Next Class Begins in May 2022. For even more options, take a look at a list of beautiful Middle Eastern baby names and Arabic names. ", Raziya - This beautiful name means "agreeable. Ra was known as the sun god. More Egyptian baby names for your little prince or princess, Find more Egyptian baby name inspiration on Peanut, 200+ Spanish Baby Names for Your Beb to Be, 78 Haitian Baby Names for Your Little Love, 30 Persian Baby Names With Their Meanings, 125 Sanskrit Baby Names and Their Meanings. Mau was a divine cat who is thought to be the origin of cats on earth. ", Panya - This adorable name means "mouse.; Many popular Egyptian names are a nod to personal traits, while others feature weather and gods. Mut (Ancient Egyptian origin) referring to the mythical mother and Goddess of War, worshipped at Thebes, in Greece. Here are 8 ideas. Popular baby names change over time, with some falling out of fashion through the years and others taking over top spots. ", Sanura - Another cute option, this name means "kitten. With Benin origins, this girls name means princess.. Why wasn't this page useful? Rashida (Arabic origin) meaning 'knows her own way', righteous and mature. Sara (Hebrew origin) variation of the name Sarah, meaning princess. Nour (Arabic origin) meaning light, for a shining, glowing baby girl. ", Quibilah - A lovely choice, this name means "peaceful. Daughter. No matter which baby girl name you choose, you'll love looking at these gorgeous names. 125 Sanskrit Baby Names and Their Meanings 80+ Beautiful Egyptian Baby Girl Names and Meanings, How to Respond to "I Love You" in Any Situation, 100+ Good Night Love Quotes to Say to Your Sweetheart, 12 Best Wooden Wick Candles for the Perfect Ambient Crackle, 60 Heartfelt Veterans Day Quotes to HonorOur Heroes, Gallery of Short Hair Styles for Senior Women, Pictures of Polished Hairstyles for Mature Women, Top Baby Names at a Glance: Most Popular Names of 2021, Pictures of Short Hairstyles for Gray Hair, 10 Sweetest Things to Say to Your Partner, Nailah - This beautiful name means "successful", Hathor - Stands for everything beautiful in life. , Reviewed in the United States on 21 July 2019, Reviewed in the United States on 29 May 2019. Seshat was the goddess of written words and is also known as the patron of scribes, which makes it a great name for a contemplative cat. Shani (Hebrew origin) meaning a marvel, marvellous, for a wondrous and talented baby girl. {js=d.createElement(s); Greek Iesous/ > Coptic Iesous/, Latin Iesus, Syric Isho or Eesho. Browser compatibility Firefox 3.5+ Newer versions of Google Chrome, Safari & Opera IE9, I have always been facninated with the study of the meaning of names or, Aakheperenre /aA-xpr-n-ra/ (M) 'great manifestation of Ra' (King), Abt-ib /Abt-ib (F) 'She whom the heart desired', Amenemheb , Amenemhab/imn-m-Hb/ (M) 'Amun of the festival' (Retainer), Amenemnisu /img-m-nisw / (M) 'Amun is king' (King). Applications received after mid-Decemberwill be held for Class 62review. There are some beautiful names that have spiritual ties to Christianity, Ancient Egypt, and Ancient Greek spirituality. Applications received after mid-Decemberwill be held for Class 62review. Amenirdisu , munirdisu /imn-ir-di-s(w)/ (Demotic) 'The God Amun has given him' Amyrtaeus, A, A, Amennety /imnnti/ (M) 'Amun belongs to me'Amenkhau, Amonkhau (M), Ameny , Ameni , imni/ (M) (District-commandant), Ameny Antef , Ameni Antef /imn.i in-it.f/ (M) 'Ameny is his father', Ankheseni /anx.s-n.i/ (F) 'she is alive for me', (Queen who later changed