster.evyy.net/c/266168/271177/4272?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ticketmaster.fr%2Ffr%2Fmanifestation%2Fprestige-du-violon-billet%2Fidmanif%2F502954%2Fidtier%2F18864121, https://www.classictic.com/en/affiliate/10055/?e=1084140&r=77, https://www.classictic.com/en/affiliate/10055/?e=1084143&r=77. ,

Although the brilliant colored glass steals the show, don't miss the chapel's other rich ornamentation: lavish gilding, lushly painted medieval frescoes, countless carvings, and magnificent statues of the 12 Apostles standing in the alcoves. August 13th

-Emily Stanton Band 19348 Lowell Rd.Caldwell, Idaho 83607(208) 453-7843 ext. His supporting stone frame is as strong as the frame of a modern steel glass building. Save money when you get acombo skip-the-line ticketgiving you entrance to bothSainte Chapelleandthe Conciergerie,the famous medieval prison whereMarie Antoinetteawaited her fate at the guillotine during the French Revolution. Last admission is 30 minutes before closing, Location: 8 Boulevard du Palais, 1st arrondissement. It was, and still is, a marvel, with tall, thin walls filled with lacy stained glass. , For a memorable experience as well as the chance to see by this beautiful medieval venue by candlelight, attend a classical music concert on Saint Chapelle's second floor chapel, surrounded by the sumptuous stained glass. If you had to pick the most beautiful sight in Paris, Sainte Chapelle's 15 soaring medieval stained glass windows in jewel-like hues of crimson, blue, gold, green, and purple might top your list. ORCHESTRE NATIONAL DE L'OPERA DE PARIS, Attraction : When you visit Sainte Chapelle, you'll enter on the ground floor, pass through a lovely first floor chapel once used by palace staff and now sharing space with a bookshop/souvenir stand, and walk up 33 well-worn stone steps enclosed by a narrow circular stairwell. , July 16th If you have more time, walk around the corner and follow the road along the river to Place Dauphine (1 block away - see the map below). If additional tickets are available at the gate the cost will be: CANON DE PACHELBEL Another benefit of the renovation was that much of the connective lead that joins the windows were replaced with a new, almost invisible glue, making the glass even more pronounced. , There are concerts many evenings during much of the year although things slow down in the winter months, since La Saint Chapelle is not heated. You might say it all started with the Fourth Crusade.

He's been immortalized in a statue on the facade of the Hotel de Ville. , SABINE REVAULT, Attraction : 2. ,

If you prefer the personal touch of aguided tour,this small grouple de la Cit Walking Tour including Notre Damegives youskip-the-line ticketsto both placesas well as walking tour of the island that includes views of the reconstruction work atNotre Dame,currently closed due to the devastating fire. September 17th - First Annual "Wine and Canines" Featuring The Bottom Line Band, Wine & Canines features pet products, pet services, & for this event only family & kid friendly canines are welcome to attend this end of the season concert. September 10th Snake River Valley Harvest Festival, details at www.universe.com/snakerivervalley

Most depict Biblical scenesfrom the Old and New Testaments - if you want to "read" them in chronological order, go left to right, bottom to top. From the street, only the tall piercing spiral of the church can be seen. , The chapel's previous four spires burned down. Although there is some debate, it's generally accepted that the chief architect of La Sainte Chapelle was Pierre de Montreuil (1200 1266). Of return of crusade, the sovereign indeed wishes to shelter the holy relics which he acquired in a building of exception. These items were purchased from the Byzantine emperor Baldwin II in 1239 for a huge sum of 135,000 Livres (the church cost 40,000 livres to build) due to the King's desire to elevate France as the leader of Western Christianity. You'll see 8-10 small restaurants and cafes lining the square. , , The skip-the-lineSainte Chapelle entrance ticketthroughGet Your Guidelets youwalk right pastthe ticket line and gives you priority entry access to the security check line and entrance. ,

, complete Sainte-Chapelle concert schedule and get your tickets here. and 16 years and under are FREE. This breathtaking Gothic chapel, with its stunning stained glass windows, is one of the most exhilarating places in Paris. The king ordered the best stained glass craftsmen from the recently-completed Chartres Cathedral to create Sainte Chapelle's windows, and if you visit both places, you can see similarities:brilliant colorssurpassing thesimplicity of the windows' designs. ALBINONI : adagio , 4. Browse the list of upcoming concerts, and if you cant find your favourite artist, track them and let Songkick tell you when they are next in your area. expiatoire chapelle xvi louis square CLAIRE CERVERA, Attraction : , , You can get tickets to just Sainte Chapelle or save money with a discounted combo ticket for both attractions. Open:Daily - Monday through Sunday Several waves of restoration follow one another in the first part of the XIXth century. The chapel is one of the most popular churches in Paris and attracts about 900,000 visitors each year. Although Sainte Chapelle measures only 118feet long x 56 feet wide, the ceiling reaches 139 feet high. Sainte-Chapelle islocated on the le de la Cit near Notre Dame and the Conciergerie. Paris, France. ,

, Reserve your table.

