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located on the lobby floor provide breakfast to hotel guests, Im very confused right now hahahaha.. is SUM Market and Celebrity SUM Caf, My second recommendation would be the Super Junior Sea Salt and Pepper Potato Chips (2,980 won). According to an announcement made by YG, the entire second floor resembles a modern restaurant that's very spacious. SUM Market and Celebrity SUM Caf is at 648 (648 Samseong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea). There are potteries painted with unique designs of SM artists, and displays of the actual items used during SM music videos shoots. Located in the neighborhood of Hapjeong in the Mapo District of Seoul, YG Entertainment will use the building across their new headquarters as a place to sell fan merchandise, hold events andexhibitions, andoperate a caf. Required fields are marked *.

JYP Soulcup is an official cafe ran by JYP and its located inside the Lotte World Mall. There was an aftertaste left in the mouth as well. Its not too sweet as well and I now wish I bought a few more packets. Direction: [Subway] Cheongdam Station (Line 7), Exit 6. A Maritime city with charming views and a trendy urban culture, A Leisurely island surrounded by sparkling waves, A Coastal city home to stunning filming locations for k-dramas, A hidden gem with beautiful nature scenes and specialties, A City full of historic alleys and delicious food, BLACKPINK members on a radio show in 2017 talked about the cooks' talents and said they sometimes even ask to have the. Hello SMT CHINA ROOM CHEONGDAM opened in November 2019, UPDATE [Event] Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 Malaysia Concert.

It is a cafe-mart after all! Here are the locations of Koreas top 4 K-pop entertainment buildings and their K-pop-themed cafes or museums where you can also get your idols merchandise goods. As expected, YG cafeteria food's high reputation isn't changing anytime soon. 1.8M USD) to run their cafeteria. If you want to visit one of the trendiest places in Seoul, head to Songnidan-gil Street, which is close to the Jamsil subway station. That one is not open to the public, I'm afraid. JYP Entertainment has also recently moved from Cheongdam-dong to Seongnae-dong, which is in Gangdong-gu, the east of Seoul. Please enjoy the authentic Hong Kong and Mexican cuisine There is a large screen that constantly plays the music videos of JYP artists.

I didnt have such luck because I found out that the day after I visited, Siwon darling was spotted at the caf!

It's all there. SM Building is at Apgujeong Rodeo Station (Line 3)? Not only you can see the various exhibitions of HYBE artists, including BTS, but also you can purchase merchandise goods and albums at the end of the exhibitions. So you can share with your family and friends. sweetheart rebel cnblue Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. For sure, all people around the world already knew about the news that Kwon Jiyong or more popular name as know as G-Dragon, purc Seperti mana yg kita tahu - banyak produk Korea telah menebusi pasaran Malaysia terutama produk kecantikkan. Just in front of the YG building, there is the Same Cafe where you can enjoy drinks and desserts as well as buy merchandise goods for YG artists. yeah they do. Don't they look like they're from a high-class restaurant? If it is not urgent, I can try and help you to get it when I go to Seoul next month for Super Show 7. The food being organic is obviously healthy but apparently it's really delicious too! Its super healthy tasting (its not salted) but I dont think its worth the money to be honest. SM Coex Artium is at Samseong Station (Line 2)? The new space was created with the objective of connecting YG Entertainments artists with their fans, and it holds the theme, Fans are the artistsalter ego. In accordance with that theme, the slogan for the SameE will be Alter Ego., YG Entertainment stated, the SameE is a vehicle to make the bond between fans and artists even closer. SUM Cafe is beautifully decorated in pink and offers a variety of items on the menu! All Rights Reserved. SUM Market is the same building where the idols occasionally pass through the lobby. BEVERAGE You can also enter SUM Market from the caf. Has anyone here been inside already? siwon nutsok i need to eat it too.hahahah. [News] The Second Branch of Tous les Jours at Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2013. where you can experience authentic Hong Kong food and Mexican food LOL. for customers can enjoy the meal while experiencing four seasons I think most of the Kpop fans are already knew about this place, especially for SM Entertainment fans. HYBE Insight is a museum on the basement floor of the HYBE building. T_T So heres what I bought: No prizes for guessing who is my favourite SM Entertainment artist and all that cost me: The bulk of the cost went to the nuts (35,000 won). Oh! We all know you want a little piece of the SM Town with you, and now you can! Also, dont forget to check out the nearby activities that you can enjoy! My name is Kriss and I live in Peru I dont live in Korea. How To Get To SM Entertainments SUM Market and Celebrity SUM Caf, SPOTTED: MAP6 in Seoul 2016 & Stalked by U-Kiss Kiseop, How To Get To Majang Meat Market ( ), Seoul, Zhang Ziyi at the Larry Crowne premiere in Singapore, How To Get To Super Junior Lee Dong Hae's Haru & OneDay Caf, How To Get To SM Entertainment's SUM Market and Celebrity SUM Caf, Singapore to host the FIA Formula One World Championship until 2028. It's because it's mix for eating the place like that. In addition to Korean food, they also serve Japanese, Chinese, Western, and fusion foods. Its just a variety of nuts that you can get from any other place. What do you want to do? Most of it, I like this concept. In addition, you can enjoy the authentic Chinese food prepared I dont speak English but I hope you understand me. Oh well, I should be contented which how I have seen Siwon in the flesh a couple of times up close (1, 2, 3), right? 6.3 USD) but at Feel Ghood, employees get a meal allowance of 13,000 won! Address: 484, Gangnamdae-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Take note that some food items cannot be mailed and some items listed in this post might no longer be sold. Hello. 02-6240-9800, Internal Information Management Regulations, Rejection of the Unauthorized Collection of Email Addresses.

