A plugin for LUA-support for Visual Studio 2005 can be found here.

After some tweaking I present you 2 Visual Studio plugins. Read the Frequently Asked Questions about NuGet and see if your question made the list. Documentation and sample projects can be downloaded here: News and discussion for the Lua programming language. A: Yes, with the files.associations setting you can map file extensions to an existing language either globally or per workspace. If you use Visual Studio for large applications and are looking to embed a lua script, let us know what currently frustrates you about this process so we can help you be more productive!

I think it's important for debuggers to trap errors (i.e. Typescript in Visual Studio has been fantastic and I'd love to eventually see the same 1st class support for Lua. strict.lua, which ships with Lua, stops script execution if you throw it an undeclared global variable and tells you the line number of the call to the undeclared variable. One for 2012 and one for 2013 (preview) that adds proper syntax high-lighting. - Trademarks, Install-Package Alternet.Studio.Syntax.Parsers.Lua -Version 8.1.0, dotnet add package Alternet.Studio.Syntax.Parsers.Lua --version 8.1.0, , paket add Alternet.Studio.Syntax.Parsers.Lua --version 8.1.0, #r "nuget: Alternet.Studio.Syntax.Parsers.Lua, 8.1.0", // Install Alternet.Studio.Syntax.Parsers.Lua as a Cake Addin It implements most of TypedLua syntax in comments. I have not used BabeLua or NLPLanguageService. AlterNET Code Editor is a .NET component library that brings efficient code editing functionality into your WinForms and WPF .NET applications. Showing the top 1 NuGet packages that depend on Alternet.Studio.Syntax.Parsers.Lua: AlterNET Code Editor is a .NET component library that brings efficient code editing functionality into your WinForms and WPF .NET applications. I use tolua++ to build bindings back to our C++ game engine. I.e. Every IDE I have used so far fails.

More information about Code Editor can be found here: What do you find most annoying when writing lua code? I'm not talking about the call stack, but the lua C stack. :P. In addition to these features, I'd also like to see the following: Being able to view the Lua stack (not the call stack), Have the debug pointer move between Lua and C++ when calling bound functions. Didn't think of that, we'll add that to our list of potential features!

Intellisense features are currently targetted for Dec. 2006. For those who want to play with it, it's available from this branch in the repository and can be activated with "Project | Analyze". I very much abuse lua, and it is one of my favorite languages. notepad It's basically a simple syntax scheme and does not take real advantage of any advanced VS-features. The whole XML-Editor was rewritten in the new version and can now easily compete with most XML-Editors out there, free and commercial. #tool nuget:?package=Alternet.Studio.Syntax.Parsers.Lua&version=8.1.0, https://www.alternetsoft.com/products/editor, Alternet.Studio.Syntax.Parsers.Lua.Embedded. I'm interning for Microsoft this summer, and we're building a Lua language service for Visual Studio. Visual Studio Professional Version is expensive, but there are free Express Editions available. With support for changing scripts while the project is running, and breakpoints update their line numbers correctly.

The branch should work out of the box on Windows, but on OSX/Linux it may require lpeg for Lua 5.1 available in CPATH. I agree; TypedLua looks very interesting. Visual Studio is a commercial IDE for software development by Microsoft. The community is providing VS Code language support for nearly any modern programming language. A plugin for LUA-support for Visual Studio 2003 can be found here. They should seriously consider targeting Typed Lua rather than Lua. Type kb(workbench.action.showCommands), 'ext inst ' to bring up the extension Marketplace dropdown and then type the language name to filter the results. Well one obvoius thing is having it warn me if I'm referencing a variable that has not been declared, perhaps because of a misspelling. when runtime errors occur). Q: Can I map additional file extensions to a language? As usual Ive been using Visual Studio and it hindered me that there was no syntax high-lighting and that on Google I couldnt find any up to plug-in that worked in VS 2012/2013 (yeah Im working on the cutting edge at the moment. This package is not used by any popular GitHub repositories. You can download AddOn Studio from Microsoft's CodePlex site. In the debugger's watches, when expanding a lua table, I'd be happy if it behaved similarly to lpeg's pretty.write . It provides code editing capabilities such as syntax highlighting, code completion and code outlining, visual indicators for bookmarks, line styles, syntax errors and much more, matching the speed and convenience of the Microsoft Visual Studio/Visual Studio Code text editor. This will bring up the Command Palette for Select Language Mode. Development of lua scripts is either in Sublime or Zerobrane, and all other dev is in Visual Studio (C/C++ and C#). Download the Visual Studio 2012 and 2013 Version (zipped), (Update 2: Some users were still not able to download the files because the VSIX files were interpreted as XML, so Ive uploaded a zip file instead that contains both files), Back-end developer at Bol.com who likes to blog about game technology. This parser includes LangServer executable and library files for Lua in a form of embedded resources.