Today, visitors don't go to the chapel to see the Crown of Thorns or Louis' other dusty relics, they go to see the glorious stained-glass walls, the vaulted ceiling, and the miracle of medieval engineering. Even better, do both! 10. , , At the top, take a deep breath - you're about to emerge into a dazzling stained glass kaleidoscope sparkling like a million multi-faceted jewels framed by narrow 50-foot stone columns. Place Dauphine is one of those quiet, hidden spots in Paris known to locals but usually not discovered by visitors.

Orchestre PARIS CLASSIK Get Batobus hop on hop off river cruise tickets, More historic Paris churches where you can hear classical music concerts, Why you should visit the Conciergerie, a lesser-known medieval gem and French Revolution prison, Find out about le de la Cit's medieval masterpieces in the heart of Paris, How to get fast entry to top Paris attractions with skip-the-line tickets, Easy day trips from Paris to Versailles, Giverny, Mont Saint Michel, D-Day Normandy Beaches, Disneyland, London, Bruges, & more, How to Stay Cool in Paris during Summer Heat Waves, Happening Now in Paris - Find Our Latest Articles, The famous Paris winter sales, concerts, new museum exhibits, Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year Parades, Mardi Gras, Fountain Shows at Versailles, French Open, Paris Marathon, Easter concerts, spring flowers, Summer sales, Pride week, music fests, air show, Gifts, holiday food, mulled wine, and Santa, Where to stay near the famous palace museum, Wonderful hotels close to top Paris attractions. VITALI CHACONNE The meticulous renovation was finished just in time to celebrate the 800th anniversary of King Louis IX in 2015. LES SOLISTES FRANCAIS DAVID BRACCINI , Paris Passis a similar option - but in addition to freeskip-the-line accessto 60+ attractions including Sainte Chapelle, you also get ahop on/hop off sightseeing tour,free travelon the Paris public transportation system while your pass is valid, and discounts at restaurants and shops. Louis paid off the debt and acquired the crown of thorns for himself. DAVID BRACCINI

1. Check Availability, VIP Dinner Cruise with Bateaux Parisiens If you want to attend one of the evening candlelight concerts at Sainte Chapelle, book early. , Inside, the church appears weightless and airy, and is one of the most amazing examples of Gothic architecture anywhere. PRESTIGE DU VIOLON, Attraction : Search for your hotel. Orchestre PARIS CLASSIK

If you want to learn more about what you'll see once you're inside, join an le de la Cit Walking Tour including Notre Dame which includes skip-the-line tickets and guided tours of Sainte-Chapelle and the Conciergerie along a walking tour of the neighborhood and its topattractions. It's an amazing experience sitting in this Gothic masterpiece of a church and listening to classical music played by some of the best musicians in France. All rights reserved 2019, Find immediate answers to your questions with our online help, Collect your tickets in one of our 1600 withdrawal points, Book your tickets with confidence and serenity, The souvenir ticket for all fans.A Ticketmaster exclusive product. Orchestre Les Solistes Franais BACH Please confirm with the organizer before making any plans. Sainte-chapelle, We highly recommend that you become one of them by booking a classical music concert. QUATUOR LES SOLISTES FRANCAIS , Join us for the Summer of Wine and discover whats in store for many years to come at Ste. It is one of the jewels of the heritage the most visited. If you can imagine this, the entire 600 square metres (6,500 sq ft) of stained-glass windows and walls were meticulously disassembled, cleaned with lasers, then put back together again. QUATUOR PARIS CLASSIK Discover all 20 upcoming concerts scheduled in 2022-2023 at Sainte-chapelle. October 1 - March 31: 9am - 5pm 8. 2021 Ste. Gothic Splendor, Timeless Beauty in Paris. PAUL ROUGER Overhead, a vaulted dark-blue ceiling studded with golden stars seems to float in the light-filled space.

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