A bus runs from the Zeebrugge ferry terminal directly to Bruges. On the Rederskaai stands the eight-story ABC Tower, a reference to "Artes-Brugge-Cruise". The ship docks in the Port of Bruges-Zeebrugge, an industrial port The liner is scheduled to depart from the port 13 times in Virgin Voyages revealed 3 new pre-summer cruises from Portsmouth, England UK in 2022. There are some local eco-buses that enter the historic area centre but it is only a fifteen minute walk into the city centre. Obvious but true and Bruges lace but beware that most lace on sale seemed to be machine made - for an insight into real lacemaking visit the lacemaking museum. Bruges metropolis has land area approx 616 km2 (238 mi2) and population around 255,000. Heilig-Bloedbasiliek - The Basilica of the Holy Blood Its hard to know which church to choose as there are so many different examples. The container port has annual capacity 3 million TEU-containers. This is a Chinese company (headquartered in Hong Kong) subsidiary of "China COSCO Holdings Company Ltd" (COSCO Group-owned, 2005-founded). The two lower floors serve as the reception and embarkation areas for cruise passengers. Bridgestone Logistics (inner port) operates tire storage warehouses. Complimentary shuttle buses transport passengers between the gangway (ship-to-shore bridge) and the cruise terminal. Help us to keep this page up to date: Mail us your suggestions. Ocean Alliance. It houses also a museum. Inaugurated in June 2018, the new facility allowed the cruise port to be used also as a homeport/turnaround port for cruise ships with roundtrip itineraries from Zeebrugge. Beginhof - on the walk in from the coach park, Zeebrugge yacht basin - just outside the Cruise Terminal gates. CdMC terminal serves coastal cargo shipping traffic. On non-cruise days, it can be used as event space. Floor 2 has a large waiting hall with all standard catering facilities. leave Italy during his lifetime, can be seen in the Church of our Lady. When first visited Zeebrugge on a cruise we were definitely given the impression given by the ships staff was that it was difficult to do any independent travel from the port and people have said that when they try to research a day out from Zeebrugge it rapidly seems to get very confusing - one of the reasons for this is that Belgium is composed of four language areas: the Dutch language area; Flanders, the Walloon region which uses the French language, the German language area and the bilingual Brussels-Capital area. Travel time is approximately 50 minutes. Jeruzalemkerk and the Lace museum ( red shutters). Chocolate and Lace stores are all over town! Maps and leaflets seem to swing wildly between the two languages - generally using both at the same time! Most visiting cruise passengers head inland for the medieval cities of Bruges and Ghent.

The ticket one-way to Bruges costs 3 , in the weekends even less. In the building will be also the headquarters of the company ARTES Group International SRL. Euro 20 for a return ticket. website: http://www.portofzeebrugge.be/, https://www.portofzeebrugge.be/sites/default/files/2017-04/cruisebrochure%202017_WEB.pdf, Zeebrugge.net is a private company and not part of any municipality or government. The church houses a relic of the Holy Blood allegedly collected by Joseph of Arimathea and brought from the Holy Land by Thierry of Alsace, Count of Flanders. It is still a 15 minute. Of course a visit to Bruges wouldn't be complete In 2016, the port handled a total of 111 cruise ship calls and 471,084 passengers. The building also houses a visitors' centre, a knowledge centre of the Provincial Development Corporation (POM) and the headquarters of the contractors Artes Depret. For season 2019, Port Zeebrugge handled 149 ship calls and ~400,000 ocean cruise tourists (~371,000 served in 2018). From finding the right destination to choosing the best departure date, we're here to help. Youll find links to all my Social accounts below or so please keep in touch with me there. Rozenhoedkaai - The Quay of the Rosary) Rozenhoedkaai Is where the Groenerei and Dijver canals meet - cobbles, Boat trips, cute shops, coffee, chocolate, interesting museum and picture perfect shots. Times may differ in the weekends. These European river cruise deals are inclusive of the bus travel between Ghent and Bruges - one of the oldest towns in Flanders. Increased volumes were reported for RO-RO traffic (+3,7%, to 16,5 M tonnes), and especially between Belgium and Spain (+153%) linking Zeebrugge with Santander and Bilbao. Port Zeebrugge (locode BEZEE) is accessible through Vandammes Locks (length 500 m / 1640 ft, with 50 m / 164 ft, depth 18 m / (59 ft). In June 2018 was inaugurated Zeebrugge Cruise Terminal, which benefits from a new (direct) motorway connection to the riverport cities Ghent and Brussels. Solid bulk cargo increased 7,6% (to 1,3 M tonnes). Church of Our Lady: dates from the Middle Ages and houses the famous Michelangelo sculpture of the Madonna and Child.

