We have never parented (or helped our kids with remote learning) during a global pandemic. Yes, movies sometimes work, but how about something possibly more fun (for you and for them)? Retrieved March 16, 2020 from, https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/schools-childcare/schools.html, https://responsiblehomeschooling.org/policy-issues/current-policy/, https://www.digitallearningcollab.com/state-virtual-schools, Common Misconceptions about Working and Homeschooling, https://www.sheknows.com/parenting/articles/2218929/how-many-hours-homeschooling-per-day/, https://welltrainedmind.com/a/what-are-the-non-core-subjects/?v=7516fd43adaa, https://montessori-nw.org/what-is-montessori-education, https://www.sheknows.com/parenting/slideshow/2173553/coronavirus-school-closings-keep-kids-busy/1/, https://www.commonsensemedia.org/game-reviews, https://www.focusonthefamily.com/parenting/age-appropriate-chores/, https://grownandflown.com/soft-skills-for-teens/, https://www.commonsensemedia.org/about-us/our-mission/about-our-ratings, https://www.commonsense.org/education/digital-passport, https://www.commonsense.org/education/digital-compass, https://www.commonsensemedia.org/lists/kid-safe-browsers-and-search-sites, https://nu.libguides.com/CommonCore/ccss_publishers, https://www.earthcam.com/events/animalcams/, https://www.commonsensemedia.org/resources-for-families-during-the-coronavirus-pandemic, https://www.steamsational.com/free-printable-homeschool-planners/, https://www.khanacademy.org/about/blog/post/611770255064350720/remote-learning-with-khan-academy-during-school, https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vSZhOdEPAWjUQpqDkVAlJrFwxxZ9Sa6zGOq0CNRms6Z7DZNq-tQWS3OhuVCUbh_-P-WmksHAzbsrk9d/pub, https://classroommagazines.scholastic.com/support/learnathome.html, https://awakeandmindful.com/best-kids-yoga-videos-on-youtube/, https://hellobestow.com/blog/gratitude-games/, https://www.dropbox.com/s/xbwyrg21rbg79fj/conferencecallbingo.pdf?dl=0, https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html, https://greatergood.berkeley.edu/article/item/how_school_closures_can_strengthen_your_family, https://hbr.org/2018/12/how-timeboxing-works-and-why-it-will-make-you-more-productive.

Before you start, identify an award they will earn if you get a bingo and/or if they black out the entire card by meeting the criteria of each bingo square on the entire bingo card. Marc Zao-Sanders (2018) wrote an informative article on TimeBoxing, accessible here: Organizing your space is another aspect of your current situation that you have total control over. One-third If you have decided that you are not yet comfortable physically sending your kids back to a school building, thinking through some of the following questions might be helpful in deciding between distance learning (assuming this option is available/offered through your school) and homeschooling: 1) Do you want to choose your own curriculum, make your own lesson plans, etc., or do you want to assist your children in completing teacher-assigned activities? 3) All members of the team should remember that discomfort leads to growth and work on being ok with being held accountable, with hearing feedback that they dont really want to hear, and with giving honest, constructive feedback to other members of the team when things arent working well. What we sometimes forget, though, is that our kids are, as well. If your remote/distance learning/homeschooling is only planned to be temporary, keeping as close to the curriculum their classmates are learning in school will make for the smoothest transition when the time comes for them to go to school and join their classmates again. Retrieved June 24, 2020, from https://www.k12.com/. How School Closures Can Strengthen Your Family. What Ill provide below is a brief overview of some of the options for planning the work, starting with four considerations for doing so. If you would like to explore this option, a great start is to review your state on both the CRHE and HSLDA websites, start searching for local and regional homeschool associations (the HSLDA has a great resource for this, as well), and begin searching for curriculum options (which can come in fully pre-packaged curriculum options to fully customized curriculum that you pick and choose from resources on publishers sites and Amazon.com book sales, for example) (HSLDA, n.d.2). along their original path -, Note that for the convex mirror the reflected rays, Perhaps the most common everyday experience of a convex mirror Its also important to understand what is and what is not likely to happen in the next year curriculum and academic-wise and how that might impact you and your children. With everyone rushing around trying to figure out what they are going to do for the fall, it is important to also pause, step back, and consider how the plans you make for the fall fit into your future educational plans. Retrieved April 19, 2020, from https://www.roblox.com/, Wiess, S. R. (2020a). Trust that everyone is working toward a common goal, for example, is one type of trust. (n.d.). Just take one step at a time and focus on one goal at a time. So, what options are there? Best Kids Yoga Videos on YouTube. Retrieved April 19, 2020, from https://welltrainedmind.com/a/what-are-the-non-core-subjects/?v=7516fd43adaa, Common Sense Media (n.d.). Best of luck with this years educational adventures. (This is a big deciding factor that can save or cost you a lot of time and stress. Its challenging to ensure everyone is on the same page during a normal school year, but even more challenging during a global pandemic. Many of our kids had packed schedules of school, sports, and other activities, with barely enough time to grab a sandwich in the car for supper.

