Walt could roll her over, but he doesn't; instead, he watches Jane choke to death. ("A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal"), While discussing the manhunt for Tuco Salamanca, Hank Schrader tells the gathered DEA agents that Tuco was probably responsible for the disappearance of "our dearly missed Krazy-8" given how Tuco deals with his rivals.

And for those who are faint of heart, there are some graphic images and videos ahead.

In Krazy-8's case, Emilio had introduced them, but is also dead.

While Emilio would normally be considered the prime suspect due to Krazy-8 ratting him out, he is also considered missing by the authorities. ("Slip"), While preparing to assault the Espinosa Gang with the Cousins, Nacho suggests calling in Domingo and his crew as backup along with Javier and his crew.

("Gloves Off"), Domingo shows up at the restaurant to deliver another cash payment to Nacho, but this time with Don Hector watching.

Creator Vince Gilligan's oft-quoted goal to "turn Mr. Chips into Scarface" was always bound to leave bodies on the ground, as Albuquerque high school chemistry teacher Walter White (Bryan Cranston, in a multiple Emmy-award winning performance), alongside his former student Jesse Pinkman (fellow Emmy-winner Aaron Paul), wades into the violent world of crystal meth production and distribution, and eventually bends it to his will. This time, it's Jesse's girlfriend Jane, who chokes on her own vomit as Walt willfully chooses not to intervene.

It's been a long journey, and we've lost quite a few along the way. She was a recovering addict, working hard to provide for her young son. Date of death

He originally wanted to study music in Oberlin College or Berklee College, but his father persuaded him not to.

Death is baked into the premise of AMC's hit series "Breaking Bad."

The payment is light due to one of Domingo's dealers being scared off by a police cruiser.

On the one hand, Jane was nonviolent and was mostly a threat to Walt's business and if you want to extend to Walt the benefit of all doubt that he might act out of something other than self-interest to Jesse's sobriety.

Todd knocks on the door, introduces himself to her as a friend of Jesse's.

It goes off without a hitch, and the three men are high off the exhilaration until Drew Sharp, that young boy with the tarantula, shows up again. In these first two episodes, these two specific acts of killing form a downward swoop, with the second part of the same sequence of events as the first, and yet so different. The history of literature and the history of film teach that there are other ways to achieve high stakes. Walt's associate, Todd, who was working for him during a chemical heist meant to facilitate meth manufacturing, shot and killed a completely innocent, uninvolved child for simply coming on the scene at the wrong time.

Walt and Jesse are at the superlab, held there by Mike and Victor. ("Pilot", "Cancer Man"), Emilio dies as a result of the phosphine gas, but Krazy-8 manages to survive, shocking both Walt and Jesse. However, Krazy-8 awakens and Walt cannot find the courage to kill him and instead gives him water, food and toiletries. Alpha male DEA agent Hank Schrader loves his family, including his brother-in-law Walter White, even if he and White don't always understand each other.

Walt, meanwhile, feels little to no guilt, and doesn't reveal his role in her death to Jesse until the end of the series.

In a rage, Walt shoots Mike in the gut.

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Walt stood idly by while she choked on her own vomit after a drug session, and come the morning Jesse found his girlfriend, and any hope for an actual relationship, dead. We didn't get to attend their funerals, so we did the next best thingwe ranked the show's major deaths in terms of how sad they made us.

Fate ("and the Bag's in the River"), The day after his death, Krazy-8's car is found by the DEA at the cook site along with a hidden sample of Walt's meth.

Jesse screams in pain and rage, flailing, trying to escape his holds. Domingo Gallardo Molina After their disastrous encounter with Mexican drug cartel lieutenant Tuco Salamanca (Raymond Cruz), the two attempt to both produce and distribute on their own.

The fight reaches a terrible conclusion in the standout episode "Ozymandias," directed by Rian Johnson ("Knives Out"). Even a good boy became a killer; even a good cop became corrupt.

