Im not complaining, as it gives me lots of cute items to use both in every day life and when Im working on my journal! Anyway, terrible jokes aside, its a relief to be back up to date with my subscription boxes after the shipping nightmare. I love the shiba one, I have used it already for some work reminders that I have stuck up on my desk and every time I look at it I smile, hes just so cute! The ninth item in the box was a Stationery Trinket Case. The other one is a toppings for noodles or rice. It makes us very happy to hear that you had a great experienced. I just love all cutest snacks: heart: that came from my crate! Last up is a clear file decorated with Japanese New Year iconography. The first thing that struck me when I opened up my mystery box was how many things were in the box. We're sorry about the experienced rest assured, we are trying our best to sort all things out when putting up future crates. They have five different subscriptions and comes directly from Japan. On the right is some My Neighbor Totoro washi tape, which is something I use a lot of for journalling, so Im very happy to have it. I love Japanese culture and snacks and as someone who has limited ways of experiencing that in my home country, Japan Crate is a blessing. I think mine is the detergent shaped glue, its so cute! At first I was totally baffled by it, but when I realised, it all made sense! As I said in my Anime Limited unboxing, theres something about a mystery package thats really appealing to me I think really just boils down to the element of surprise and chance. The theme for Mays SoKawaii box was Cozy at Home pretty fitting considering I have been stuck in mine since mid-March! Like my relationship with most things anime, theres a sort of bittersweet feeling as I was meant to go to the Studio Ghibli Museum during my cancelled Japan trip back in March, but the sting is becoming less strong! The candy was legit and did not disappoint me at all. Normally Im a person who gets the biggest glass possible and drinks pints of water at a time, so this is a little smaller than Im used to, but I think it will be a good glass for having an alcoholic beverage or two, or taking it on a picnic its plastic so theres no chance of it getting broken outside! Kindly respond to our request with your order number and email address and we will certainly look into this for you. I knew in advance that the box was coming with a CCS item, and to be honest, it almost stopped me from buying it because Ive never seen CCS before. Its definitely not an all the time bag, but I think for just nipping out, its fine! I got a couple of pens first up is a sweets u-marker. The right hand ones are Molang, which isnt something I really know too well, but I also got some Molang stickers in my last box from ISpyKawaiiSupplies, and I thought the characters were really cute then and I still do! Firstly, a colour changing pen which is really nice to write with (I dont know the characters though! The theme for the May YumeTwins box was Ghiblis Delivery Service, so as a huge Studio Ghibli fan I really couldnt resist. Id definitely get a SoKawaii box again, in fact I forgot to cancel the subscription, so I am getting a box this month too! First of all let me say thank you for sending over my crate in 1 piece. everything looks great. I will do my best to support Studio Dalgona in future and place an order with them when I can to make up for this as I dont want to be in the habit of supporting art theft. But if you do use my links, I appreciate your support. But to compensate things out, my 3 Mini crates that weren't delivered were replaced with 2 Premium boxes. My childhood stationery obsession has come back full force, and I cannot stop buying stationery mystery boxes. I really love Japanese culture and I'm so excited for my next crate. Just to double down on any potential pitfalls, I also opted for the SoKawaii box, as it had a theme of Sakura, and I was due to see the sakura blossoms during my trip. Levels above any snack subscription box that we have tried before. Next up was this cute Rilakkuma pillow cover. I got these two in my box this time. Its not really a pillowcase as it is open at the ends, but its still pretty functional. I definitely would recommend Japan crate to anyone who is a fan of Japanese snacks or just wanting to try different things! Ive loved getting subscription boxes throughout 2020, I think its brought me an edge of excitement to an otherwise dull and stressful year. I subscribed for 6 months and first crate arrived today. You dont tell anything to people about paying toll for the crate aswell! Also in the box was this cute puzzle of Kiki. Still, its a really cute item, and its a shame I cant appreciate it fully, but Im sure its new owner will! And so, as predicted, my July YumeTwins box arrived in record time. I really love this. Im a sucker for stationery, so luckily for me I got these two pieces in my box. The box itself is pastel coloured (just my vibe! After just a few months of getting boxes, I have more bento boxes and chopsticks that I know what to do with. Also the box came in handy for storage of my own things. This is great as a gift for anyone you know who loves to collect stationery items. I also got a Sumikko Gurashi paper pad and a gluestick again, both perfect for bullet journalling! Well, that one was a happy and satisfied customer. Ive been trying out different subscription services. I look forward to my crate every time because I get to try different flavor kit kats. I just received my last month of Japan Premium crate after a long wait. Its a stackable figure, so there are others to collect with different Pokmon on, and then they make up a larger tree. Worth the price with fast shipping for the Premium crate. Never ordered from them before or subscribed before and regretted it on why not to. Customer support is nice and resolve the issue, so there goes my 5 star.

