If they say, I want this room to be serene and calm, it's where I just want to read my book for three hours. Each element has its own story to tell, but they all come together harmoniously and just work. (Image credit: Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams), 8 things experts say you should never include in a nursery, Take a look in Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello's luxe Beverly Hills home, on sale for $19.6 million, The definitive source of style-setting inspiration, Every issue packed with gorgeous interior style and clever design ideas. by Zippy Guerin, Its hard not to be captivated by Brigette Romaneks creativity after connecting with her - if I could bottle up her magnetism and spray it all over a room, I would! Her homes are rooted in her eclectic style and confident colors, balanced with a mix of unexpected pieces, gorgeous material details, and functional designs. A vintage light in a room will always add elegance. Its a really creative communitythey allow for creative things to happen and they're accepting of it. You get to create, and you get to embrace and enhance someones life and give them something that makes them feel better. But I don't look at things and say it has to be this period. Speaking of movies, did you know the house also includes a swimming pool where the family likes to projects movies onto the wall? I can't tell you how often I've heard sellers admit that they went with "the color the Sherwin Williams guy suggested" and they didn't even test out a swatch on their wall (this is a HUGE designer no-no). You feel upset. Inside the living room, there is no shortage of space. The short answer is because most people are still going with grey walls and white trim. PR: Does that spacing come naturally to you, or is it meticulously planned? I made the look more playful by using all different colors and incorporating some of the new leathers theyve introduced. Frances Only Museum Dedicated to Medieval Art Unveils Seven-Year Overhaul, Discover the Most Memorable Moments from Capri Nomad 2022, Go Inside Peter Marinos Creative Universe, A Dazzling Survey of Christian Louboutins Career Sheds Light on His Artful Inspirations. Essential cookies are a website's basic form of memory, used to store the preferences selected by users. In this case, you might try. Most of them are $5 to $30there are a couple in there that are $100. A version of this article first appeared in print in our 2021 Spring Issue under the headline Portrait Perfect. Subscribe to the magazine. Favorite decorating trick?Focus on one piece and then plan and build around that piece to create the rest of the room. A blanket, fabric for chairs, or a sofa would be incredible. One of the greatest things my grandmother said to me, was the worst anyone can ever do is say no, and we've all heard that before. So, what is the best color to paint your home if you are selling? Brigette Romanek. What have you been keeping busy with during quarantine?Ive been busy with my girls and working my two favorites! Walls: Alabaster, Trim: Accessible Beige (both by Sherwin Williams) | Design: Chris Loves Julia. Walls: Figueroa Roman Clay, Trim: Piano Room (both by Portola Paints) | Design: Amber Interiors. {'analytics': 'OFF', 'advertising': 'OFF', 'third_party': 'OFF'}, A-List Designer Brigette Romanek On Living Boldly, Online Interior DesignHow To Hire A High-End Interior Designer For A Fraction Of The Price, 10 Fantastic (And Affordable!) From the bottom of my heart, thank you for shopping with me and leave me a comment below to let me know if you're enjoying your purchases! possibly because it has already been used. Living in a wonderful home in Laurel Canyon, filled with indoor trees, curved furniture and a sense of inviting sophistication, her home embodies her take on design. Im not always articulate, so if I were a client, Id probably be a frustrating one. Comfortable environments that sparkle with intelligence and wit seem to come naturally to the ever-talented, Los Angelesbased designer Brigette Romanek. Brigette Romaneks home is filled with so many different aspects that anyone can find something or some part of the house that they love. Sign up now for interior design inspiration, home decorating tips, and exclusive offers. Theyre women who keep going. Photo: COURTESY OF THE INVISIBLE COLLECTION, Pacha lounge chair from Gubi; gubi.com. People are going, I haven't been paying attention and now I am. Covid has made it more important. But then you got to get up and say, alright, how do I keep going from here. Its all of it. Sign up now for beautiful design inspiration, tips, and special offers in your inbox. But upstairs in her bedroom, Romanek is testing out her inside voice. The lights are 1960s Italian, the mirrored chest is a 70s Paul Evans piece and then on top of it all, the incredible and classic Schumacher wallpaper. You have been logged out.

