Heres a brief overview of what your speed test results mean and how they affect your internets performance. There are several reasons why your speed test results might not be as fast as you expected. You can also create an account to track your internet speed for future reference or comparison.

Shop your favorite products and well find the best deal with a single click. Despite its age (or more likely in part due to it), we find that it is the best free internet speed test for most people and one you should try first. For example, the speed test will provide some bullet points on what you can do with your current download speed and a few tips about making sure the test runs as accurately as possible. Short for Measurement Lab, the open-source M-Lab test was developed by a collection of computer scientists and academic researchers with Google's backing -- and it's the test that pops up whenever you type "internet speed test" into the Google search bar. Terms and conditions and restrictions apply. |Do I need a faster router? Aninternet speed testmeasures the quality of your connected devices and the connection speed to the internet.

You may wish to change your internet set up in your home, mainly regarding the equipment you use and its placement. You can select your host from various places, allowing you to tailor your wifi speed test. If you are looking for a good measure of your connection's consistency, then is a test you should try. Similar to Ookla, the test interface does a great job of showing fluctuations in your upload and download speeds. Subscribers can expect download speeds of up to 20 Mbps, which makes everything from gaming to video streaming a total breeze. You can improve your internet speed by upgrading to a faster plan, updating your equipment, or taking simpler measures like closing out apps and browser windows. You can follow her work on Instagram: @kristenmichelleco. For the best whole-home Wi-Fi coverage, consider going with a mesh router that uses multiple devices. The mobile version is a bit more accessible (without even needing to use an app), and for that reason, SpeedOf.Me can be a great choice for mobile users of all sorts. Internet protocol addressthe unique numerical code that identifies an internet-connected device and its geographic location. That's about as simple as it gets, because you won't need to bookmark it or remember exactly what it's called. All rights reserved. Unplug your router from the modem, plug a desktop or laptop into the modems Ethernet port, and rerun the test. Curious to see how your internet provider stacks up?

However, more data can mean that said data is a bit harder to interpret. There are not many additional settings, which makes us hesitant to recommend it for general purposes or get the most specific readings. In addition to the website and the smartphone apps, Ookla also has apps that you can run on Windowsor on Mac. And if home networking isn't your forte, the visualized data might seem more confusing or overwhelming than something like, which just gives you a number. Glad you asked. See our report on the Fastest Internet Providers. Fiber internet is the fastest type of internet connection. In most cases, running a test is as easy as pressing "Go," and won't take more than a minute or so. |How can I improve my internet speed?

Like ping, jitter is measured in milliseconds, but instead of measuring the time it takes your device to send data to a remote server and receive a response, jitter describes latency differences between the flow of data to various client devices on your network. is a website intended for research, review and comparison and, as such, falls under "Fair Use". This is the reaction time of your connection that measures how quickly you can get a response after you've sent a request. You can even run the Ookla speed test on an Apple TV. If you have a wireless gateway rather than a separate modem and router, plug a desktop or laptop into one of the Ethernet ports, and rerun the test. The location of the server you connect to in order to run the speed test. Why doesnt my internet speed match my plan? Just follow these steps. |Why is my internet so slow? All prices subject to change at any time. We make it easy to assess your Internet speed by state and choose the best local provider. Tool to generate a personalized internet speed recommendation based on how your household uses the internet. You can move forward with the plans that you performed the speed test for in the first place. Let us do the heavy lifting. Lower latency means your connection has a better response time for activities like gaming and livestreams. Ookla's done a good job of keeping up with the times by adding new features and capabilities over the years.

For starters, there's no option for manually selecting which server you connect with.

Users in need of on-the-go high-speed Internet are best served by a mobile Internet service. There are no ads while you run the test, and the only data that gets shared with M-Lab is your IP address. Simply Enter Your ZIP Code or give us a call at 800-990-0017 and well show whats available in your location.