Bunch of scammers! favourite item this month the sakura Cinnamoroll! Regardless, last month I felt like getting a box, and after a lot of searching for a UK supplier, I found Kinda Kawaii. My daughter is so happy she can't even wait for her next box. Hello Kitty is dressed like a cow, because its the Year of the Ox! My premium crate shipped and arrived quickly and in great shape. I love the practicality of having stationery subscription boxes, and Im finding Im getting much more out of them than the regular subscription boxes I was getting, so Ive continued! The boxes are lovely, the products are really cute but the shipping and delivery are terrible. Thankful that I found them. My previous Yumetwins box was just the items in a box, which is totally fine, I didnt have any packaging expections, but the SoKawaii box was cutely laid out with pink tissue paper and just had a more visual impact when I opened it. I get why theyve put it on there, but I think it should at least be optional. We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and ads. Finally I got this Hello Kitty plushie! I decided during this period that I would buy myself a subscription box, which I felt would either cheer me up, or depress me further as it would remind me of what I was supposed to be experiencing. ISpyKawaiiSupplies has an option on their Etsy that you can pick a character or theme for the smaller boxes, or you can pick a larger box. Products used:obviously all of the snacks and candies.

I also got the above, which, though very cute, I haveno idea how it fits with the work/play theme. It is also a nice little pick up when you get your package in the mail full of fun surprises :) Can't wait for the next one!

Ive been using this one to try and organise my photos and keep track of which folders theyre in on my Mac! I hope you liked seeing what I got in my box. First up, I got this pencil case with Taa-chan on, who I believe is an established character (Im actually not a cat person at all, so I dont generally check out many cat characters, sorry everyone!). Japancrate has some awesome stuff and I look forward to getting my crate so that I can try them out! Up next was anAnimal Crossingsticker. Recommended. I love Japan and everything related! I love Inku Crate for the super awesome and cool items they include in each crate. I liked the variety of products included. We really appreciate it. Hi Emma! At first I could not figure out what the blue item was, but its glue in the shape of a detergent bottle. Ill think of something, Im sure! So far, not particularly work or play themed. I love all the items I got (I still use my Rilakkuma spinning pen organizer every day for work!) Even do I can't buy a Crate, as my life still depend with my mom^^. If you click a link and buy something, I receive a commission for the sale. This does not cost you anything. This page contains affiliate links. The different flavors of Kit Kat make it so awesome. Email replies quickly with no actual help. Its very unique. Once again, the SoKawaii box came out with everything laid out in pink tissue paper. Im sure Ill get over it one day. Great stuff guys! ), but its so cute! Finally, this Gudetama mousemat. That was everything in my SoKawaii May box! Japan Crate is worth it! So my box looks slightly different from other ones. Its so hard to take a photo of these blankets, I also struggled in my Christmas box, but this is it on my double bed, so its quite large! I see they still have lovely products but it is not worth paying for sth you're not getting. Each month, you get to try different snacks ranging from chips to candy to different drinks as well! The box is so cute with its yellow packaging, its stand out from the rest. Probably the only thing in the box that fits the theme. so cute. At first I wasnt totally sure what to do with it, but I realised its the perfect size for a pencil case! Im glad I got Plusle and Minun, theyre probably up there with my favourite Pokmon, and there are plenty of worse options I could have got. My next items, above, were bothMy Neighbour Totorothemed. This will be my greatest buy online so far. 100% quality! When I contacted Japan Crate many, many times, they kept saying the parcel was shipped by DHL and it was in transit.

