PK ! ppt/slides/_rels/slide10.xml.rels lcvcLvabt>@GulJ`/^@'lw]AF~@^pOi Customer understanding should be a living, breathing part of everyday business, with insights underpinning the full range of banking operations. 3 7 ppt/slides/_rels/slide4.xml.relsj0wW3XR rsNS"DyB0pEV2f:z%L8;WV& ?][GLiK2Jry%QpO. &>(\47)`1sTBsEGju[/d5] B[z9jbvT5Hy/^d 8?ZYd K= 7 ! This dataset consists of 1 Million+ transaction by over 800K customers for a bank in India. The data contains information such as - customer age (DOB), location, gender, account balance at the time of the transaction, transaction details, transaction amount, etc. `Q ! rpubs <8 ppt/slides/_rels/slide7.xml.relsj1&J@>^llt>.d!zHf;Lr5dDif*6G2TDp0*fED6CkS u|~! Successfully established a clustering model which can categorize the customers of a renowned Indian bank into several distinct groups, based on their behavior patterns and demographic details. Segmenting customers data helps banks personalize customer experiences while enhancing and defining products making them quickly adapt to customer needs, habits and interests. A few attributes about one customer can match with another customer thereby helping banks better serve the segment of customers by predicting their wants and needs well in advance. YOX;9>o*uGg_{P]aP PK ! 0]&AD 8>\`\fx_?W ^a-+Mwj3zCa"C\W0#]dQ^)6=2De4b.eTD*}LqAHmc0|xp.8g.,),Zm> PK ! )@]v}}iIMY*QTN{l)"wzOsQMw"_AU`2YNi] #F+F26(2Pb,BWrZ\"kzhar"*>Licz.@Y|1]V jp c\# 7 ppt/slides/_rels/slide1.xml.relsj0=wW;,e)C>!mQ[:o1tx_?],(AC+lt>~n_'\08c 1\0JhA1Q!K-_I}4Qg{m^0xKO;-G*|ZY#@N5 PK ! ppt/slides/_rels/slide12.xml.relsN0HC;IW64 HmCSJRX\4?{}IETh{Z,D 0Myy~A1 !K 5?0q)L@c & _rels/.rels ( J140&?$Si3o77J`Y `O{'Gi/4"Rf=\Htr9^F\LLbk#-1d:$ZTh1 >f?$iPKc&3cFvmF^m{{xzc$anA#:3%!a!? As we accelerate into a digital world, the understanding of customers banking patterns online and segmenting them based on their preferences to predict and serve them banking services has become a top priority for banks worldwide. Customer segmentation is the process of dividing a customer dataset into specific groups based on shared traits. 5 ppt/slides/_rels/slide9.xml.relsj1@Alo|unB*8H{:Z9> . ppt/presentation.xmln0'"N48 BUeI&Du6: `&r;'cnsvT)7cPE_SHExAXiT/f*)WDamj+ A[" -ys8r+Rru:V "(3uMc3Q\$/J4aKV&RQxS)pNLP0r3?6HYcK;Q`a{bQ/'}|6q_m`C[rg?=EIkEegvkeJ~\#zQ>z^jlcA LOA](t9/:0yCxhyIiG&F1Q.Soy|]KHN~f PK ! Z1+BbA:5bzF Pu*FC(hf&49lk[=WcOPYO0|Q)GBB6+M$,u?^=Xy'-.%;& PK ! 0]&AD 8>\`\fx_?W ^a-+Mwj3zCa"C\W0#]dQ^)6=2De4b.eTD*}LqAHmc0|xp.8g.,),Zm> PK ! You signed in with another tab or window. According to a report from Ernst & Young, A more granular understanding of consumers is no longer a nice-to-have item, but a strategic and competitive imperative for banking providers. oKXdFzi$ sUp9u$1Y0$dd;ZL| 0]&AD 8>\`\fx_?W ^a-+Mwj3zCa"C\W0#]dQ^)6=2De4b.eTD*}LqAHmc0|xp.8g.,),Zm> PK ! Crucial Role of Customer Segmentation at Banks. ^a2yY}33&w]6 iNvoh%;LRA[}q*"S WOh PK ! No customer is obviously the same. n ppt/slides/_rels/slide6.xml.relsJ1nVi K= 7 ppt/slides/_rels/slide2.xml.rels d=Po PK ! This commit does not belong to any branch on this repository, and may belong to a fork outside of the repository. ppt/slides/_rels/slide11.xml.rels % qdL6j nJ:*2_K!A9I.RaZ3 B^Vv]a@5xsYxST)vo9{/ 1XvTkGjAT1PDIjVod\n;ouXVmxiI/ F'8Np$:itn|b/XiFFi79!2D0AjYXj"la>La?01)Lc

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