They are just a few clicks away. Open source product analytics, self-hosted or in the cloud. Mental Fitness is rapidly emerging as a new Physical Fitness area, and the founders believe a huge global brand will be built in this space. Lenmo is a mobile app that facilitates peer-to-peer lending by connecting borrowers looking for a small loan with investors willing to grant it. Currently, the solutions are used by cannabis dispensaries across the USA, but the technology is compatible with other retailers as well.

The company has raised over $63 million in funding from prominent investors including CRV, Caffeinated Capital, Freestyle Capital, Data Collective, Founder Collective, CrunchFund, and Box Group. 12 min read, 21 Dazzling Examples of Mobile App UI Design to Inspire You in 2022, Adam Baazy Krome Photos is a fast and affordable creative photo editing and design service that can be used by small and medium businesses to advertise their products online and expand their digital presence. Founder/ CEO:Loris Degioanni,Suresh Vasudevan. The next startup on our list is a very attractive proposition for business sales teams. Provides payment infrastructure for Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

Some of them have only just launched; others are much more mature. Dawid Karczewski

Working in a whole spectrum of technologies, Build Sophisticated Marketing with Hubspot, Your bi-weekly collection of hottest tech news, 60 Mind-blowing San Francisco Startups to Watch Closely, Incs list of 5,000 fastest-growing private companies, only 24% of millennials are financially literate, Your Starter Guide to Developing a Winning MedTech Software Product, The State of Central & East Europe IT Outsourcing and Offshoring Report, The Business Side Of iOS Mobile App Development, Implementing Artificial Intelligence In Your Business, JavaScript: The Definitive Guide For Entrepreneurs and Product Owners, Choosing React Native For Your Mobile Tech Stack. zGlue is a Silicon Valley company offering an innovative platform for building quality, secure custom chips on demand. Share your thoughts with us and tell us which of these top San Francisco startups has inspired you to pursue your business idea throughweb and mobile development.

HoneyBook, a multi-platform client management system, centralizes and automates critical business processes to cut the time needed for admin work.

Technology-enabled asset manager providing ESG-focused investments. The founder wants to change that. Congrats to the Fastest Growing Companies in Silicon Valley for 2022. With hundreds of early-stage and mature startup businesses, a steady flow of talent, and world-leading venture investors and business accelerators, the San Francisco Bay Area remains Americas gold mine for tech startup innovation. They are developing a range of digital and physical products that improve mental health and alleviate some of the most important mental health problems of today (anxiety, depression, insomnia and stress). Enabling developers to build and run applications in the cloud. Another company that can support automotive brands through its products is Xapix. The mobile app uses data analytics to determine the optimal way to pay down debt and makes tracking and managing multiple cards hassle-free. Payment operations tools for money movement. Southeast Asias e-commerce logistics and enablement platform, Plug-and-play cashier-less retail powered by computer vision and AI, The space infrastructure services company. The platform helps engineering and DevOps teams release apps in production much faster by using machine learning to evaluate deployment quality, capture issues and errors, and roll back failed deployments. The team brings the experience of building and scaling products used by millions of people across Google, Facebook, Salesforce, Microsoft, Dropbox, and other leading technology companies. Business and self-development and psychology enthusiast. Medication & support to beat opioid addiction from home. Furniture rental for people and businesses. Whats interesting, to ensure fast service, Krome uses a proprietary AI-driven platform that instantly assigns submitted photos to experienced editors across the globe. The toolkit includes all elements such as design layout, brand colors, and typography, that a startup needs to build a consistent experience across all channels of communication with its customers. The only observability and data platform built exclusively for mobile. Seamless restaurant operations. They have created a new approach to banking that does not rely on commissions or profits from member failures or mistakes. Even so, less than half of Americans have saved enough to retire. Looking for a specific type of business support service? Earlier this year, Brightloomstruck a deal with Starbucks. The platform can be hosted locally or in the cloud. To use the service, customers pay a low base rate, and then a small fee charged depending on how much they drive. Apollo is the foundation of your entire go-to-market strategy. Overall, the solution seeks to become a more economical and convenient alternative to traditional banking.

You will be part of a team of proven leaders who have made billions of dollars in fintech. This web and mobile marketplace connects hosts with campers all around the U.S., allowing them to list a site, browse and discover available opportunities, and book campsites and tents. The management platform for the short term rental industry. Titan is the "Fidelity for millennials and Gen Z.

