Adds two new runestones not used and tweaks a few others. The Belhaven Blade is another powerful crafted steel sword featured in the Blood and Wine expansion. Increases toxicity by 15. Increases toxicity by 25. Open this file with notepad, add the line DBGConsoleOn = true and save the file. So far, weve discussed the best overall weapons in Witcher 3 by stats, damage, and effects. Generally speaking, stats are considered more important. Increases Toxicity by 20. Also, vampires and corpse eaters take damage when they injure Gerald. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. Increases toxicity by 15. Generally speaking, however, these swords are weaker than some relic weapons you can get from the Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine expansions. You need to craft the relic version since its stats are much higher. ), addquestitems3 - Items for quests (set 3), additem ('Cursed Oil 1') - oil from the damned, additem ('Cursed Oil 2') - improved oil from the damned, additem ('Cursed Oil 3') - excellent oil from the damned, additem ('Necrophage Oil 1') - oil against corpse eaters, additem ('Necrophage Oil 2') - improved oil against corpse eaters, additem ('Necrophage Oil 3') - excellent oil against corpse eaters, additem ('Specter Oil 1') - oil against ghosts, additem ('Specter Oil 2') - improved oil against ghosts, additem ('Specter Oil 3') - excellent oil against ghosts, additem ('Beast Oil 1') - oil against animals, additem ('Beast Oil 2') - improved oil against beasts, additem ('Beast Oil 3') - excellent oil against animals, additem ('Hybrid Oil 1') - oil against hybrids, additem ('Hybrid Oil 2') - improved oil against hybrids, additem ('Hybrid Oil 3') - excellent anti-hybrid oil, additem ('Insectoid Oil 1') - oil against insectoids, additem ('Insectoid Oil 2') - improved oil against insectoids, additem ('Insectoid Oil 3') - excellent oil against insectoids, additem ('Vampire Oil 1') - oil from vampires, additem ('Vampire Oil 2') - improved oil from vampires, additem ('Vampire Oil 3') - great oil from vampiro, THE WITCHER 3: WILD HUNT LATEST CHEAT CODES, Passage of Duskwood (1-10 episodes): all the answers and forks in the dialogues. When creatures injure a witcher, the witcher's blood deals temporary damage to them, and also knocks these creatures back. Second, the sword will charge up after 3 hits (blocks count too) and start glowing red. 3 pieces. Increases the speed of energy recovery in battle by 10%. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. Just like the Toussiant knight sword, Belhaven also comes with 3 upgrade slots. Effect lasts 90 seconds. This style is well suited for players who prefer to use light armor, fast attacks, and completely avoid damage. And make sure to check out many other here at GameSkinny:. Increases toxicity by 30 and instantly restores 100% health. Received damage does not stop regeneration. Effect lasts 30 seconds. Again, you can choose to go with these swords if you like their stats or want to unlock the 6-set Griffin gear bonus. appearance (__ q505_hooded) Ciri in a cape on the shoulders with a hood. We have a dedicated guide for obtaining the Viper School gear set. Well also cover the best runestones, glyphs, and runewords to further bolster your weapon. Increases Toxicity by 20. Restores health by 80. additem (Glyph aard greater schematic) Greater Aard Glyph, additem (Glyph aard lesser schematic) Minor glyph of Aard, additem ('Glyph aard schematic') Glyph aard, additem (Glyph axii greater schematic) Greater axii glyph, additem (Glyph axii lesser schematic) Minor glyph Axia, additem (Glyph axii schematic) Glyph Axii, additem (Glyph igni greater schematic) Large Igni Glyph, additem (Glyph igni lesser schematic) Minor glyph Igni, additem (Glyph igni schematic) Glyph Igni, additem (Glyph infusion greater schematic) Large smoky glyph, additem (Glyph infusion lesser schematic) Small smoky glyph, additem (Glyph quen greater schematic) Quen's Greater Glyph, additem (Glyph quen lesser schematic) Quen's minor glyph, additem (Glyph quen schematic) Glyph Quen, additem (Glyph yrden greater schemati) Greater glyph Yrden, additem (Glyph yrden lesser schematic) Lesser glyph Yrden, additem ('Glyph yrden schematic') Yrden's Glyph, additem (Rune dazhbog lesser schematic) Small runestone dazhbog, additem (Rune dazhbog schematic) Rune kament dazhbog, additem (Rune devana greater schematic) Large Devan Runestone, additem (Rune devana lesser schematic) Small Devan Runestone, additem (Rune devana schematic) Rune devana schematic, additem (Rune elemental greater schematic) Large Chernobog Runestone, additem (Rune elemental lesser schematic) Small runestone chernobog, additem (Rune elemental schematic) Chernobog runestone, additem (Rune morana greater schematic) Large madder runestone, additem (Rune morana lesser schematic) Small madder runestone, additem (Rune morana schematic) Madder runestone, additem (Rune perun greater schematic) Large Perun Runestone, additem (Rune perun schematic) Runestone perun, additem (Rune stribog greater schematic) Large stibog runestone, additem (Rune stribog lesser schematic) Lesser stibog runestone, additem (Rune stribog schematic) Rune stribog schematic, additem (Rune svarog greater schematic) Large svarog runestone, additem (Rune svarog lesser schematic) Small svarog runestone, additem (Rune svarog schematic) Rune svarog schematic, additem (Rune triglav greater schematic) Large triglav runestone, additem (Rune triglav lesser schematic) Lesser triglav runestone, additem (Rune triglav schematic) Rune triglav, additem (Rune veles greater schematic) Large Veles Runestone, additem (Rune veles lesser schematic) Small Veles Runestone, additem (Rune veles schematic) Rune veles veles, additem (Rune zoria greater schematic) Large Dawn Runestone, additem (Rune zoria lesser schematic) Small Dawn Runestone, additem (Rune zoria schematic) Rune zoria schematic, additem (Runestone greater schematic) Large Runestone, additem (Runestone lesser schematic) Small Runestone, additem (Rune tvarog schematic) Curd, additem (Glyph warding lesser schematic) Minor glyph of defense, additem (Glyph warding schematic) Glyph of defense, additem (Glyph warding greater schematic) Greater defense glyph, additem (Glyph binding lesser schematic) Small binding glyph, additem (Glyph binding schematic) Glyph binding, additem (Glyph binding greater schematic) Large binding glyph, additem (Glyph reinforcement lesser schematic) Small enhancement glyph, additem (Glyph reinforcement schematic) Glyph enhancement, additem (Glyph reinforcement greater schematic) Large enhancement glyph, additem (Glyph mending lesser schematic) Minor glyph of convalescence, additem (Glyph mending schematic) Glyph of recovery, additem (Glyph mending greater schematic) Greater convalescence glyph, additem (Mutagen 1) Katakana decoction, additem (Mutagen 2) A decoction of the head eye, additem (Mutagen 3) Cockatrix decoction, additem (Mutagen 4) Archigryphon decoction, additem (Mutagen 5) Water woman decoction, additem (Mutagen 7) A decoction from Ekimma, additem (Mutagen 9) Mistmaker decoction, additem (Mutagen 10) Wyvern decoction, additem (Mutagen 11) Doppler decoction, additem (Mutagen 12) Troll decoction, additem (Mutagen 14) Succubus decoction, additem (Mutagen 15) Algul decoction, additem (Mutagen 17) Forktail decoction, additem (Mutagen 18) A decoction from a graveyard woman, additem (Mutagen 21) Echidna decoction, additem (Mutagen 22) Ancient wood goblin decoction, additem (Mutagen 23) Basilisk infusion, additem (Mutagen 24) Volkolak decoction, additem (Mutagen 25) Warrior's naker broth, additem (Mutagen 26) Devil decoction, additem (Mutagen 27) Griffin decoction, additem (Mutagen 28) A decoction of the tranquilizer, additem (Greater mutagen red) Big red mutagen, additem (Greater mutagen green) Big green mutagen, additem (Greater mutagen blue) Big blue mutagen, additem (Mutagen green) Green mutagen, additem (Lesser mutagen red) Small red mutagen, additem (Lesser mutagen green) Small green mutagen, additem (Lesser mutagen blue) Small blue mutagen, additem (Katakan mutagen) Katakana mutagen, additem (Arachas mutagen) Mutagen from the head eye, additem (Cockatrice mutagen ") Cockatrice mutagen, additem (Volcanic Gryphon mutagen) Archigryphon mutagen, additem (Gryphon mutagen) Griffin mutagen, additem (Water Hag mutagen) Water woman mutagen, additem (Nightwraith mutagen) Midnight mutagen, additem (Ekimma mutagen) Mutagen from Ekimma, additem (Czart mutagen) Mutagen from hell, additem (Fogling 1 mutagen) Fogling mutagen, additem (Wyvern mutagen) Wyvern mutagen, additem (Doppler mutagen) Doppler mutagen, additem (Troll mutagen) Troll mutagen, additem (Noonwraith mutagen) Midday mutagen, additem (Succubus mutagen) Succubus mutagen, additem (Fogling 2 mutagen) Strong nebulous mutagen, additem (Fiend mutagen) Mutagen from imp, additem (Forktail mutagen) Forktail mutagen, additem (Grave Hag mutagen) Ghost mutagen, additem (Wraith mutagen) Ghost mutagen, additem (Dao mutagen) Earth elemental mutagen, additem (Lamia mutagen) Echidna mutagen, additem (Ancient Leshy mutagen) Mutagen from an ancient goblin, additem (Basilisk mutagen) Basilisk mutagen, additem (Werewolf mutagen) Wolfdog mutagen, additem (Nekker Warrior mutagen) Mutagen from the warrior's naker, additem (Leshy mutagen) The mutagen from the goblin, _quest__bear_grizzly_honey - grizzly berserker, _quest__endriaga_spiral - sand worm (endriaga), _quest__miscreant_greater - Igosha (transformed), _quest__noonwright_pesta - pestilent maiden, arachas_lvl2__armored - armored head eye 26, arachas_lvl3__poison - poisonous head eye 31, elemental_dao_lvl3 __ ice ice elemental 30, endriaga_lvl1__worker endriaga - worker 9, endriaga_lvl3__spikey endriaga - drone 30, gravehag_barons_wife - Anna (woman) hostile 10, wildhunt_minion_lvl2 - Wild Hunt Hound 27, projectile_rift - A hole in the ground from a projectile, projectile_rift2 - A hole in the ground from a projectile (option 2). You can now start using codes. By clicking Accept All, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. These cookies ensure basic functionalities and security features of the website, anonymously. 4 pieces. Wolf School: The Wolf school prefers a well-balanced array of skills. At night it is valid until dawn. Health regeneration is suspended for 2 seconds when damaged. 4 pieces. 10 pieces each. Temporary runes can be applied to either steel or silver swords and provide a temporary upgrade to the weapon, similar to weapon oil in duration. This powerful relic weapon provides excellent stats: It also has 3 upgrade slots. To upgrade the level of Witcher school gear steel and silver swords, you need to craft the higher level variant of that weapon. These cookies help provide information on metrics the number of visitors, bounce rate, traffic source, etc.

Increases toxicity by 25. What are the best Witcher 3 weapons for new game plus (NG+)? Here are the best runeword options in Witcher 3: How do you upgrade the Witcher school weapon level? The viper steel and silver swords are the best early game weapon that you can find in Witcher 3 right in White Orchard itself, the first open area that game drops you in.
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