Jeffrey J Haan can be found on facebook 2020 has been a year of many unexpected events, but through it all, it has given me a chance to learn more about myself. Sports can be a big part of our lives and we can learn many things from them. Keywords: Hope, legacy, purpose, biography The importance of friendship East Greenwich High School. Are regrets in your future? Also, I reflect on my ability and plans to achieve my goals. Then I take a look at where I want to go with it; what I hope to accomplish and what I want for the future. I also mock Jeff Bezos. Mr. Kenney's 10th-grade Humanities class. Recorded June 2020 by Clyde Kelly For more information governing permitted and prohibited uses, please review BeenVerified's We have a discussion of our opinions on the matter and why we feel the way we do. Why students should not have homework, recorded by Ryan D'Amico. Kindness is powerful, recorded by Sophia Clarke. East Greenwich High School. Sam brought along poster boards he made of family pictures and timelines that explained the groups connections, a genealogy art project writ large. Keywords: Kanye, Influential, GOAT, Music Sam thought through his family tree. Mr. Kenney's 10th-grade Humanities class. Keywords: nature, regret Keywords: Forgiveness EGHS Humanities October 2019. EGHS Humanities November 2019. I talk about the effect of social media on teens. Recorded June 2020 by Anderson O'Brien Written and recorded in November 2020 by Robert Sprague. My Reflection on Current Events The Best Time of Year

Why Sailing Is An Amazing Sport, recorded by John Salvator. EGHS Humanities November 2019. Keywords: Social media Obsessive Compulsion Disorder Mr. Kenney's Humanities Class. Dreams can come true with hard work and perseverance He wasnt Jewish at all. Jeff had grown up in Michigan, and one of Sams now-deceased first cousins had lived in Michigan. The revelation, Dave said, was awkward. He didnt know how he could help this stranger who had shown up looking for his relatives. I get it, we are all very different and have different views, but that does not mean we have to be disrespectful to one another because of those differences. I go over many ways in which I view the world and how I choose to see society and humanity as a whole. However, that should not be the goal.

Keywords: "Sports" "exercise" He was born on Mar 17, 1964. I believe in education Written and recorded in November 2020 by John Salvator. The example I used was Obsessive Compulsion Disorder. Human nature - Bad or Good EGHS Humanities November 2019. Written and recorded in November 2020 by Mara Oancea. This value of not being able to change what is already coming is very important to remember in our day to day life. East Greenwich High School - Mr. Kenney's Humanities class. But using hope and appreciating what we have, improvement is possible. I also talked about my last podcast and how my views have changed since then. Written and recorded in November 2020 by Ben Minto. Mr. Kenney's 10th-grade Humanities class. Mr. Kenney's Humanities Class. A dog is the perfect companion and playmate for only children. Keywords: Gift, empathy, understanding, people Mr. Kenney's 10th-grade Humanities class.

Working Hard or Hardly Working? Nature and humankind share many common resources which are essential for the survival of both. Written and recorded in November 2020 by Evan Berthiaume. East Greenwich High School. Judged by the Internet, Not by a Court - Alexandra L. My podcast describes the flaws of social media and how judgement can impact others. Mr. Kenney's 10th-grade Humanities class. Keywords: Now, Do what you want, Live Eva Reign stepped onto the set of " Anything's Possible " for the first time almost exactly a year ago. Keywords: Why humans need to help our ecosystem regrow. Recorded June 2020 by Emily Golding Jeff Haan had never wanted for a loving family. In hard times, having a reason to keep climbing is not easy, but both powerful and empowering.

East Greenwich High School. Why living in a cabin in the woods would be beneficial. East Greenwich High School. Keywords: Ideas, Thoughts, Beliefs East Greenwich High School. If this link does not work for you, you can also use FB directory Keywords: Domino, relationships, impact, hindsight This I Hope - Jillian Lake Keywords: Sisters, Siblings, Friendships, Sisterhood, Bonds Mr. Kenney's 10th-grade Humanities class. It draws upon different experiences and ties the skills learned their skills I used every day to communicate. Mr. Kenney's 10th-grade Humanities class. I believe in doubt, recorded by Isabelle Gelzhiser. Mr. Kenney's 10th-grade Humanities class. Keywords: hikes, movies, baseball, family. Keywords: self-love, love, happiness, positivity, mindset, attitude, self-esteem, rice, rice experiment The power of Sports, recorded by Will Erickson. After all, theyd had a relationship with each other for a while. I discuss why my perspective on death can be highly beneficial to go about my daily life. Keywords: vaping, nicotine products, e-cigs, banning, flavored, Trump I Hope to Keep Striving to be Better In this podcast I talk about how I've grown over the year and my one ultimate hope for myself is as I move forward. Keywords: everything, happens, challenges My podcast is about learning to love once again. All of them found out something unexpected: They are related. I go over certain artists he has inspired, his discography, and his influence on people who are not artists themselves. Mentally and physically, happiness will cause you to thrive without knowing it. Holding on to Hope, recorded by Kendall S. Holding on to Hope East Greenwich High School. We tracked how four people who had never met each other found out via their DNA that they were family.