The platform monitors millions of containers across hundreds of customer organizations to provide their IT professionals with in-depth visibility into systems and containers. The virtual account has no minimum balance, deposits, or fees, and its compatible with all existing accounts in traditional banks. Were excited to share the 2022 YC Top Companies. Each month, the city is breeding new companies determined to resolve issues ranging from custom chip design, through retail space optimization, to cryptocurrency banking. Figma is a collaborative design tool that aims to bring similar experiences to Adobe, with the difference that Figma is a web ecosystem. Next on our list is a free branding web service that uses a proprietary data algorithm to generate a complete brand toolkit for aspiring entrepreneurs and early-stage businesses, based on a simple questionnaire. No one will understand the challenges of a budding startup like another startup. The system is available in the web and mobile versions. Open source tools of modern distributed systems.

The platform brings together all aspects of teamwork, including chat, project calendar and tracking system, roadmap display, and other functionalities to create a company-wide hub of collaboration. Tribyl is an AI-powered sales coach that helps sales representatives improve their skills and create greater value for the specific industries and use cases they serve. By extending a universal language interface, the company offers AI agents that can resolve complex requests with clarity and speed. A modern payment processing platform focused on government agencies. What sets Vivoo apart is that this SF startup suggests meal plans for its customers based on their urinary sample analysis. Robert Krajewski

Visibility and analytics for software development leaders. Remember Netradyne from our San Diego list? Human Interest offers innovative solutions to huge problems: In 2015, US pension assets totaled $ 25 trillion. The company sends customers a package containing urinary strips. 6 min read, Disruptive Startups from San Diego to Add to Your Innovation Watchlist, The Hottest Silicon Valley Industries And Startups, Denver Startups That Take Center Stage in Tech Spotlight. Founder/ CEO:Yuteng Cao,Chuan Yu,Sean Zhu. Founder/ CEO:Daniel Barber,Earl Hathaway,Ignacio Zendejas. The product is aimed to lead the commercialization of self-driving technology and provide customers with self-driving moving space that is flexible and customizable. Customizable beauty for hair, skin, and body care products. Cheese and dairy products from plant-derived dairy proteins.

On-demand delivery and financial services for Latin America. They are creating a blockchain protocol to fundamentally change the way financial products are created and used. Customer communication and payments platform. You can learn more about it in the. There are a few productivity management apps on our list, but Veamly is uniquely positioned to help engineers become more efficient. Airtable is an independent privately-owned company headquartered in San Francisco.

Your all-in-one digital platform for trade across the Americas, Precision medicine for Africans and the global population. Patrycja is a B2B Marketing Expert with experience in growing IT businesses since 2014. Connecting stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem. 3D printing beautiful, high-quality, and sustainable homes. The AI-powered toolkit comes with iOS and Android apps to help rental companies, dealer groups, cities, and private fleets optimize the use of their carsharing services and streamline fleet management. Compound is a wealth manager for people who work at tech companies. The story of HoloAsh is a personal one. The user-friendly app features a host of financial services and even allows users to borrow cash to cover their expenses. The app contains up-to-date information on thousands of charging points in the vicinity and provides information on charger availability and compatibility with a given car. Founder/ CEO: Alex Tew, Michael Acton Smith. Platform to grow your barbershop and maximize profitability. Hipcamp is Airbnb for camping aficionados. Ridecell operates in the shared mobility space across Europe and North America, offering a High-yield Shared Mobility toolkit comprising intelligent software, business services, and ecosystem partners. Public safety operating system disrupting the status quo. Creators and creatives around the world use Airtable for everything from livestock tracking to movie making, and they've got a lot to say.

A Super app for car owners to save money on car expenses. And their mission is to make the world a happier and healthier world with the superpower Calm. Collaborative hub for customer communication. Metromile leverages its AI-based claims system to facilitate claims processing and extends its innovative platform to insurers around the world to provide them with integrated, data-driven customer experience and fraud detection capabilities.

The States Title family of companiesdevelops a range of solutions aimed at facilitating escrow for lenders, agents, and homebuyers.

The company offers to join a culture and environment that encourages you to do your best work - a place to be inspired, appreciated, transcended, and teamwork on the issues that matter most to their clients. Chime is the leading US mobile bank account designed to help people avoid fees, automatically save money, and improve their finances. The first global network for recurring payments. We're Robinhood for pre-IPO startups. The API easily integrates with any communication system, including SMS, mobile push, email, and chat.