Family Suddenly, Wayfarer 515 collides with another aircraft high above ABQ, sending bodies and debris flying all over the city, including straight into Walt's backyard a blunt but powerful metaphor for the destruction he has brought and will continue to bring upon his family.

When he finally returns to work at the Albuquerque airport, he is shaky, but ready to get back to his routine.

It didn't help that our beloved Jesse was the one forced to kill him, marking the first death that Jesse was directly responsible for.

The Nazis chain him to their makeshift lab by day and imprison him in an underground cage by night.

It wasn't hard to imagine that the series would end in a showdown between Walt and Hank, so his demise at the top of "Ozymandias," even after Walt tried to save him, was both shocking and incredibly upsetting.

Remember: In the opening shots of the first episode, Walt is already driving at breakneck speed with two bodies in the back of his RV: The man he has already killed, and the man barely alive he will kill later. But one of the many reasons Breaking Bad will be remembered the way it will, eulogized the way it will, and missed the way it will is that its killings always mean something.

Domingo leaves the game to deal with an issue at his stash house, where a mishap with their makeshift delivery system results in him being arrested with a small quantity of cocaine by a suspicious beat cop.

When Jesse tries to sell Walt's new product to Krazy-8, he forces Jesse to take him to his new partner, as Krazy-8's cousin Emilio suspects Jesse of ratting him out to the DEA. He was like a badass grandfather to all of us, and he only died because Walt is the worst.

By Season 5, he was a full-fledged lead. The ubiquity of creatively disgusting murder in television drama can make your eyes glaze over. Jesse, meanwhile, devastated by Combo's death and hurt by Walt's all-business attitude, slips further into heroin addiction. If television's golden age has taught viewers anything, it is to expect that explosive, violent death is an integral part of serious storytelling.

Walt takes the street name "Heisenberg" and Jesse recruits his goofball stoner friends Badger (Matt Jones), Skinny Pete (Charles Baker), and Combo (Rodney Rush) to handle sales. All these thoughts had time to begin to form before the switch was flipped and Walt's victory was revealed.

Uncle Jack in the front seat, issues a chilling command: "Hey, settle down.

Does righting a past wrong count if you do not confess it?

But a man who, in that moment unlike Emilio presents no instant threat and could, in theory, be given to the police if Walt were willing to take responsibility for those things he'd already done. Breaking Bad Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. However while retrieving the key to the bike lock, he notices a shard of plate missing from when he fell unconscious and broke a plate in the basement while giving Krazy-8 food.

They need an industrial amount of methylamine to continue production, and the only way to get it is to rob a freight train.

Crystal meth distributorDEA informant Employee at Tampico Furniture (former)

How dare you kill the B in apartment 23!

As these things often go, a somewhat prickly business relationship warms into a friendship, and then to something more.

There are indeed times when killing is merely a mark of senseless brutality the Cousins of Seasons 2 and 3 committed a string of killings that mostly stood for the very limitlessness of their violence.

Though we won't learn it until next season, that young boy's name is Tomas, and he has his own spot on this list.

It was into this atmosphere of a completely amoral Walter White, transformed completely into the self-described empire builder known as Heisenberg, that Breaking Bad set up the confrontation that most of us could not have anticipated would be the fulcrum of the series' final sequence: Walt versus Hank.

It is this attitude that leads Gus to spare Walt and Jesse's lives when he should have killed them several times over. He cares deeply and holds grudges, as seen later on in Season 4 when he gets poisonous revenge on the cartel for the long-ago murder of his partner Max.

How do prisons? ("Grilled").

Walt delivers it to him at some faraway spot near a creek, and in their final conversation, Mike lashes out, blaming Walt for blowing up (literally) the good deal they all had under Gus Fring. What follows is a marvelously suspenseful heist sequence, as Walt, Jesse, and Todd (with some assistance from a sometime-accomplice played by comedian Bill Burr) conspire to bring the train to a halt in the middle of the desert, drain the methylamine into an underground tank, replace it with water, and get out without getting killed or caught. Appearances in Better Call Saul Appearance in El Camino

He is put through the wringer in every season, whether it's getting beaten to a pulp, reeling with guilt over the deaths of Jane, Tomas, and Gale, or nearly dying from drug use.

hide caption. Obviously, spoilers below for those who are behind on the show! Maximino Arciniega He and Jane make pie-in-the-sky plans to get clean and move to New Zealand, but first, one more night of getting high. While mixing chemicals, Walter creates a small explosion that produces phosphine gas which appears to kill both Emilio and Krazy-8.