The terminal has all 5 berths (2 deep-sea and 3 short-sea) and capacity 28,500 cars. is inclement, will be boring to visit. In 2017, the number grew to 146 ship calls. The 21413-TEU vessel was deployed on Ocean Alliance'sNEU1 loop served by 5x Cosco ships (each 18980 TEUs) plus 6 OOCL ships (each 21413 TEUs). The English Channel (or La Manche as it is known from the Belgian side) is a good place to take a bracing swim in chilly waters and the coastal towns are well set up for day trippers with plenty of restaurants, kids clubs, bike hire etc. The port's schedule lists all ships (in links) with cruises going to or leaving from Zeebrugge, Bruges, Belgium. Spend your day in Zeebrugge (or Bruges) walking across the series of canals and bridges that earned the cities their names derived from the Dutch word for bridge. Among excursion's highlights are the city walks visiting the Church of Our Lady (with Michelangelo's "Madonna and Child" sculpture), Beguinage courtyard (inhabited by nuns), towns network of river canals. Seaport additionally provides stevedoring, bulk storage and transshipment services. Burg: the square showcases amazing architectural masterpieces. You will be! There is a tram service from dock to train. In 2019, OCEAN Alliance included CSP-Zeebrugge in 2 out of 7 Asia-Europe lines (NEU1 and NEU3), thus increasing CSP-Zeebrugge terminal's chances to become one of Europe's hinterland gateways. C.RO Ports Netherlands BV (outer port) operates a Ro-Ro terminal in outer port (Britannia Dock, Hermes Quay, 10 berths) dedicated to handling, storing and transporting vehicles (new cars, light vehicles, trucks, buses), trailers and containers. Via Blankenberge to Bruges by public transportation. The travel time from the ferry terminal to Bruges is approximately 70 minutes. Floor 1 serves passengers with separate arrival / departure areas. Leopold II-dam 13 (Havendam) The Spar shop is closed on Mondays. You have several options to travel to other locations from this harbor: Bruges is approximately 17 km from Zeebrugge, and is well worth a visit. The site of the battle of Waterloo, whilst it is in Belgium, is probably just too far away to be practicable for a day trip. Port Bruges-Zeebrugge is the country's most important passenger port due to its maritime accessibility (easy access to open sea) and proximity to Bruges City (just 3 km / 2 mi). Belfort: the symbol of Bruges. climbing the belfry or trying several of the more than 350 available Via Bruges to other destinations I hope you enjoyed reading this short Blog and stay in touch to read the new guide book when it is published. The whole city area is ~138 km2 (53 mi2), including 10,75 km2 off the coast, at Zeebrugge (meaning "Bruges on Sea"). The gangways are quite steep, depending on the tide, so make sure you take an extra precaution. It is a Gothic building. Tomar Kolen (Baudouin Canal) operates a coal terminal with a fully-automated coal bagging plant. If you want to have a day out in the fresh air, walking or cycling then definitely head for the beaches. You have several options to travel from the ferry terminal to Bruges: By bus directly to Bruges. Stores in general 9am - 18pm Mon-Sat. Seabridge / Efico (inner port) operates a modern terminal for storage and distribution of green coffee. Most occupied were Zweedse Kaai and Swedish Quay, located approx 3 km (2 ml) from downtown. Validate ticket on entry to tram at machine and press button 1. The Dutch company Marpos (Baudouin Canal) provides vessel waste treatment services (collection and processing. Thank you for printing this article! For a leisure day along the coast take the Coastal Tram a public transport service connecting the cities and towns along the entire Belgian (West Flanders) coast. Zeebrugge is a major container port serving boxships to and from Asia (Far and Middle East, China), Scandinavia, UK, Spain, as well as many Baltic Sea and Mediterranean Sea destinations. The port's first container terminal (Container Handling Zeebrugge / Quays 202-207) is in the outer port and was last upgraded/expanded in 2008. Jeruzalemkerk: the Jerusalem Church dates from the 15th century. From the Blankenberge Central Station, you can take the bus to the heart of the historic center of Bruges. It has significant economic importance due to its port and was once the world's chief commercial city. For season 2018, the cruise port had scheduled (booked berthing) 142 ship calls with estimated 400,000 passengers. Look for a link at the bottom of this page or in our privacy policy where you can withdraw consent. The trip Almost all stores are closed on Sundays, except in tourist area as Brugge and the main coastal towns. In the inner port, Fluxys operates an LNG storage terminal with 2 storage tanks (total capacity over 114,000 m3). European Food Centre (inner port) is a logistics centre for fishing and provides sorting, inspecting, and auctioning, ice; transportation and ship supply services. In June 2019, city authorities implemented a policy to limit tourists numbers by stopping advertising in hotels and Belgian tourism travel destinations. Its a great help and thanks to all those who do! Thanks to its location on the North Sea coast, and the deep water, Zeebrugge has developed into the largest cruise port in Flanders. From here, gas from the UK is shipped to European destinations through the port's grid. First is the Groeninge Museum, with six centuries of paintings from Note: Here, CruiseMapper combines the ship schedules for both Port Zeebrugge (ocean-going vessels) and Bruges (as river cruise port). Some ships berthed at Albert II dock or Leopold II dam. Expert guidance for your cruise vacation!