You get to see how stable the connection is over time, letting you know if consistency will be an issue. Alternatively, you may wish to invest in a range extender. Incidentally, Ookla's speed test is also the one we use when we're testing Wi-Fi routers. It is also a free internet speed test that provides you with the standard information, is reliable, and has a nice if somewhat cluttered on some devices, design to it. Running an internet speed test is quick and easy, and you've got lots of free options to choose from. You could want more information about your home (or business) internet setup, what setup you will need in the future, or what internet speed best suits your family's needs.

enforces data caps or throttles connections, a collection of computer scientists and academic researchers with Google's backing, uploads that are just as fast as the downloads, Your Home Wi-Fi Network Could Be Hacked, Too, There's Actually a Better Place for Your Router, Break Up With Your Internet Provider Already: Here's How to Cancel the Right Way, Still Working From Home? Furthermore, you can keep records of your previous tests if you make an account. Partnered up with top U.S. internet service providers, our extensive database is designed to help you find the ultimate provider and plan for your home or business. You need at least 25 Mbps download speeds and 3 Mbps upload speeds to effectively stream, game, download, and Zoom online with minimal slowdowns and buffering. Most fiber internet plans give you 1,000 Mbps speeds, although some providers can get you speeds of up to 2,000 Mbps or even 5,000 Mbps. With a good deal of in-depth data, you'll have quite a bit of information to look through, much of which might not be relevant to you. Additional fees and terms may apply. |What is the fastest type of internet? Designed to make shopping easier. Whatever you do, we wish you the best of luck and a swift resolution to any problems. Try these tips to see if you can get a more accurate reading: If you see inconsistent results, there might be a bottleneck on your end. Just click the blue "RUN SPEED TEST" button to see your download speed, upload speed and latency within a matter of seconds. Our next recommendation is, which is easy to use, based on HTML5, and accessible from various devices. Our one-click speed test reveals your web connections upload speed, download speed, and ping. This is the maximum amount of data your computer can send to the Internet in a single second. What that means is that it doesn't require third-party software like Java or Flash to run your test, which can make for more accurate results. While we understand that the website needs to support itself, the ads could potentially interfere with the measurements, depending on the nature of the ads and your connection. isn't a perfect option, though. Find that sweet spot of sufficient download speed without overpaying for speed you wont use. There is no way to save tests; the screen might feel too cluttered for some, but we are generally happy with what it can provide. Even a router thats just a few years old might not meet appropriate speed standards, depending on your connection.

Speeds can also fluctuate during hours of peak usage, or if your internet providerenforces data caps or throttles connectionsto help maintain overall network performance.

remain the property of their respective owners and are used by only to describe products and services offered by each respective trademark holder. Most recently, the service released a video-specific speed test that measures your network's ability to handle 4K video streams. The COVID-19 pandemic only showcased the need further, and more of us are adapting to digital life than ever before. Ping will go up if you're connecting to a server that's very far away, or if there's some sort of interference somewhere in the connection. In short, competition works in your favor. There is a reason that the UN considers internet connection a human right. The vast majority of American cities and communities offer cable TV service, and as a result, these locales typically also provide broadband service. Need to check your Internet speed? on Facebook Posted under:Blog, Internet and Internet Speed Test. While we have taken every precaution to allow our site to run in every environment, it is highly recommended that you enable JavaScript for the best possible experience. The Federal Communications Commission defines broadband speeds as having downloads of at least 25 megabits per second and uploads of at least 3Mbps, but by the FCC's own speed guide, that's basically the bare minimum for things like streaming 4K video and sharing large files over the web. They put great effort into ensuring you get the most accurate readings possible, allowing for more data to be sent and received to ensure quality results, including ping results for those who need them.