Emilio and Krazy-8 follow Walt into the RV and force him to show them his recipe at gunpoint.

Were you glad Walt didn't kill Gus?

This piece discusses plot points in detail from the first four and a half seasons of Breaking Bad, but nothing from the Aug. 11 season premiere.


At his console, he guides Wayfarer flight 515, but his mind begins to wander. She was shot in the head by Landry-Freakin'-Clarke, while a poor injured and tortured Jesse was tied and gagged in the truck, all because he attempted to escape from his hole-in-the-ground.

Hector "Tio" Salamanca/Gus Fring/Tyrus Kitt, "Face Off": They weren't good guys, of course, but good old Hector Salamanca (Mark Margolis) could always be counted on for bell-related comedy.

In order to maintain a firm grip over the local drug trade, he takes advantage of his position as Hank and Gomez's personal snitch and often blows the whistle on rival dealers and steals their former customers for himself.

Did we miss anyone you think deserves to be on the list?

More new questions: What is your responsibility for the unforeseeable consequences of an immoral act?

But The Wire was largely uninterested in the morality of individuals; it was interested in the morality of systems: How do schools do violence? Walt strangled him with the bike lock. On the other, Walt was technically passive, not active, and Jane died because of her own drug use.

But alas, Walt is a jerk, and his only punishment was a bunch of debris in his pool and yard.

But just as in chemistry, and many of the show's most devastating deaths are not of violent criminals, but ordinary people who had the massive misfortune to cross paths with Walt and Jesse. And in the final episode of the fifth season's first half, Hank found evidence that seemed to put things together for him: Walt is Heisenberg. Disappointed?

His father owns Tampico Furniture on Menaul and he used to work in the store before quitting.

But it is distinguished by the intimacy and seriousness of its approach to the killing of one person by another. Even in the company of geniuses like Gus and Walt, Mike tends to be the smartest guy in the room, a Philly ex-cop whose seen-it-all attitude hides a deep moral code.

("Talk"), After Don Hector's stroke and Nacho taking over the Salamanca business (although while under Gustavo Fring's thumb), Domingo took Nacho's role of counting the dealers' money with Nacho overseeing the operation. Of the three, Jesse is closest with Combo; in a Season 3 flashback scene, we even learn that the Winnebago van that he and Walt use to cook meth belonged to Combo's mother.

There is no saving this situation, no going back or keeping his family safe anymore.

Krazy 8, "and the Bag's in the River": While he was trapped in the basement with a bike lock around his neck, Walt got to know Krazy 8 (Max Arciniega) pretty well, while Krazy 8 got to know Walt.

Lalo is the one to nickname Krazy-8 "Ocho Loco" (Spanish for "Crazy Eight") based on his misplaying of a hand during a poker game.


What Breaking Bad death made you the most upset?

First, he poisons a child doesn't kill him, but places him in grave danger specifically because Jesse loves him and because if Walt persuades Jesse that the poisoning was Gus' fault, Jesse will join Walt in committing his first murder that is a pure power grab against a dangerous rival, a simple part of a high-stakes drug war: the murder of rival dealer Gustavo Fring (and some bystanders) with a pipe bomb in a nursing home.

By using our Services, you agree to our use of cookies. Gus Fring is a man of great passions raging underneath a stoic exterior.

They are dealing with Gus' former business partner (Laura Fraser) at a German conglomerate. ("Cancer Man"), Walt later pressures Jesse to move their product faster such as through a distributor.

The stress of Combo's death causes a falling out between Walt and Jesse.

The fact that Walt has a single tear fall down his cheek as he realizes he has to travel fully to the dark side makes this death much sadder than others that happen later in the series. Jesse pleads with Walt not to do it, but Walt insists there is no choice.