I would recommend it to anyone who wants a monthly box of different Japanese snacks to sample. I havent bought a subscription box for a while, partly because I havent seen one with a theme I like, and partly because a lot of my usual companies I buy with are now charging a mandatory 10 extra shipping for tracked shipping, which seems a little unfair to me as I was pretty happy with waiting it out for the standard shipping and I never had an issue. The next item was a Cardcaptor Sakura keychain. BUT, the complete lack of customer service and refusal to answer customer questions or follow up enquiries means I will not be renewing the subscriptions. As I said before, I really love getting stickers so I can jazz up my bullet journal! I love getting subscription boxes, it really livens up my post the majority of the time I dont get anything, and when I do, I know what Ive ordered, so to get something which is a total surprise is really exciting! Typical! unsubscribe. Just tested the box and we will certainly order back in the future. I wasn't expecting to be replaced with a big box. The fun of Japan brought to your door through delicious Japanese candy and snacks. Welcome to this unboxing and review of the Inku Crate Subscription Box January 2022. We really appreciate it very much. From a young age, Ive always really loved stationery. The Inku Crate is filled with 6-8 Japanese stationery items ranging from notebooks and planners to writing utensils and fun accessories. The fifth item in the box was a Shiba postcard. Have a great day and Stay safe! Im going to use the paper for a theme for a future month as it arrived a little too late for me to use for this month, but Im thinking of cute ideas I can implement when I use them! Im not sure if its a character, or just a random design as Ive now thrown away the packaging if you know, please tell me! Follow on social media links below! Will subscribe again when shipping to Australia is back to normal. Ive previously mentioned that I wasnt going to buy any subscription boxes prior to my trip to Japan, and then the subsequent cancellation of the trip led to March sad-time spending. Have a great day! The second pen is a fude colour marker of which I got a pink one (fitting!). Lovely feedback Evelyn! Which item is your favourite? A bargain! All of them came without problems and I got to enjoy the snacks with my family. Finally, I got these stickers! Ought another premium box last month and it arrived today all snacks are really tasty and they change each month so you can never get bored it's definitely a cool way to try my new snacks and I definitely recommend it. DHL took less than a week to deliver from Japan to Australia after they received the items, proving Japan Crate's excuses of international freight delays, customs clearance delays etc. Its double-ended, and each end smells like a different sweet mine is melon cream soda and it smells so good. And last but definitely not least, we have my favourite item this month the sakura Cinnamoroll! I'm surprised and so happy about it. Their website was way everything is formatted is informative and knowledgeable. Im not sure what the function of cable holders are really, aside from the obvious, as Ive never had any cable related issues! Hi there! The sixth item in the box was Tsum Tsum Sticky Notes. As you can see from the photo, the mystery plushie was very prevalant in my box Donald Duck staring at me as soon as I opened it. That was everything for the Ghiblis Delivery Service YumeTwins box. Ordered in JAN. Have not received. Products used:I really love the Sanrio Sticky Notes in my June Inku. Products used:The 2021 calendar, stickers and markers. I received a gift crate from one of my friends and once again I was amazed and 100% satisfied with the variety of snacks. Got my April Japan Crate and my very first order from Sugoi Mart today First i really love the design on Aprils crate its so pretty! And everything looked so good cant wait to try it especially the plum kitkat as I have never tried them before Second it took about a month for the sugoi mart order to ship but it only took a week to get here once it shipped I ordered a lucky bag and a sakura lucky bag among other things And though Im a bit sad none of the lucky bags included a single plushie Im happy with them none the less My favourite thing in the Sakura lucky bag is the cute Sakura bowl with a bunny also cant wait to try the Sakura energy drink once its cooled down in the fridge My favourite thing in the normal lucky bag has to be the figure Also the things I couldnt use/like make good gifts for family/friends I dont know if Ill try lucky bags again (cause I got really bad luck with these things) But it was definitely a fun and exciting thing to try once ^__^ But I love the Japan inku and doki doki crates and cant wait to discover whats in future crates , Hi Jane, Wow! Ive been playinga lotofAnimal Crossing: New Horizons since Ive been in lockdown, and I always appreciate a cute notebook. The items are all adorable. At least this means its safe to order new subscription boxes, something Id been putting off doing whilst the post was so unreliable!

All the snacks are new, unique, and delicious. Im giving the sticker to a friend who I know will appreciate it a lot more than I will! Doki Doki is all things Kawaii (cute). The seventh item in the box was an Origami Memo Kimono. First up, a Hello Kitty notebook. messages at this email address and phone number. Even now I have drawers full of stationery and shelves full of unused notebooks. Theyre still really cute, and arent overly themed so its no big deal they werent here in time for Valentines. I know there are a good amount of items in the box, but due to the size of one of them they had to use a bigger box and it seems a little sparse as a result to reiterate, I know its not, but its an initial feeling of oh, kinda empty as a visual thing when you first open. Finally Delivered, Boxes Contain a Good Variety and Quantity, but Customer Service Sucks. What was your favourite from the items I got? Hi Bibiana! How cute is that?! Gacha Gacha Crate is collectable roulette capsule toys. The box itself was really cute, I loved that it looked like a book and opened from the side like a book would, I thought that was a really nice touch. I'm looking forward to receiving the March 2022 box now that I have more room in my budget! I feel like a kid playing with the toys. Its a great choice indeed. Its really pretty, so I think I might even frame it when Ive done it as its such a lovely picture! I know this cant be helped, and YumeTwins have amended their shipping as a result, so hopefully I wont see this much of a delay with the remaining two boxes in my subscription! A mere week after my May YumeTwins box arrived, up rocks my June box. Finally, I have the larger items. Hopefully my June box wont be quite so delayed! ), and on opening there was a strong visual impact with the box packaged really cutely and bursting with goodies! Firstly a Rilakkuma rubber (eraser!

The stationery in the crate varies nicely every month, meaning you don't accumulate just different versions of the same stuff over and over. The first item I pulled out was this really cuteAnimal Crossing notebook! Tip for consumers:I might order again in the future. Its a really cute mug, but much like tupperware, I own far too many mugs and Im being threatened that if I get any more theyll be binned! We LOVED the box! I ordered myInku Crate Subscription BoxthroughCratejoy(affiliate link). Not sure how succesfully, mind you, but its cute nonetheless!

Im not sure Ive ever done much origami in the past, but in theory I think itd be quite relaxing. I actually just did a quick online search for the pack on the left, and I found out that sadly it is counterfeit art stolen from a Korean artist, so its a little disappointing that its in the box, but I will give the benefit of the doubt and assume that the seller didnt know. I bought the May box back in April, and so I could get a free gift I bought a 3 month subscription. ), and secondly, some Gudetama sticky notes.

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