I hope my words help you understand why dance is in fact a sport, and why it has been argued about by so many people. I also self-reflect on myself from the past, to the present time now. Keywords: Habits, Practice, Schedule Karen had suspected the truth, but didnt know for certain until after her father died. Mr. Kenney's 10th-grade Humanities class. So, who is out there? Keywords: sports, confidence, adrenaline, goals, win Keywords: "Friend", "friendliness", "alone", "happy" East Greenwich High School.

Time, Value, and Improvement, recorded by Nolan K. Time, Value, and Improvement

I reflect on the decisions of Randy Pausch, Elie Wiesel, and Jean Valjean. December 2019. East Greenwich High School. Adaptation as Seen in Society Today Written and recorded in November 2020 by Madison Hinrichs. I talk about personal growth, along with learning more about your worth and impact on others, and how it is okay and valid to speak your mind when necessary. A guy stopped by today from Rhode Island, said his stepmother, and he thinks that he might be your dads son.. East Greenwich High School. Students in Mr. Kenney's collaborative class discuss Edgar Allen Poe. This podcast was reflection of my past in which I have found my value of friendship and family in my life that I will live by until the day I die. A reflection on the power and privilege of childhood dreams.

This I Hope EGHS Humanities November 2019. Keywords: #religion #toxic #beautiful #God Written and recorded in November 2020 by Sudishma Acharya. No one will ever care about you in the way you think (and worry) they do- and that's great! In this podcast, I discuss why humans are inherently evil, and why that doesn't matter. I believe the time is now. That was really heartwarming, Dave said. I explain no matter how bad circumstances are we should be able to grow and move forward. EGHS Humanities October 2019. Written and recorded in November 2020 by Julia Erickson. I started off by talking a bit about this past year's experiences and quarantine and how I feel about it. After a lifetime of not knowing for sure, he finally took the AncestryDNA test in October 2015. Keywords: spirituality paganism catholicism catholic Christian lucifer occult witchcraft satan mythology devil theology Why I cannot wait for the sun to go down. In this podcast, I summarize the past year while reflecting on everything that has gotten me to this moment. No Note is Wrong I talk about how one good friend can be a reliable resource to people. EGHS Humanities October 2019. Browse our public records directory to see Jeffrey's age, current and past home addresses, mobile phone numbers, email addresses, and known relatives. Feminism- The Power of Choice, recorded by Julia Erickson. The Power of Sports, recorded by Ava Gallonio. Keywords: "political show", "people's motives", "laws" East Greenwich High School. East Greenwich High School. East Greenwich High School Mr. Kenney's Humanities class. EGHS Humanities November 2019. Recorded June 2020 by Abby Clarke Recorded June 2020 by Gianna Musella Mr. Kenney's 10th-grade Humanities class. Grades won't determine my success- the way I choose to handle difficult situations and overcome challenges will. Even when I feel like I'm not that good at running or struggle to participate in class, I remind myself of this philosophy and take small successes as they come. We discuss our happiest memories of our lives. EGHS Humanities October 2019. In this podcast, I outline how I feel humanity as a whole should act when dealing with nature, and all the organisms within it. in Cornelius, North Carolina. Keywords: parents, children, freedom

Recorded June 2020 by Cooper Varone EGHS Humanities October 2019. This podcast is about how being positive can change anything. I Hope Podcast I talk about the heart-wrenching breaking of routines and the overwhelming sensation of fear for not knowing what the future has to hold. Keywords: Experiences, lessons learned, writing EGHS Humanities November 2019. He says, Yes, we had an affair at a motor court every Friday night for six months. So Many Things East Greenwich High School. We cannot guarantee the accuracy, correctness and/or timeliness of the data. Keywords: Suppression, Media, rights, Constitution, Constitutional, Freedom Mr. Kenney's 10th-grade Humanities class. Jeffrey has stayed in four cities, including Grand Rapids, MI and Allendale Charter Township, MI. Recorded June 2020 by Brady Watson Working out is very important to me so I figured it might be important to other people as well. How does the Doctrine of the Mean play a part in today's society? A Healthy Learning Environment - Kendall S. My podcast focuses on the importance of a healthy and safe learning environment where one is excited and encouraged to learn and apply themselves. East Greenwich High School. Mr. Kenney's 10th-grade Humanities class. Keywords: hope, world, violence, injustice, illness, darkest night, sunrise I believe that the Christmas Season is the best time of year. Recorded by Matthew M. Dot, Dot, Dot Finding joy and happiness in things that you love to do and surrounding yourself with amazing people are things that can have amazing impacts on mental health.

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