The solution leverages machine intelligence to automatically and continuously scan thousands of API endpoints across the enterprise and identify privilege escalation vulnerabilities and unauthorized access to resources, which remain undetected for conventional security applications. Legacy helps you test, improve, and freeze your sperm.

A furniture brand creating award winning, innovative designs. What Are The Best Frontend Frameworks To Use In 2022? Their mission is to democratize software development by allowing anyone to create software tools that meet their needs. Expa is a team of experienced founders and entrepreneurs who seek new startup opportunities and share their knowledge, know-how, and experience in business strategy, UX, branding, and networking to help the next generation of business owners thrive and prosper.

The system provides simple APIs allowing software developers to integrate with credit card issuers quickly and without hassle, and add any reward program to their e-commerce payment system. Despite heavy competition from blossoming innovation hubs like San Diego or LA, The Fog City remains Americas breeding ground for innovation.

Wise offers a similar product to Beam, but it targets small businesses. Thanks to features such as cross-application search, priority sorting, and user reports, Veamly makes it easy for developers to stay focused.

API for global consumer credit information. Professional help was often not available or high-priced.

All outbound messages can be created from a single place and then forwarded to the desired channels.

Jasper is a leader in creating content using Artificial Intelligence. Since the project has become a game-changing home gym that tracks your movements and improves your fitness. It has built an orchestration platform for digital mobility services that enables direct interaction between various existing systems using a simple drag-and-drop interface. Founder/ CEO:Sanjeev Somani,Saurabh Saxena. Modern Fertility is an at-home fertility test for women who aren't. Our operations software makes it easier to run--and grow--your cafe. The platform for building and operating time series applications. Mainstream supersonic passenger airplanes. The community-focused wallet is built on Telegram messenger, and it allows the users to easily and safely manage their digital assets, and maximize control over their finances.

Founder/ CEO:Christian Umbach,Oliver Thamm. Helps job training programs find qualified applicants.

The gold standard in cryptocurrency portfolio tracking and taxes. Unum ID strives to help organizations improve security and ensure compliance with its decentralized, blockchain-based platform for login and identity verification.

It is a web-based centralized workstation that integrates with all collaboration apps to provide a single platform for communication with various teams and across all projects. By extending a simple, unified API, the solution allowssoftware developersto quickly build native integrations into the systems used in the company, without the need to customize and maintain each integration individually. Branch is a 100% mobile-based financial app that leverages data science to offer fast, affordable loans to customers mobile wallets. A no-code SaaS solution to manage and track sales commissions. In addition to the list of top companies, we also launched the YC Breakthrough Companies list to highlight the fast-growing startups that have received between $15M-$300M from YC.

It only takes a few minutes to sign up for the plan, as long as their website is simple and user-friendly for both employers and employees. Empowering restaurants and small food makers to ship nationwide. The product is baby-safe and easy to clean, and its paired with a free app that records and displays all feeding information. This enterprise-grade customer experience web and mobile platform applies machine learning to consumer interactions to track, analyze, and enhance the buyers experience with brands at every step of their interaction. The system integrates smoothly with all Google tools and external apps to enable centralized customer management and boost productivity and collaboration with automated, intelligent solutions. Captures user interactions with no code to generate analytics.

Thanks to the solutions offered by the startup, businesses can create their own chips already within two weeks. Founder/ CEO:Brandon Ballinger,Jason Tan. Similarly to that startup, Phiar puts AI into use to improve the driving experience, enhance the drivers safety, and facilitate navigation on the road.

Lets see how they do it! Personalized drug discovery for blood cancer. As the startup claims, thanks to this intuitive, drag and drop tool, businesses can create powerful native mobile and web apps without any programming or integration. Making car ownership more inclusive, flexible and simple. Founder/ CEO:Aarjav Trivedi,Arun Elangovan,Steve Dickerson. AI-powered environments that are safe, efficient, and sustainable. The solution comes as a mobile app, and it uses AI and machine learning to predict crime and prevent it from happening, thus enhancing public safety. All authentication data is kept on an individual users device and remains protected with biometrics and sophisticated encryption. The online financial management service for everyone. Formerly FX Labs, CyberSecuriti AI appeared on the startup stage in 2018 with an enterprise solution that protects companies from attacks targeting the API layer. SyncSketch is dedicated to supporting visual artists, authors, and graphic designers through a cloud-based online platform for real-time collaborative media review. Whether someone wants to proactively manage stress or treat depression, Modern Health guides people to the right care at the right time and helps companies save money on interactions and healthcare costs. The Chime app is available for iPhone and Android devices and has been voted one of the best new money management apps in the App Store.