it looks a bit more verbose, but it allows to avoid a separate processing/compilation step and gradually introduce typedLua types without changing much your project workflow. Find out the service status of NuGet.org and its related services. Please refer to our licensing FAQ here:https://www.alternetsoft.com/faq#license. code launches microsoft platform editor cross indentation highlighting customisable syntax macros bracket keyboard matching It would make it easier to debug other people's scripts, easier to reverse engineer existing lua scripts. Developers who are already familiar with it will tend to favor it above other available add-on tools, as it provides a familiar environment for them. There's a pseudo-IntelliSense feature but it doesn't work very well. It is a well known and appreciated tool for many professional software developers. Working on it! Leaves the debug breakpoint at line 90, but moves the IDE breakpoint indicator to line 93. About -

This package includes a Lua parser based on LangServer.org protocol which provides features like auto completion, go to definition, finding all references and alike. NOTE: This is a commercial software product and requires purchasing a license for legal usage. https://www.alternetsoft.com/faq#license. However at times you may wish to change language modes, to do this click on the language indicator - which is located on the right hand of the status bar. It is an industrial strength software development tool. In Visual Studio Code, we have support for many languages out of the box and more through language extensions available on the VS Code Marketplace. Here is an example that will associate more file extensions to the PHP language: You can also configure full file paths to languages if needed.

Are there any specific features you'd like to see us build which will make it easier for you to write lua code in Visual Studio? right-click on require'xx' to open the file. Outliner/Class view like thing. Many hobbyists who are already using lua are perfectly happy with Sublime text or Zerobrane for normal lua editing. This plug-in supports syntax highlighting, code hiding / auto outlining, project tree support, basic MSBuild integration, and shell integration. Insert an if check above it. Please refer to our licensing FAQ here: Tip: You can also add support for your favorite language through TextMate colorizers. Read on Q: Can I contribute my own language service? vim After a lot of searching I found this post, I then figured out that VSIX files are just plain zip files with XML and other data stored inside. Lua throws an error about a nil value. I have also used Decoda and Tilde in the past. Is there anything else you find particularly annoying when writing lua code? So don't expect anything special here. Got questions about NuGet or the NuGet Gallery?

Just project, debugger and syntax highlight would be enough for me! This is all highly experimental and I'd be interested in the feedback. For example, the setting below adds the .myphp file extension to the php language: IntelliSense (kb(editor.action.triggerSuggest)) will show you the available language identifiers. Breakpoint has moved from line 90 to 93. // Install Alternet.Studio.Syntax.Parsers.Lua as a Cake Tool Where you'd use in TypedLua function abs(n:number):number, here you can also write function abs(n --[[:number]]) --[[:number]]. You can download Visual Studio Express for free from Microsoft. This integration is using a modified version of TypedLua, which differs from Andr's version in several aspects: It implements "relaxed" parsing, which allows typedlua parsing to recover from incomplete or invalid statements. My current project is running LuaJIT 2.0.3, and contains about 4.5mb of lua code. A Lua Language service for VS would need the following: Minimal Setup, it should just work. In VS Code, we default the language support for a file based on its filename extension. The lua language does not do this, so if an IDE can, that's nice. Use the pdb or static analysis to hook into the lua library. However, with the newer 2005 version things changed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, http://www.reddit.com/r/lua/comments/33rvn7/a_type_checking_ide_for_l%C3%B6ve/. A version of Visual Studio specifically tailored for World of Warcraft is available for free, including LUA syntax highlighting, some IntelliSense, a FrameXML editor, automatic TOC generation, and other features. Automatic syntax validation in the editor with a Linter. While Typed Lua isn't mature yet, I would think that the target demographic for a Visual Studio Lua plugin would be professional programmers (game developers, in particular); I think this demographic prefers static typing based autocompletion to the naive variety that just supplies all identifiers in the program as completion options. when I'm in a breakpoint in a C module, and there's a lua_state around, I'd like the ability to look at the state (using a watch for example), and from the watch manipulate the lua stack. It provides code editing capabilities such as syntax highlighting, code completion and code outlining, visual indicators for bookmarks, line styles, syntax errors and much more, matching the speed and convenience of the Microsoft Visual Studio/Visual Studio Code text editor.This package includes a Lua parser based on LangServer.org protocol which provides features like auto completion, go to definition, finding all references and alike.This parser requires Lua LangServer to be installed and configured on the target machines.This is a multi-target package, and can be used with .NET applications targeting .NET Framework starting from 4.6.1 or .NET Core starting from 3.1.More information about Code Editor can be found here:https://www.alternetsoft.com/products/editorDocumentation and sample projects can be downloaded here:https://www.alternetsoft.com/downloadNOTE: This is a commercial software product and requires purchasing a license for legal usage. A: Yes you can! Anything you particularly like or dislike about the current tools available for Lua in VS (BabeLua, NLPLanguageService)? Although the Lua-plugin for VS 2005 is not as good as the LuaLite plugin for 2003, which is mainly due to the first still being in an early stage of development, the XML-Editor is really worth the upgrade and may greatly increase your productivity if you're an experienced developer. Be sure to ping the lua-l mailing list. Click on any linked item to get an overview of how to use VS Code in the context of that language. See http://www.lua.org/extras/5.2/strict.lua There is also Thomas Lauer's LuaStrict, http://thomaslauer.com/comp/LuaStrict. I haven't used a Windows machine in a decade, so I don't have any direct feedback.