her name to Ankhesenamen), / or /npw-.r-d-s/, Bakenamun , Bekenamun /bAk-n-imn/ (M) 'Servant of Amun' (, Bakenamun /bA.k-n-imn/ (M) 'Servant of Amun' (. Dalia - Means "gentle" - the name of former advisor for U.S. President Barack Obama, Lotfia - Lofti means "soft" - name of first Egyptian female aviator, Mona - Means "wishes" - name of Egyptian-American freelance journalist, Mona Eltahawy. Dont worry weve got even more Egyptian baby names for you to choose from: For more ideas on the best baby names for your little one, why not ask the mamas of Peanut? She's also a mom raising two boys and sharing that experience via her writing. More baby names: All rights reserved. ", Sslama - This unusual choice means "peaceful. Hafsah (Arabic origin) meaning lioness, female lion cub. kemetic diet ancient spirituality dr ashby muata mind health body wisdom spirit african egyptian civilization 78 Haitian Baby Names for Your Little Love Egyptians were the first people to develop their language into a codified form of writing known as hieroglyphs. If you want a break from the most popular Egyptian boy names or girl names, you can choose a rarer variant instead. Back in the day, the Egyptians called their country Kemet, which translated to Black Land (kem meant black in ancient Egyptian). Luxor is a city in Northern Egypt (and of course, a popular hotel in Las Vegas.) Here are 10 perfect Egyptian names for your female feline. ', Meriamun /mri-imn/ (M) 'beloved of Amun' (King), Merib /mr-ib/ (M) 'who's heart is beloved' (Prince), Mernezem /mr-nDm/ (M) (overseer of prophets of thge lords of UE), Meryaten/ mry(t)-itn/ (F) 'beloved of Aten' (Queen), Meryhathor, Meryhuthor (More accurate) /mry-Hwt-Hr/ 'the beloved of Hathor' (King), Nakhtdjehuty , Nakht-Thuty/nxt-DHwty/ (M) 'Djehuty/Thoth is victorious' (overseer of the carpenters of the northern, Nanesbastet /na-n.s-bAstt/ (F) 'her tongue of Bastet' (Husbandofficial), Nebamentet /nb-imntt/ (M) 'Lord of the West', The two crowns on the head of her father' (, Nubnen /nb-nn/ (M) 'They the lord?' //]]>, Be the first to ask a question about Kemetic Spiritual Names. All Rights Reserved 2022. Do any of these interesting historical figures inspire a unique Egyptian name choice for your child? Responses will be mailed out right before the class begins. Aziza (Egyptian origin) meaning of great value, and precious. They make a beautiful and meaningful statement. In the Bibles book of Exodus, he was famously floated down the Nile River by his mother. Are you raising your own miniature queen? Generally, you can expect to have a lot more choice with Egyptian male names. Amun Look to Egyptian goddesses for powerful Egyptian names that make a statement. Jomana (Arabic origin) meaning silver pearl, a variation of the name Jumana. It is also called the paper plant, Cyperus papyrus (family Cyperaceae), and came from the delta Nile region of Egypt. His extravagant tomb was found in 1922, and was meticulously conserved. is not a licensed adoption agency or facilitator and it does not provide professional, legal or medical advice. She helped to establish cosmic order through musical means by conducting the symphony of order which accompanied creation. Osiris is an Egyptian god that is also the Judge of the Dead whose name means powerful or mighty. He became popular due to the Osiris Myth in which his brother Set (also known as Seth) murders him, and then Osiris is brought back to life by his wife Isis and father Horus (the sky god). Looking for an Egyptian cat name that suits your kitten?