Use our quick tool to test how much bandwidth you need for your home Wi-Fi network. But your internet connection may just be slow either from your plan or your internet type. |How do I get faster internet? Popularity aside, we like Ookla for having everything a basic user needs from a speed test: accuracy, the ability to view your speed test history (when you create an account), a wide array of servers to connect to, and even a handy app for speed testing from your Android or iOS device. This effectively eliminates the need for in-ground cables while increasing Internet accessibility in rural areas. This type of Internet service is typically provided through a cellular telephone service providers data plan. Pricing varies by location and availability. There are internet speed tests that can help and many internet speed test free options.

While higher tiers generally offer higher speeds, the type of Internet service also influences your final speed, bandwidth, and overall cost. It can be a little harder to look at than the other testing sites, and you might have to click through a few more pages. Your home internet speedscan't magically be increased with a speed test. Since then, she has been writing for news outlets, local magazines, and other online publications. Check out our AT&T Uverse Plans or AT&T Fiber Plans. |Why doesnt my internet speed match my plan? We can help you identify where the problem is and how to fix it. Temporarily disable your firewall (but dont forget to turn it back on afterward) and rerun the test. A wired connection is always better than a wireless one and keeps your router away from devices or places that might cause interference.

Internet providers will state up to when advertising maximum speeds because many variables can prevent you from hitting that top speed. 2022 CNET, a Red Ventures company. The use of any third party trademarks on this site in no way indicates any relationship between and the holders of said trademarks, nor any endorsement of by the holders of said trademarks.

Over time, that can make it easier to spot when something is amiss with your connection, especially since lets you compare your results with previous tests. Satellite Internet connects you to the web using 3 satellite dishes; one at the Internet service providers hub, one suspended in space, and one fixed to your property. The speed at which your device sends data to the internet. Thats enough to let one or two Wi-Fi users play online games, stream video in HD, and attend Zoom meetings with minimal slowdowns or buffering. However, figuring out what ISP is fastest ultimately comes down to your geographical location. Here's 4 Tips for Faster Wi-Fi, Best Ways to Find Free Wi-Fi if You Can't Connect at Home. Roots may be growing into the cable buried in your yard. Using our search tool, you can quickly and efficiently browse all ISPs providing coverage in your cityjust enter your zip code. Fiber is also the only type of internet that gives you symmetrical upload speedsso your uploads will be just as fast as your downloads. You can troubleshoot poor internet speeds with our guide on how to fix slow internet. Try to imagine not having internet in the modern world. If jitter gets too high, it means that data isn't flowing to your device as efficiently as it probably should, and that can cause problems like buffering during streaming and video calls. Look into your routers spects to see its Wi-Fi standards and max speeds and get a new router if its an older model. Most ideal is a symmetrical internet connection with uploads that are just as fast as the downloads -- speeds of 100Mbps would be perfectly fine for most homes. This can be particularly helpful if you want to measure changes, keep different devices in mind, or track improvements after changing plans or making changes to your setup. Therefore, you need to get the best internet speed you were promised by your ISP and ensure no interference with your connection. One last note is that while we did rank these and think some will help more people than others, everyone has different priorities. If you need to access records of previous tests, then SpeedSmart has you covered (assuming none of the other options look acceptable to you), no matter what device you use.

Simple and easy to use, is not flashy by any means, but that is precisely what some people are looking for. If you're looking for a test that offers a look not just at speeds, but at consistency,Speedof.meis the way to go. A good internet speed is at least 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload. However, one of its biggest advantages is that it's owned by Netflix. If you're trying to speed test a gigabit connection, you'll want to turn elsewhere. You can use our How Much Speed Do You Need? Your Internet speed is dependent on a few different determining factors: your ISP, service tier, and whether or not your Internet is bundled with other products (i.e., cable or satellite TV, digital phone, etc.). What to do if your internet speed is slower than expected, How to make sense of your speed test results. It uses cables made of bundled fiber-optic strands to transmit large amounts of data with light signals. |How much internet speed do I need? A good speed test will make it easy to see your current download speeds, upload speeds and latency (or ping) for whatever device you're running the test on -- but with so many options promising to do exactly that, which one should you trust?

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