Lets create a movie all the way through, each room a different scene, but theres a thru-line. I think of it as a place to find items that are well crafted, really beautiful, and oftentimes unusual in the best sense of the word. She transformed what was once a simple space into what she calls my own sort of cocoon, my safe place and my place of gratefulness.. Therefore, you could argue that white is actually the most timeless shade of paint there is. It was my mommy. All rights reserved. Get ready to fall in love with FREDERIC! But as designers, we do that from the very, very beginning, and it's something I think about for each and every design since I've started. Chris Love Julia did their home in Sherwin William's Alabaster on the walls, and accessible beige on the trim. Your living rooms always seem to be placed so perfectly that I notice the air between the pieces as much as the pieces themselves. BR: Im almost overwhelmed when it comes to colors right now! Her home, rife in color, mood and texture establishes Romaneks style as both fearless and endlessly luxe. Delivered to your door three times a year, our covetable print magazine is a must-read for anyone who is discerning about design. And let's make it live. I walk into this room and its just so joyous. Then I put these stories in front of me, I live with them for a bit, and then if Im loving them, I present them to the client. The walls, floor, and ceiling is all covered in Calacatta gold marble. Chairish.com makes it fun and easy for design lovers to buy and sell vintage furniture and decor to one another. But I love interior design. It's about materials and its about fabricsthere are performance fabrics, there are perennials. One of the other things I love about your decor is the light that shines though each room. The result is stunning! Mindfulness is sort of this buzzword. Romanek has been featured in many major design publications, and now we are beyond excited to have her on #ALLCOOPEDUP. What colors are you into at the moment that achieve this? LA-based designer Brigette Romanek is known for her relaxed yet glamorous decor. Thats where I base everything from. I moved around so much as a kid, home became my safety space and an exhale space. To go along with her recent Chairish curation, Romanek took time to share some of her handy tricks of the trade, from the classic print shes vetting for a comeback to why youll never find her skimping on a rooms area rug. Hey friend! There was trust and understanding and acceptance of the artistry of it all. Introducing the Prince of Prints, John Robshaw, Simple Formulas for Decorating with Bold Color, No-Stress Tips for Choosing the Perfect Desk, Stay Cool! Classic Room Designs NOW $199. Before you put any pieces together, get a floor plan, and lay your furniture out in terms of their dimensions. It's a little trick of the eye. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Thats everything. It's the perfect all-around white and will look calming and even slightly creamy in a darker home. Bolster on sofa in, The 1970s mirrored cabinet by Paul Evans is a muscular perch for ethereal branches. The Best Paint Color for Selling your Home, If your home is older, it most likely has smaller windows and lacks a ton of natural light. Curtains and Roman shades in, Give Your Room a New Angle with Stripes on the Bias, Tour a Parrish ChilcoatDesigned House in Memphis Inspired by Natures Hues, Take a Peek Inside Jewelry Designer Brent Neales Bag. San Francisco, CA 94104. Your weekly dose of design, courtesy of the creative minds at Frederic. When the design house Schumacher heard she was considering a redo of her Los Angeles bedroom, they proposed a challenge: to create a space applying her edgy and eclectic sensibility using their most recent collections. What's one design trend you hope stays behind in 2021? Photo: Courtesy of Christopher Farr, Split sofa by Emmanuelle Simon; theinvisiblecollection.com. Favorite project in your portfolio (and why you love it)?I honestly love every project. BR: I always like to do plans, and Id say this to anyone. Why should a coffee table be rectangular? I take in the soul of the house, the way it was built, the history, all of that.

Its great, because they are really using their homes and feeling and experiencing them in a new way thats sometimes pleasing to them, and at other times informative. What Are the Pros and Cons of a Reclaimed Brick Kitchen Backsplash? Let me know in the comments! Privacy Policy, Its a dream of mine to own a portrait by. Walls: Simply White, Trim and Millwork: Baby Fawn (both by Benjamin Moore) | Design: Content + Co. Grey is out. BR: It begins with a conversation about textures and colors, and finding the harmony between the two. I created a bathroom in Malibu that, because of its skylights, I was able to do in bottle green, which enhanced the sense of nature beyond.