If you are teaching more than one child, you will need to decide, based on their ages, maturity levels and possibly reading levels, whether you need to plan separate work for each, or whether you can plan once and have them all working on the same work. Many state and local education-related publications have language that indicates that the notice of intent to homeschool and the portfolio reviews are required. Some states and districts are surveying parents to find out their comfort level with the options listed above (or others, depending on the state and district). These options are completed at a time and location of your convenience and have assigned teachers for all classes, as well as providing official transcripts and grades, just like on-ground/in-person school options.

(n.d.). (n.d.). On a sports team, each team member (player, coach, manager) has to understand their role in the teams success to be committed to being the best in that role that they possibly can, thus maximizing their contribution to the team and the teams progress toward that goal. 4) Ensure that roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and identify how each will be held accountable and how opportunities for improvements will be identified, evaluated, and implemented. Are you comfortable sending your children to school in the fall if they are physically opened for attendance? Are you comfortable sending your children to school in the fall, as long as CDC guidelines for schools are followed (CDC, 2020)? Hopefully, you have found this content helpful, and are on your way to planning a (relativelythey are our awesome kids, after all) calm, fun and enjoyable adventure educating your children at home while working. When trying to decide what is best, there are always multiple considerations. The one thing that all of those spaces had in common was a dedicated space to store all of our supplies and work. The fourth consideration is the schedule of the subjects you have selected to teach. The most effective approach I found was to create a basket of schoolwork for the toddler and let her choose her schoolwork from the basket. Game Reviews. You will need to decide, based on your family values and rules about electronics and screen time, your work schedule and flexibility, ages of your children, and learning preferences and styles, what modes are best for you for each student and each subject. (Also, in Connecticut, if your children were never enrolled in a public or private school, no notice of any kind needs to be filed. As part of a successful, high-performing and well-functioning team, we have to work together as a team toward common goals, just like a sports team or a project team in an organization. They already do for other meetings and for lunch, right? It is also very important to note, especially when you are reading and researching your options, that there are two extremes to the homeschooling debate or conversation, especially in Connecticut, but it is likely evident elsewhere, as well. Another point to consider is that you have every right to make the time spent educating your children as high a priority as any other meeting, so schedule it. The ability to have an open and honest discussion with their teacher, administrator, or even boss, is a skill that will only help them in their future. mirror KEY POINT: You do not have to replicate your full workday and the full school day, so give yourself a break and get rid of that expectation right away. Thats all any of us can do, and the only way we are going to figure out what will work is for everyone to be comfortable communicating and providing constructive feedback when things are not working. The first consideration is the age levels you are teaching. 30 Gratitude Games and Activities for Kids to Practice Thankfulness.

For example, one was created by E. Gilliam, and is accessible here: https://www.conferencecallbingo.net/blog with the printable version accessible directly here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xbwyrg21rbg79fj/conferencecallbingo.pdf?dl=0. When I started homeschooling and working from home, we had one preschooler and one toddler.

If you want more information prior to pursuing this option, your best bet is likely to reach out to the school or district directly for more information about what the portfolio review might look like, what kind of support and guidance you can expect from them, etc.

The two most commonly tested subjects in standardized testing tend to be math and language arts, so when we homeschooled, we put the most emphasis on these two subjects, integrating the others as appropriate and as possible.

