The use of filigree candle lanterns in different designs either hanging or on a flat surface adds character and gives off a romantic feel in any space. Who says you cant put a hammock in a small space like a balcony? Take a hint from the wood wall panel on this balcony. I love the different plants used in this balcony design!

Go bold and adventurous with colors, textures, and patterns like a true hippie. We normally have so little time to hang out outside on our balcony that it stays unnoticed.

Using rattan furniture in your space can instantly add an exotic punch and resort vibe to it.

Since most balconies in the city are quite small, it usually ends up leaving it as it is untouched.

The tropical plants that resonate on the pillowcase create a unified look. This balcony is so dreamy! Find inspiration and style suggestions in our 20 Dreamy Bohemian Balcony Ideas rounded-up just for you. Home Design Lover - A home design blog of Inspirations.All rights reserved. Add depth to your space by placing plants in different sizes and heights. bloxburg 50k

Add a fun pattern on throw pillows and area rug for a modern, funky, bohemian feel. Let us admit it, we do not normally spend time in a balcony especially if you are living in a city where you only get to see your home when it is time for you to get some rest at the end of a busy day. Please enter your username or email address. Play with patterns and earth colors to express the boho-chic inside you.

You see, there is no space too limited you cannot decorate and space too big you cannot make it feel cozy and inviting. It has been her long time dream to build a simple, yet elegant modern-country-style abode.

Make your bohemian balcony glam by adding a touch of gold to your decor, in this case, the lovely area rug on zebra print. The faux fur throw and throw pillows in different colors and patterns add comfort, fun, and character to this sweet balcony space. Forgot your password?

Incorporate wood into your decoration.

You can read here about more ways of decorating your home with plants.

Fit in two sofas to create a cozy space. To maximize your limited space it is wise to choose foldable stylish furniture so you can keep it easily when you need more space and only use it when needed. It often goes unnoticed. Every single detail is a pleasant sight to see.

The rich greens bring balance to the whole scheme.

Hang it on your balcony wall or railings for some romantic bohemian accent. This small space has been glammed up with muted colors that exudes a sophisticated vibe. Embrace the new year with full of ideas that may change your perspective and view about life in a positive way. It adds a rustic beauty which essential to getting a bohemian look.

Echo your surroundings in your balcony design like the one on the photo.

Maximize your small balcony by using bespoke storage that could double as a bench where you can sit and relax and at the same time keep your pillows and throws when not in use. Fill it with lots of pillows and throws in colors and fun patterns you want for a more snugly and intimate feel. Feeling creative already? If you are not a fan of fairy lights, you could use light bulb garland instead. It would be great to wake up to this view and sip your morning coffee or have breakfast on this beautiful balcony.

My personal favorite in this balcony decoration is the potted lavender hang on the basket hooks and tea candle lights. Hanging fairy lights on railings gives an instant bohemian look and romantic touch to a space like this design. It doubles as a charming accent and sun protection.

Milagros Mundo Funky Fairtrade Hippy Chic. Hanging curtains, drapes or maybe a bohemian tapestry would instantly create a striking accent and intimate feel.

This is one incredible design! Adding a hanging string ball lights on an accent wood panel wall with hanging planters gives off a hippie and youthful vibe. Bring in the vibrant colors of yellow and green on your balcony furniture and let it take the spotlight. The lovely colors and scent it brings are sure to give a refreshing vibe everyday.

Take a small step to refresh your homes aura by making use of your balcony for relaxation or simply sipping that morning coffee at, to get that positive energy you needed for your everyday endeavor.

I love the succulents filling the whole space.

It transforms the space into a lush, bohemian sanctuary.

The faux fur throw, storage bench with cushion and floor-touching throws are so inviting.

The tan pouf ottoman that echoes its patterns and colors on some of the throw pillows on the sofa.

Make it a lot exciting by using fun prints on your decor like this zigzag area rug. Plus it creates a romantic mood that is great for relaxation or hanging out with friends or someone really special. In this stunning, exotic balcony space, exuberating hues and incredibly beautiful different patterns standout. I bet you have a lot of ideas now in your mind that you want to use the list I have collected for you. The color scheme used in the decor -pillowcases, carpet, and throws, take a cue from the plants surrounding it.

Bohemian look needs natural touch. Start by bringing your balcony to life. Balcony space, more often than not, becomes the least of the priorities when it comes to decoration or beautification in a home.

A full time mom and a freelance writer who loves beautiful, modern designs and artworks. The pop of pink that brings in a feminine flair and the faux fur on the hanging wicker chair exudes glam and sophistication. You could also custom build hanging planters to hold your greens and not take much of your already limited space. This year I challenge you to give time to create and be creative. Let us know which one is your favorite.

Bring out your trinkets from those travels you made and create an exotic balcony design from it. Loading up on old crates and wicker basket as plant holders make a great organic accent. 2019. Make a cohesive look by using a color scheme to avoid an overcrowded look. It makes a space more intimate and cozy. This balcony space is one tropical-bohemian-escape! Accentuate with an area carpet that has a bohemian punch to add character to the whole space.

Those rich lovely patterns and texture bring global touch and interest to the space. We would love to see how you recreate your very own bohemian balcony. Make the most of your small space for lots of small flowering plants in different planters, hanging or not. more ways of decorating your home with plants.

Adding a variety of plants to your balcony bring pops of different colors, rich texture and fresh aroma that make a wonderful and invigorating treat in an urban space. Be bold, creative and fun by adding a hammock to your small space for a total relaxation. This may not be true for everyone but for most people who spend their time at work, this is the reality.

Its beautiful colors will bring your boring balcony to life. Adding a decorative dried branch in an oversized vase is a great way to liven up your balcony in a bohemian way. It adds whimsy and charm to the space. It is so lovely to see a hanging garland of lanterns and lots of candles. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. What is not to love in this setup?

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