She has also created schemes for Beyonce and has recently designed furniture for Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams. See how this interview with Brigette inspired the lavender bedroom trend other top designers are embracing too.

Finding the best designer there could be for you and your projects all based on whether theyre lighter or darker, I think that's absolutely outrageous. Now one of Los Angeles buzziest designers and part of Architectural Digests AD 100 list, it boggles the mind a bit to learn that Romanek, a Chicago transplant, is entirely self-taught. Every product I share is something I love and, in many cases, is something I've bought for either myself or for clients. Theres a library, a plant-filled sunroom, and even a playroom for children that contains a tiny rock climbing wall! Keeping my eyes open, travel, colleagues, speaking to people who view things differently. I landed in interiors organically, but it's all part and parcel of the same thingI'm wanting to enhance one's way of life. Suite 1250 Do you have a favorite go-to white paint you love to use? Favorite piece of art you own: My birthday cards from my children. Thanks for signing up! Please log in again! Shop our expert curation of exclusive and diverse inventory with 1,000+ new arrivals daily. My grandmother, my mother, my aunt Joyce, Nina Simone, Stacey Abrams. I told you Im an eclectic one! Is positive energy still something you think about? BR: If your weather can lend itself to looking a bit heavy, find a white paint with a blue undertone. I'm trying to create spaces that are very intentional, very curated, that lift you up. And we just laughed the whole time. Note that passwords are case-sensitive and can't be less than 5 characters. As my own client, I am a testament to that. Romanek responded by making a surprisingly quiet sanctuary. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, Enter your account email and we'll send you a link to reset your {$ data.message|cutFilter:true:170:'' $}.

Aptly named, this shade it is a go-to for many designers. The sofa is a brand-new design and the patchwork leather daybed comes from the 1970s. What is very fitting is that Mark Romanek is a director. You feel devastated. Gwyneth has become like my sister. When I walked into this room after the wallpaper was up and all of the furniture and textures were in, I thought, Now the last layer, accessories! Follow Melina on Instagram, Contemporary Houses HOME INTERIORSApril 9, 2020. Photo: Courtesy of The Invisible Collection, Barth stool by Le Berre Vevaud; theinvisiblecollection.com. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The host of Livingetc's podcast Home Truths, Pip has also published three books - his most recent, A New Leaf, was released in December 2021 and is about the homes of architects who have filled their spaces with houseplants. I hate to sound cringy. Favorite way to add drama to a room: Flowers. Then I went into the creative arena, which was another way to engage with people. That way, your eye travels to lots of different areas and each one feels like its own little world. If your home is older, it most likely has smaller windows and lacks a ton of natural light. In this case, you might try Simply White by Benjamin Moore. It's all about what my clients tell me they are looking for.