The following example associates all files in a folder somefolder to PHP: Note that the pattern is a glob pattern that will match on the full path of the file if it contains a / and will match on the file name otherwise. As I wrote elsewhere in this thread, I've recently added experimental support for TypedLua to ZeroBrane Studio. https://www.alternetsoft.com/products/editor It is primarily used for application development for the Microsoft Windows operating systems. On the debugging / runtime side (pretty much the standard debugging idioms): step (F10, F11..) into lua scripts. I'll think of other ideas and post some more later. The XML editor included in .NET 2003 is okay, but really nothing special.

Microsoft 2022 - Press J to jump to the feed. The XML-Editor is also available in the Express-Editions of Visual Studio. I.e. #addin nuget:?package=Alternet.Studio.Syntax.Parsers.Lua&version=8.1.0 We've been using lua for a while now.

You can also browse the VS Code Marketplace directly to look for supported languages. There's a paper, presentation, and implementation by Andr Murbach Maidl about doing a typed version of Lua similar to Typescript. This is a multi-target package, and can be used with .NET applications targeting .NET Framework starting from 4.6.1 or .NET Core starting from 3.1. By abuse lua, I basically treat it as dynamic C++, with classes, objects etc. Ex: call/pcall step into lua and not C. I don't ever want to step into lua's C code, I'm not debugging lua, I want to debug the scripts watches, locals when debugging lua scripts. To see if there are extensions for the language you're interested in, simply bring up the extension Marketplace and filter on the language name. Terms of Use - Changing the Language for the Selected File. This is kinda tricky since you can add and remove variables at runtime so you can't really statically analyze it. open up a call stack/variable browser/etc. Now you know that VS Code has support for the languages you care about.

when debugging scripts, so from within lua scripts, seeing the lua callstack would be very useful.

Would you be able to forward me some data on how popular typed lua is? See Colorizers to learn how to integrate TextMate .tmLanguage syntax files into VS Code. Privacy Policy Debugging support. At the minimum it would be nice to expand the C stack as a table with pretty writes of the content (this is a common way to debug lua_state issues from C). For example, if will "assume" closing bracket after "foo" in "if (foo then". https://www.alternetsoft.com/download builds wrapper C functions and C structs for C++ classes. It has basic XSD support and stuff, but it really won't stand a chance against tools like XMLspy. I've spent some time making a Lua IDE myself, but people don't seem to be very interested in it: http://www.reddit.com/r/lua/comments/33rvn7/a_type_checking_ide_for_l%C3%B6ve/ If you have any questions, I'd be happy to help out. https://www.alternetsoft.com/version-history/8-1. You can add new file extensions to an existing language with the files.associations setting. The table below provides a brief description of Visual Studio Code's various languages features. This requires toggling breakpoints on both lines to correct. Note, express editions of VS 2005 are not compatible. This is probably way out of scope for your internship, but it'd be very nice if there was some minimal mindshare at Microsoft regarding these developments. Check out the example language server in the Extending Visual Studio Code documentation. Lately Ive been working a lot with LUA and C++ code. I can then start spreading the word here at Microsoft. Notice that the plugin only works on the 2003 versions of Visual Studio .NET! List all functions within a table or 'type', Just for fun, a parser for C++ header files to build automatic bindings for LuaJIT's FFI. I currently use ZeroBrane Studio as my IDE, and I like it a lot. The richness of support varies across the different languages.

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