BIGHIT Music is now part of HYBE Entertainment. You can interpret this in whichever way you like. Can we also talk about the cafeteria's decor? If you go via Line 3, its Apgujeong Station. I ordered the Spaghetti Prawn Rose (KRW 20,000 RM 76) and Fish and Chips (KRW 19,000 RM 72.20). Thank you. On this recent trip to Seoul,I went to the newly opened SUM Market and Caf owned andby SM Entertainment as they diversify their business interests. Bob Bless You, a Korean comedy show exploring all the delicious food in the country, also visited the company cafeteria and was amazed by the buffet-like variety of dishes! I didnt look at the menu but I saw people eating pasta and salads as I walked around for a look. You'll find a lot of pictures on IG when you search for the cafe. The cafeteria offers healthy, organic meals without GMO and MSG for their trainees in their teens who are still growing. I was wondering if anyone is allowed to enter this building. Find out more trendiest, latest, newest things to do in Korea on Trazy.com, Koreas #1 Travel Shop! The cafe also holds some of the most unique items that can't be found anywhere else. Its nice and bright but I didnt stay to try any of the food because I had an agenda for the day. SMT LOUNGE GARDEN RD PANGYO opened in November 2021, Tiger JK said he didn't have a lot to eat when he was poor and he wanted to offer his employees a generous meal allowance to make sure they don't get the same feeling of going hungry and lacking food. Rebeca Igdal | Coreia(@rebecaigdal) . This week, we visited the one location that holds everything you've ever wanted from our favorite SM Entertainment artists. Aren't you excited for your next trip out to Seoul? It could be that I dont like the Korean jjajang flavour (black) and the red one was just too damn spicy for me. It also has a very light feel on your tastebuds and it isnt salty on top of the mild/barely there pepper taste. YG Entertainment has its building in Mapo-gu, which became an iconic building in Hongdae and Hapjeong. Nothing really interesting except how I can go around telling people that Im eating Siwon nuts. with the theme of "Chinatown in Mexico City", Its very close to the Olympic Park and Jamsil, where many landmarks are concentrated, such as Lotte World Tower, Lotte World Theme Park, and Seokchon Lake Park. In fact, employees at HYBE said they save a lot of money thanks to the cafeteria since they don't eat out at other restaurants anymore. SUM Market and SUM Caf is in the new SM Building in Cheongdam, the old SM Building is in apgujeong. Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, YG Entertainment is hometo BIGBANG,BLACKPINK, WINNER, iKON, AKMU, SECHSKIES, and TREASURE. If you want to visit the SMTOWN building, you should now head to Seongsu, one of the most hipster areas in Seoul these days! From the latest albums, photo books and magazines all the way to your own little pouch engraved with SHINee's names. The interior of this caf looks like luxury, elegant, minimal, marble, gold and pink. I would love to enjoy a nice, organic meal at JYP. JYP Entertainment, which moved its home to a new building, gained lots of attention from its new company cafeteria. Guide here: https://hellovacation.wordpress.com/2020/03/10/smtown-store-cafe-sm-entertainment-communication-centre/, I believe i've read somewhere that that's already closed and moved to Seongdong. Is it open to anyone (any age)? But as of January 2021, the new HYBE building at Yongsan officially opened a huge cafeteria. It reminds me of a luxury restaurant rather than a company cafeteria. Hey! Can a tourist enter the building? SM Entertainment offers a new dining culture that combines food and entertainment for the true pleasure and value that a meal can give. I am so confused.. is SUM Market and Celebrity SUM Caf, SM Building and SM Coex Artium are these 3 places different places? SM Entertainment opened a brand new cafe/market that's open to the public. but there isnt a lot of stock. Talk about SM Town paradise! You live in Korea? They've got it all in the cutest designs. Hardcore SM stans will already know that this K-Pop paradise is located right in the middle of Seoul's hottest area, Chungdam. Kpopmap visited SM Entertainment's SUM Cafe in Seoul, and we give you a complete tour of the K-Pop idol paradise. FOOD & #truestory LOL. BoA and Others", "2018 Wine Spectator Award of Excellence SMT Seoul", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=SMT_House&oldid=1083760505, South Korean companies established in 2016, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 20 April 2022, at 14:54. Listen carefully, because this is a must-see kind of place! Recently, YG has opened its brand new building just next to its old building. Hello! Planning on traveling out to Seoul soon? If you are lucky, you might spot some of the SM artists in the caf as well. In the same building, it's also having a SUM Market; which fans can buy all the merchandise that is related to SME artist. Something that didnt happen with the Super Junior Sea Salt and Pepper flavoured potato chips. Could you do me a favor and send me some things from the SM shop please? I downed a banana milk in one shot to counter the spice but it was useless.

doughnut pastry caramel shutterstock sweetheart rebel exo Its literally heaven for YG fans! through the wide window in a modern space. Also, SMTOWN Museum at COEX Artium in Samseong-dong is also closed. We plan on continuously sharing the thought that artists exist because of the fans and that fans are an artists alter ego through this space.. They began the boy group trend starting from H.O.T, and now have created some of the biggest names in the industry, such as EXO, Girls' Generation, TVXQ, Red Velvet, NCT and more! BLACKPINK members on a radio show in 2017 talked about the cooks' talents and said they sometimes even ask to have the banchans to take home! You can choose your favorite artists' cupcake and your favorite member to decorate with.

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