I love a beautiful great velvet. Because, before they just come home from work and then they leave again. I design with eclecticism in mind. But I say, see color and embrace it, and realize that there are groups of people who haven't been seen but deserve to be seen. I love yellows and rusts and pale greens with muted blues. This is fitting because the house has a den that shares a design to something that you would see inside a movie. I have 30 vases on a table. Watching a movie while sitting in a pool seems like a great way to pass the time. Sometimes these homes require full renovations and sometimes it's just furnishings, but there is one thing the have in common: they need new paint! Saying that it looks amazing would be one of the biggest understatements you could make. That's what I love to do. Its a blank canvas and I treat it like my laboratory that is constantly evolving with finds I cant let go. She found her way into design serendipitously while outfitting her own home and those of friends. Interior designer Brigette Romanek, of Romanek Design Studio, recalls the decorating of a friends Malibu home as being her first interior design project. It really did change the way I went on to decorate. I'll admit, she is one of my design heroes. I wish people could do that! Additionally, in general people aren't picking shades of paint that are complimentary to their home. To be able to help Gwyneth, who works so hard, does so much, and is always giving out, it was nice to realize a place where she can exhale and share with her family. Its like asking me who my favorite child is! In each room, I take a jumping-off point. It was a dusty rose, yellow and lavender room. It started with the wallpapera chinoiserie panel, Brighton Pavilion. The result is a visual purr. I also think its about using organic shapes, introducing an asymmetry that is unexpected and pleasing to the eye. She talks in a gentle way but with passion about how decor can be done well to make you feel better, and she is so warm that I can't help but be swept along on the crest of her ideas. The sofa started the whole conversation in the living room. I speak through my designs, so I cant always find my words. Now they're experiencing their space, so their level of mindfulness is elevated. This home interior is something to fall in love with and all-inclusive. We're all in this together. While paint colors follow trends just like anything else in the design world, white paint has been used on the walls in museums for millenia. Her work is always stunning and innovative, often pairing unexpected elements together that feel fresh and inspirational. Below, we chat with Romanek about designing for Gwyneth, her personal creative journey, and racial representation within the design industry now. In my head, that was a way to help people who are having problems. It also forces people to take looks at themselves and how they view things. Its just a room with a lot of plants, and it makes me happy. This look that, which I'm loving absolutely loving right now, pairs a beautiful, creamy white wall with a beige or greige trim. With the addition of lounge chairs, the living room appears to be one of the best rooms to spend your time in. OG designer Amber Lewis did a similar look in her home. You can do this by looking at the space between them and the shapes in the air around your furniture. And then I came up with the story that I loved. Keep an eye on your inbox for your exclusive offer. Whether youre looking to revamp your current kitchen with a few Much ado has been made about the home office desk in the past few 2022 Chairish, Inc. All rights reserved. I take in all of it. Her ability to sync visual extravagance with fixed function has resulted in a diverse portfolio, ranging from Hollywood chateaux to Malibu bungalows and see-and-be-seen-style eateries. Favorite place to splurge and favorite place to dial it back?I always have to splurge on an area rug. Los Angeles, curves and old Hollywood. I hope to see theyre given a chance based on their work. Chicago-born, LA-based interior designer Brigette Romanek in her dreamy bedroom reimagined by none other than herself. Although grey walls and white trim are out, the reverse of that is actually really beautiful and feels like a throwback to a traditional English cottage. Imagine all of the fun times theyve had. But one look at her Laurel Canyon home (shared with her husband, filmmaker Mark Romanek, and their two daughters) proves that unconventional is Romaneks MO. How have you shifted to working from home / remotely? Favorite paint color: Elephants Breath by Farrow and Ball. I learn, I challenge myself and hope everybody makes me a better designer. Visit our corporate site. Although my clients come to me from all walks from of life and at all different stages of their projects, far and away the most common call I get is from families who have just moved into a new home. The biggest risk was a color combo that could have gone terribly wrong.