The first major hurdle for the transition was figuring out what grade they should be in. We made a decision years ago to provide some independence and ownership of content decisions to our kids, specifically for movies, games, and apps. Retrieved April 19, 2020, from https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/, Montessori Northwest. Retrieved April 19, 2020 from https://grownandflown.com/soft-skills-for-teens/, Minecraft. Here are a few options, as examples: CDC. Florida is more strict, but does have umbrella schools that allow for smoother navigation of the requirements. You can choose to homeschool your children with you being the primary teacher (as opposed to distance-learning where you are assisting your children with work assigned by their teacher). If you have chosen to homeschool instead of opt into distance learning through your school, and the option is temporary, you may wish to file the notice of intent to homeschool and proceed to work closely with the school to ensure the smoothest transition back into the school when the time is right. is always smaller than the object. Smoothing the transition in our new reality. It is important to remain aware (and equally appreciative for any help they provide) that the schools and school districts are not required to assist homeschooling families, and that submitting an intent to withdraw (and/or an intent to homeschool) does have a direct impact on their budget, as they are funded on a per-student basis. These are all considerations when building a foundation of trust in a remote or distance learning team with all parties involved. To commit to common goals, everyone on the team has to be aware of the goals, understand why those goals are important, and be aware and accepting of their role in helping the team attain those goals. The second consideration is the subjects you wish to teach. For states who are planning in-person school options, many are still providing distance learning as an option, and homeschooling is always an additional option. (2020). To avoid things becoming disorganized, piling up, getting dirty during meals, etc., it is best to dedicate a shelf or whole bookshelf to the schoolwork, books and all related equipment. It will make your planning much easier and less stressful if you acknowledge right now that you are one person and cannot be an effective fulltime teacher for 8 hours and full time worker for 8 hours, nor do you need to be. Many other options exist, just be sure that you are accessing them through sites that you trust. 100 Things to Teach Your Teen While Youre Stuck at Home. Retrieved March 25, 2020, from https://nu.libguides.com/CommonCore/ccss_publishers.

(Parents, dont be jealousyou can make forts, tooand even take your conference call from inside your fort, if you want to.). Note that this option and how it is implemented differs greatly per state. (2019). Our toddler also participated, at an age-appropriate level, in virtual field trips, science experiments, and other educational activities with her sister.

Retrieved June 24, 2020, from https://hslda.org/content/orgs/, K12.com. Your child or children will be perfectly fine with a couple or a few hours of school-related work and other fun, educational activities while you focus on work. Kid-Safe Browsers and Search Sites. AnimalCams. (The first is required if choosing homeschooling and not purchasing a pre-packaged curriculum or enrolling your children in a full-time online school. that you will be bound by? It is also an opportunity for us to find ways for our kids to help around the house and to teach them new life skills that are no longer taught in schools. ), So, with this conflicting guidance and information, what should you do? (2020).

You can then try to save each others sanity by intermittently saying or doing the things you know are on the card, so that everyone has a chance to keep their kids engaged, but quiet (because shhhwe have to hear what is going on, so we dont miss out on a bingo square!). a car or truck, so much so that the "size" it appears tells you For those that had more meetings than others, I allocated the time for the meetings first, and then figured out what schoolwork I could fit in. In fact, they have created a launch page for the current times, accessible here: https://www.commonsensemedia.org/resources-for-families-during-the-coronavirus-pandemic, Common Sense Media. Parents need to be able to bring concerns to educators and administrators when things arent working for them and their children. schoolwork has to follow the school day/week schedule, the schoolwork has to only include academic subjects, the kids have to be working on academic work the entire time, socialization is an afterthought when homeschooling, the kids are responsible for schoolwork and parents need to continue all of the housework. These are legally optional. Focusonthefamily.com. The truth is that our kids (or any of us, for that matter) have never learned or gone to school (in person, hybrid or online) during a global pandemic.

In my personal opinion, consistency in accountability, especially for online learners, is fundamental to their success, I believe, but it takes everyone involved being on the same page to maintain an appropriate level of accountability.

Dr. C. L. Davis Just take a few deep breaths and enjoy the time you have with your kids, because they really do grow up so fast, and this pandemic and chaos will eventually pass. placed concave
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