The port has a dedicated ferry terminal (serving P&O FERRIES ships) and a new cruise ship terminal (read in the "terminal" section below). As of 2016 a two way shuttle service from Zeebrugge to Brugge and back is operational for the Cruise Passengers. The companies "Seaport Shipping and Trading" and "Minne Port Services" operate 2 cargo terminals (general, project, bulk) in the Baudouin Canal. The tram stretches the entire length of the coast and is very reliable. The terminal's capacity is 1,1 million tires. The whole journey from the ship takes 1 hour. The port authority company "Maatschappij van de Brugse Zeevaartinrichtingen" (1895-estbl) is the main shareholder.

https://www.dekusttram.be/en/. So does the other famous square Markt. Zeebrugge Breakbulk Terminal (outer port) is operated by 2 companies (International Car Operators, Rhenus Holding Belgium) and handles break-bulk and project cargoes (general, forest products, steel, agribulk). ride carriage ride, sampling the chocolates and waffles, shopping Both are located approx 2 km (1 ml) from bus and train stations in port's western area. one of the most exciting tourist attractions in Europe. In Brugge mainly Dutch spoken, however English is well mastered. - an arts and crafts market on Sunday and Monday. Baltic - Norwegian Fjords - Russia Cruise Ports, world's second-largest marine shipping company, Direct Scotland-Europe ferry service restarts in 2023, AIDA Cruises' newbuild AIDAcosma arrives in Hamburg (Germany) for the first time. Theres so much to see and do in Bruges, but sometimes the most enjoyable activity is to just explore this magnificent city on foot; Youll be amazed to see where the path will lead you around this picturesque city. P.S. Following the industry's pause due to the Coronavirus crisis, in October 2021 the Port reported 127 booked cruise ship calls for 2022 and 105 for 2023. Phone: 1.800.377.9383 International: 001.240.487.0155 Fax: 1.240.487.0154. All locks and bridges operate 24 /7.

Guests and crew last visited the After the success of its Northern European season during the summer and due to ongoing demand from passengers to sail in the region, MSC Cruises On October 5, Saga UK's cruise ship Spirit of Adventure is scheduled to depart on a 5-day "Taste of the Continent" itinerary visiting Holland AIDA Cruises is starting its Hamburg Germany homeporting season with the ship AIDAmar. About 2 kilometers from Blankenberg. Previously, cruise ships docked at the commercial / cargo port. Copyright 1994 2022 The Cruise Web, Inc. Top 10 Zeebrugge (Bruges), Belgium Cruises. Zeebrugge is ranked Europe's largest new car export port (after Bremerhaven and Emden). Modern, clean and largely with disabled access. If youve found this Blog interesting then Id love it if you could comment, like or share using the Social Sharing buttons below - Id love to hear your thoughts! Liquid bulk cargo increased 60,8& (to 10,8 M tonnes). It costs 19 a head compared to 50 or so for a cruise transfer. For this port development project was contracted BESIX (1909-founded and Brussels-based construction group with activities in Europe, Middle East, Oceania, Asia, Africa, North America). In the outer- and inner-port areas are located Ro-Ro terminals serving roll-on/roll-off vessels. Bruges is basically circular and pedestrianised so whichever way you reach the city you will have to walk in from the ring road.