You can really work and do and be whatever your heart desires, as long as you want to work hard enough. So I really work to be mindful of every piece and why it existsthe materials, the pitch on a chair or sofa, it's all part of that conversation. Favorite local flea market/vintage hunting ground:Melrose Ave. Chairish is the design lover's indispensable online source for chic and unique decor, art, furniture and home decorating inspiration. Interior designer Brigette Romanek has won over clients like Beyonce and Gwyneth Paltrow by taking bold risks. Photo: Ye Rin Mok. Same with making handbagsit made women feel good and pretty. Thats a great question. Good design should result in a space that you can love for years and years. With so many things like the marble tile floor and the modern but simple staircase, you might not even notice the chandelier thats right above your head. When you do music and people like it, they feel better and they feel invigorated. 465 California Street That's what I hope happens, that it gets to a place where it's all fair, it's all equal, and it's based on the integrity of the work. Livingetc is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. I really love what Ive chosen to do for my career. I kept these smaller pieces at my studio with favorite things that I havent used yet. They shared some new fabrics and sent tons of samples. PR: How would you set about creating a scheme that fills the visitor with good vibes? What Does your Bedroom Color Say About You? If you haven't already guessed it's drumroll pleasewhite! As the name implies, they are essential to the website's functionality and cannot be disabled. Its elevated comfort, done with Romaneks assertive touch, and its what has captivated such clients as Beyonc, Demi Moore, and Gwyneth Paltrow among others. The Best Shower Doors Options for Your Bathroom, How To Create The Perfect Industrial Bathroom, The New Southern Style: The Interiors of a Lifestyle and Design Movement, Best Ways To Achieve a Scandinavian Studio Apartment Interior Design Style, Artful and Collected Style With a Signature Sense of Laid Back Luxury, 69 Fabulous Gray Living Room Designs To Inspire You, Coffee Bar Ideas: 40 Ways To Create The Best Coffee Station, Amazing Greek Interior Design Ideas (40 Images). Its a dream of mine to own a portrait by Amoako Boafo, says the designer. Photo: Courtesy of 1stDibs, Adegio sculpture by Nicholas Shurey; gardeshop.com. If you take away one piece of advice from this blog, let it be that you ditch the outdated grey-walls-and-white-trim and opt to paint your home white instead. I now think about energy more than ever - Ive seen it with clients and with myself. She was recently in the spotlight for having completed the interior design on her friend Gwyneth Paltrow's modern home. Heres why you can trust us. How can we bring that look to climes that don't have so much sun and dimensions that aren't as lofty? It turned out gorgeous and bold and chic! There is a conviviality to the way curves interact that you dont get from lines. Melina Divani is the owner and creator of Decoholic.org. The sunlight piercing through the windows adds gives the living an overall vibrant feeling. Its a simple thing that makes me feel inspired and hopeful. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, Bath BA1 1UA. Walls: Simply White, Trim and Millwork: Baby Fawn (both by Benjamin Moore) | Design: If you're ready to embrace the whitest white out there. Interior Design is her infinite passion without stop. A chinoiserie wallpaper unifies the architecture of the room, blending away angles and creating a cocoon-like feeling. The best way I can put it is I learn to speak the science of each client. Romaneks bedroom before the transformation. The editor of Livingetc, Pip Rich (formerly Pip McCormac) is a lifestyle journalist of almost 20 years experience working for some of the UK's biggest titles.

Consider a rooms surroundings first. I believe with all my heart that were enhanced by our surroundings, and if I can bring beauty into peoples lives then that creates good feelings. this work hanging in a 1940s wood-paneled den, where you can be pulled in and enveloped by the experience.. The pieces you choose need to create no conflict with each other, to flow. I sat on the floor in my living room for days refining my selections. A home for Gwyneth Paltrow that Im in love with. Getting to pull in these pieces that Ive had and lovedit felt almost like they were destined. Does that make sense? Some people have said, I don't see color. Favorite design risk youve ever taken?The decision to renovate my home in Laurel Canyon was a huge risk. Nervy navy. Check back here to view messages from designers about your projects. If you get the ability to travel seamlessly through a space right, the stars align and youll make as few mistakes as possible. It was amazing. This contrast-trim look pairs especially well in homes with light flooring. Favorite pattern (and how you love to use):Houndstooth. If I'm representation to people of color to live their dreams or do what they want to do, then I'm right here. If I can help bring some comfort or peace to a client, Im happy. Even if you change out a piece or change a fabric, the crux of whats great is still there. Our shop exclusively features curator-approved treasures in a full-service and trustworthy environment. But after really mixing and playing with the fabrics for a few days, then putting them down, and then looking again with fresh eyes, we loved it and went for it. Oh, it was everything. You have the option to choose which types of cookies to allow below. Brigette Romanek exudes the gracious warmth of someone who has lived and embraced lifes lessons. Now that your clients are home more, are there decor items or projects that youre hearing them request, like more art or better lighting or more functional home office setups?Yes! Fearless fuchsia. Sign up to receive the best in art, design, and culture from Galerie, 2022 Hudson One Media, LLC. It's also a place where you could say to someone, Yeah, what I do for a living is blow balloons and stand on the corner and twirl around 15 times, and people go, Cool. I appreciate Los Angeles for that. carmeon daybed bakerfurniture

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