Upon his return, she was executed. Which Egyptian baby name is your favourite? You'll find many of the same themes and values in these lovely names, giving you even more choices for finding the perfect name for your baby girl. Some Egyptian girl names are based on the time or season when a girl is born. Looking for a middle name to go with? People with this name are said to be quiet, knowing and considerate. It does not place children for adoption or match birth parents and adoptive parents. This could be a fantastic way to choose a name as its meaning is everlasting like the sky. Subscribe for parenting tips, family money advice, baby names and more. Mesi (Egyptian origin) meaning water, which is necessary for life and nature, an important element. He became king at just 9 years old and died young at just 19. These Egyptian baby names have emotional meanings. Isis was arguably the most powerful and popular goddess in Egyptian history. 82 Hebrew Baby Names Bastet (Ancient Egyptian origin) meaning of the ointment jar. Egyptian girl names range from those inspired by natural beauty to blessings and wishes for the new child. Great Pet Media does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. By joining Kidadl you agree to Kidadls Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and consent to receiving marketing communications from Kidadl. If you love nature and want to express that value in a name, one of these may be perfect: If these names are easily recognizable, it's for good reason. These Egyptian names are related to nature, and span centuries. 71 American Baby Names Some of these titles are listed and described below. Kohl is the infamous black eyeliner made of powdered minerals that Egyptians wore around their eyes as eyeliner. Layla fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs); //
Isis. Go full-on royal and get inspired by Egyptian queens and princesses who lived long ago. These Egyptian baby girl names can come to represent many desired qualities, from kindness, to treasured gems in their purest forms, having meanings that span millennia, from Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greek and Persian origins. This boys moniker is quite the enigma meaning mystery., 92. (noble), Neferemsenut /nfr-ms-nwt/ (M) 'Beautiful child of Nut', Nynebu /ni-nbw/ 'He who belong to the golden one', Patoubast/ (Coptic) 'Bastet the giver', Ptahherdis , Ptah-Herdis /ptH-r-di.s/ (M) 'Ptah gives to him', magnate of the seal in the treasury of the Estate of, Qaneith , Qa'-Neith /qAi-nt/ (F) 'Neith is sublime' (Queen), Qebu /qbw/ (M) 'the pouring of libations', Raweben (more correct) Ruben /ra-wbn/ (M) 'Ra rises' (son of the sculptor of the Place of Truth), Rekhmire (more correct) Rekhmr /rx-mi-ra/ 'Wise like Ra' (M) (noble and official, Governor of the Town, Priest of Annu, Vizier), Rekhetre /rxt-ra/ (F) 'Wise women of Ra' (Queen), Rekh-neswt /rx-nswt/ (M) 'Confidant of the king' (Scribe), Renefankh /rn.f-anx?/ (F) 'his name of life', Reniseneb, Reni-seneb, Renyseneb /Rn(=j-)snb, rn.i-snb / (M) (Scribe), Satip , Zatip /sAt-ip?/ (F) (mother ofZamonth), Sehotepibre , Sehetepibre /sHtp-ib-ra/ (M) 'He who satisfies the heart of Ra' (King), /sHtp-tAwy/ (M) 'to appease the two lands' (King), Sekhemt-Noufret /sxmt-nfrt/ Sechmet-nouphis (Greek) 'Sekhmet is beautiful', Senaa /sn-aA/ (M) 'great brother/eldestbrother' (, Senenmut /sn-n-mwt/ (M) 'Mother's brother' (Steward to Hatshepsut, architect), Senseneb 'Her brother of all ' (mother of Thutmose I ) (F), Setekh-per-ib.sen / (M) 'Set, their will has come forth' or ', Sheritre /Srit-ra/ (F) 'daughter of R' (Wife of Ptahmose), (Greek) 'She theservantof Anpu', Taenetauset ,Taenetiset /tA-n.t-ist/ 'The one of Isis' , Tansis/ (Greek), Tase/ (Coptic) (F), Taenetheru ,Taenethoru /tA-n.t-Hr(w)/ 'the one of Horus' Taurs/ , Taurn/ (Tahyris) (Greek) >, (Greek) 'The nose of Anpu/Anubis', overseer of the marshland of the Estate of, Tjenry ,Tenry /Tnri/ (M) (Nick name of Nebneteru), Washptah , Uashptah ,Uasptah , Ouash-Pta /wAs-ptH/ (M) 'Ptah is strong' (Vizier), Wenensenu /wbn-snw/ (M) 'sunrise of brother', The Greatest of the Directors of Craftsmanship', Yakareb /ya-k-a-r-b/ (M) (foreign?)
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