The all day ticket is good on the bus #33 to Brugge and back so no reason to take the train. She was a backdrop in several movies and also part of literature works. There is so much to see that you wont be able to do it all - depending on the weather you may want to focus on the canals and gardens or spend more of the day inside in some of the beautiful historical buildings and churches . These taxis are readily available near the arrival dock. In FY2019 (fiscal year), Port Zeebrugge reported 14,2% cargo shipping growth (over 2018) with handled 45.8 million tonnes. COSCO is currently ranked world's second-largest marine shipping company - after Maersk). For starters, Zeebrugge is less than ten miles outside of historic Bruges, which is one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe thanks to strict preservation laws. For many foreign passengers, Zeebrugge offers the fastest access to many historical cities in Belgium. You can take a ships tour, ships transfer, shuttle to the station and then by train, local taxi or my preference for flexibility - the Cruise Express service which runs from just outside the cruise terminal. Zeebrugge Food Logistics (inner port) has a deep-freeze warehouse (cold storage facility) and a packing facility (repacking, labelling, wrapping). Visitors can meet up with family, friends or acquaintances who are passengers on a cruise ship calling at Zeebrugge. The passengers either make the popular crossing to Hull, England by ferry, or they dock at the port aboard a luxury cruise ship to enjoy a day trip to one of the many Flemish cultural cities. Its Flanders Cold Center handles frozen and chilled cargoes (fruit juices, vegetables, meat, fish). Printable map of Zeebrugge and Brugge to take along. The Adornes family, who came from Genoa in Italy, built this estate during the 15th century and it has remained in the same family ever since! sites to see include several museums.

Visitors can park cars outside the terminal. 350 steps to the top give you amazing panoramic views of the city and the bells peel a Carrilon every fifteen minutes. Beaches are family friendly -tidal but mainly sandy, with some wonderful sand dunes. The 2015-founded OCEAN Alliance was formed by the companies CMA-CGM, COSCO, OOCL, and Evergreen Marine. In Boudouin Canal, there is a recycling terminal (operated by Denolf Recycling) and a drydock shipyard (operated by Flanders Ship Repair / Longueville). The climb will test your endurance, but youll be rewarded with the best views of the citys fabulous architecture. Breakbulk cargo decreased 13,5% (to 896,892 tonnes). Ghent is approx 50 km (30 mi) from the port, and Antwerp and Brussels are approx 100 km (60 mi) away. You will also see the Bruges treasury with 10 locks - the keys were individually held ensuring that no one person had access. The Japanese Bridgestone Corporation is the world's largest producer of tires. The warehouse has all 6 docks and also offers container handling services. It is also responsible for maintaining the infrastructure - building quay walls and jetties, paving roads, security, etc. Whatever you want to know about cruises, destinations, cruise companies,ships, excursions and ports youve come to the right place! The terminal has 8 quays. Groeningemuseum: the art collection is the most important one in the country. Confused?

tel: +32(0)50-54 32 11 Military historians find a lot to interest them here, a popular excursion being to Ypres for Flanders Fields tours of the WW1 Battlefields of the Somme. Bruges is the largest city and capital of Belgium's West Flanders province (Flemish Region). Zeebrugge is also a major fishing port and fast-developing passenger port (ferry and cruise). It is worth downloading the app for up to the second travel info. It manages all the port's nautical, technical and commercial (cargo and passenger) aspects. 8614 Westwood Center Drive, Suite 800, Tysons, VA 22182 and all the other portExplore books, planners downloads and guidebooks. This medieval bell tower was built in 1240, is 83 meters tall and houses 47 bells. Statistics for 2010 showed that Port Zeebrugge handled a total of 8863 ocean vessels (over 49,5 million cargo tons, including 26.4 million containerized cargo tons), a total of 1423 inland vessels (nearly 0,626 million cargo tons), nearly 12,4 million tons of Ro-Ro cargo (mostly new cars), bulk cargo (nearly 8 million tons liquid bulk, 1,7 million dry bulk)conventional cargo (over 1,1 million tons) and over 0,6 million passengers (of which over 130,000 were cruise ship tourists). There are various ways to reach Bruges from the ship, which you choose will depend on your group size and personal preference. Bruges City is located approx 17 km (10 ml) from the cruise port. Majestic building located in the old Brugge.

In the inner port there are many companies specializing in cargo storage, processing and packing.

Often offered by the cruise line to book or online for 20,00 p.p.. Some (larger) stores stay Check the return times of the trains before you venture into Brugge. This partnership between CMA CGM, COSCO SHIPPING Lines, OOCL and EVERGREEN LINE was launched in 2017.
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