Walt later killed Mike, who had been his associate, and then had a dozen guys murdered in prison, all just to keep people from talking. In the first 4 1/2 seasons, almost never has a killing (or near-killing) around Walt or Jesse not been substantially different in some way from what's gone before, not presented some particular and wrenching new question. Hank and Gomez subsequently brief the rest of the DEA agents on how Krazy-8 would steal the customers of the small-time dealers he turned in and state that Krazy-8 is considered missing, presumed dead. Emilio and Krazy-8 watch as Walt cooks a batch of meth.

After that, it's easier: He kills some of Gus' men while destroying the superlab and simply treats it all as part of the game. ("Coushatta"), When homeless customers accuse Domingo's crew of diluting their cocaine, Lalo visits their stash house and determines that some of the product given to the Salamanca organization by Gus Fring wasnt the same product that Fring had been smuggling across the border for the Cartel. 2.

In the pilot, he wouldn't even get his good clothes dirty.

Andrea, "Granite Slate": She wasn't loved as a character as much as Mike (Jonathan Banks) or Hank, and we didn't know her as well, but how can you get much sadder than this?

Gus grabs a box cutter and slashes Victor's throat.

Walt goes back to the basement and Krazy-8 assures him "You're doing the right thing". Saul interrupts the meeting and argues with Domingo over his need for a lawyer before telling the agents that Domingo has decided to cooperate against his advice.

2022 E! Jane, "Phoenix": She wasn't good for Jesse (and he wasn't good for her, either), but it was the way she went out that was horrifying. Why would you do that, Jesse?


Domingo goes to El Michoacno and delivers Tuco and Nacho a cash payment from his crew's sale of drugs.

When Emilio recognizes Walt from accompanying Hank on the drug bust, Krazy-8 furiously believes that Walt is involved with law enforcement and plans to kill him until Walt offered to teach him his meth formula.

Walt makes a deal to forget about Jesse and to continue cooking for Gus, with Gale reluctantly returning as his assistant. Walt refuses to help and goes directly to Gus instead. The deaths of Victor, Gus, and Drew Sharp weigh on him, and he expresses an almost fatherly concern toward Jesse as he falls ever further into Walt's influence.

Anything that brings in money can be excused, and anything that costs money is intolerable.

Hank agrees to make Domingo his personal confidential informant as part of the deal, unknowingly giving Lalo a way to manipulate the DEA. If you don't agree that he's the saddest death in Breaking Bad (thus far), you're just wrong. He also has an uncle called Alex who wrote songs for the furniture store infomercial.

Walt apologizes to the dead Krazy-8 for having killed him.

But in that moment, you as the viewer have time to think: Was I relieved? Combo's death directly leads to Walt seeking out someone to handle distribution, which puts him in the sights of the show's greatest antagonist (besides Walt himself), Chilean chicken man Gus Fring. That moral code is consistently offended by Walter White. 167 Unnamed Passengers, "ABQ": We didn't know any of them, but a whole lot of people died as the result of Donald Margolis' (John de Lancie) grief over losing his daughter Jane (more on that later), which could have been prevented if Walt weren't such a jerk.

He has a degree in Business Administration from the University of New Mexico. The truth, when finally revealed in the Season 2 finale, is something else, something unexpected yet at the same time unavoidable: A tragic accident set in motion by every decision Walt and Jesse ever made.

A while later, DEA Agents Hank Schrader and Steven Gomez arrive at the station to interrogate Domingo who, per Saul's instructions, offers up information on dead drops with half a million dollars.

Appearances in Breaking Bad

Seen in profile, he straightens his tie. Nacho then pretends one of Domingo's bills is marked, buying him the chance to switch out Hector's pills with fakes as he intended. Jane falls off the wagon and soon the two of them are shooting heroin together.

That "something" finally gives when the DEA catches Mike's non-Saul Goodman lawyer distributing money to Mike's associates who are in prison, paying for their continued silence.

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