The card is usable at ATMs at no additional fees and connected to a checking account. A full stack payments and neobanking platform for businesses in India. Communities can use it to report crimes and receive real-time updates on whats happening in the neighborhood. The world's most efficient digital freight network. Manage all business payables in one dashboard. Sysdig also focuses on security but seen from a completely different angle. Local services marketplace that connects providers with new customers.

Considering thatonly 24% of millennials are financially literate, developing a personal financial planner for mobile seems like a great idea.

Helping businesses make and accept payments from anywhere in Africa. This San Francisco innovation startup is a cloud-native intelligence company that has built a unified platform for monitoring, security, and troubleshooting of microservices-driven architecture. In early 2014, the co-founders Ryan and Perumal were recent vegans. The companys first product is a smart baby feeding monitor that tracks all the essential aspects of baby feeding, such as temperature, angle, duration, portion sizes, and more, to make parents lives easier and worry-free. Founded in 2017, Allganize provides enterprise-grade Natural Level Understanding and conversational AI to multiple verticals. Focused on Growth Marketing, Data Analytics and Marketing Automation. The platform that powers technology in the classroom. They provide extended warranties both online and offline, and provide consumers with a modern digital experience that eliminates the problems customers face today with legacy offerings. High throughput design of cells for therapeutics applications. eSignature software for small and mid-market businesses. Founder/ CEO:Alexandr Safonov,Kirill Kuznetcov,Nick Kozlov. Founder/ CEO:Dror Shimoni,Naama Alon,Oz Alon,Shadiah Sigala. Currently, over 60 integrations are supported for a variety of products including cloud storage, messaging, calendar, CRM, and more. To resolve this, Swit has created a modern collaboration suite that couples real-time team communication with effective task management, all in one place. Instant, no fee international remittances. Calm has over 25 million users and is profitable (10x revenue growth in two years). The financial operating system for the next generation of business. Automates and simplifies direct mail and address verification. And stay tuned for our next startup summary; well be heading to Atlanta, the Empire City of the South! Building humanitys multiplanetary future. Founder/ CEO:David Friedberg,Steve Pretre. The next San Francisco startup, Checkr, also builds on machine learning intelligence to deliver a platform for providing recruitment teams with an AI-powered background check. Digital contracting platform for legal teams. Modern Health is a mental health care platform for employers. Rated 5.0 / 5.0 by clients from various industries and locations.

Airtable was founded on the belief that software shouldn't dictate how you work - you should dictate how it works. Software and APIs to collect, clean, and control customer data.

Sync customer data to your sales and marketing tools. Rebuilding global transportation payments. All-in-one real estate marketplace for Latin America, Modern payments infrastructure for Africa. Another health and wellness proposition comes from BlueSmart, a specialized range of IoT baby products. Chime is a startup based in San Francisco that aims to help its members lead healthier financial lives. Have we missed any startup that deserves a spot? A complete DevOps platform delivered as a single application. Discover more YC companies in the Startup Directory and find jobs at the best YC startups on Work at a Startup. Calm is co-founded by Alex Tew and Michael Acton Smith.

Extend enables any merchant to offer extended warranties and protection plans through the easy-to-integrate APIs or pre-built e-commerce apps.

She creates and implements 360-degree marketing strategy. Apart from San Francisco, the company has global offices in Lagos, Nairobi, Mumbai, and Mexico City.

The next San Francisco startup, Kloudless, looks to resolve application integration challenges faced by businesses with an enterprise-grade platform for enterprise software integrations. 7 min read, Picking The Best Language For iOS App Development In 2022, Miosz Kaczorowski Harnesses business activity to unlock growth. Home boxing gym with motion trackers that compute punches and reps. Plan, communicate, and benchmark your compensation in real-time. The cloud-native, operational database built for speed and scale.

The company founder, Yoshua Kishi, has ADHD, and in the past, he was struggling with finding an outlet for his negative emotions.

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