Queens College landed the #5 spot in our 2021 rankings for highest paid urban studies school. An urban planner can be a benefit to a law firm as they have a deep knowledge of zoning laws, environmental regulations and so forth. However, your opportunities expand with an urban planning masters degree. These professionals ensure that new projects meet environmental standards. Information, though believed correct at time of publication, may not be correct, and no warranty is provided. The average salary for an urban planner in California is around $98,450 per year. Normally, I would be getting an 8% raise, but because I came in at about the half year mark, they giving me ~4%. These numbers represent the median, which is the midpoint of the ranges from our proprietary Total Pay Estimate model and based on salaries collected from our users. Contact us at:(414) 229-7711[emailprotected]. Faculty Interview: Tracy Caddell, Ball State University, Doctor of Education EdD Salary and Career Outlook, Faculty Interview: Michael Poe, Northwest Nazarene University, Online Master of Arts in Teaching Programs (MAT), Online Master of Arts in Teaching TESOL Programs, Online Master of Library and Information Science Programs (MLIS), Explore Librarian Salary, Jobs, and Careers in Library Science, Guide to Transitioning RN to MSN Programs. The darker areas on the map show where Urban Studies Majors earn the highest salaries across all 50 states. This above-average growth rate is one indicator of the positive state of urban planning. .css-18stkbk{font-size:15px;line-height:24px;color:#505863;font-weight:700;}How accurate does $108,498 look to you? We take a deep dive into what's impacting employee retention and what employees are looking for in their new role. Learn More >. Online Doctor of Pharmacy Programs (PharmD), Pharmacy Doctorate Salary and Career Outlook, Online Master of Health Informatics Programs (MHI), Master of Health Informatics Career and Salary, Online Master of Public Health Programs (MPH), Master of Public Health Salary and Career Outlook, Online Masters in Health Administration Programs (MHA), Online Master of Applied Behavior Analysis Programs (ABA), Digital Resources for Students with Autism Helpful for Teachers and Parents. Bachelor of Arts (BA), International Affairs, Bachelor of Arts and Science (BASc), Geography, Master of Public Administration (MPA), American Government and Politics (United States), Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering (BSME), Anthropology, Bachelor of Arts (BA), Quantitative Economics, Bachelor of Science (BS / BSc), Applied Sociology, Master of Information Science (MIS), Geography, Pay increases are a top concern for 2022 to attract and retain talent, Temporary employee laws: A guide to hiring contract roles, What to include in a termination letter: Template and examples, How to Manage Your Time and Prioritize Your Workload. To create our salary estimates, Zippia starts with data published in publicly available sources such as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Foreign Labor Certification Data Center (FLC). It requires the planner to work within a specific budget and adhere to legal requirements. Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland and Columbia I.S. There are online urban planning masters programs available that allow students to access courses on a much more flexible schedule. Manufacturing companies and retail companies have the most job opportunities for urban studies major graduates. The average urban studies major who graduates from a school in the United States earns about $34,817 per year during the early years of their career. Use our tool to get a personalized report on your market worth. Online Doctor of Social Work Programs (DSW), Explore the Best Online EdD Programs for You, Faculty Interview: Dr. Lee Nabb, Morehead State University, Scholarships for Doctor of Education (EdD) Students. Go ahead and give it a try, or bookmark the link so you can check it out later. Holding aMaster of Urban Planning (MUP)is theindustry standardfor most urban planners. Copyright 20082022, Glassdoor, Inc. "Glassdoor" and logo are registered trademarks of Glassdoor, Inc. This includes revamping old or unused plots of land and creating spaces that account for environmental impact and population size. SFSU is a fairly large public school located in the city of San Francisco. Meet with us in-person, over the phone, or via videoconference to learn more about the Urban Studies program. Salaries estimates are based on 52731 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by an Assistant Professor, Urban Studies employees. While there are many sectors open to urban planners, certain industries are statistically proven to pay more. In addition to job growth, a career in urban planning offers the chance to improve the lives of individuals. You might not think of the legal field as a place for urban planners. For context, annual raises are given out in July each year. Please join our LinkedIn Urban Studies Group so you can stay in touch with your classmates and continue to network. However, theBureau of Labor Statistics notes that the core curriculum is similar. After completing their bachelor's degree, urban studies graduates from UCSD carry an average student debtload of $20,900.

Learn More >. Professional Development Guide for Speech Pathologists, What Speech Pathology Students Should Do Before Graduating, Speech-Language Pathology Job Interview Guide, Speech Pathologist Salary and Career Outlook, What Is a Womens Health Nurse Practitioner, Guide to Making a Career Change to Nursing, Explore Midwife Salary, Jobs, and Careers in Midwifery, The 2022 Guide to Online Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Programs, Online Family Nurse Practitioner Programs (FNP), Our Guide to APRN License and Certification, NP vs DNP: Nurse Practitioner vs Doctor of Nursing Practice, Online Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Programs (ACNP), Acute Care Nurse Practitioner ACNP Salary and Careers, Online Womens Health Nurse Practitioner Programs (WHNP), Womens Health Nurse Practitioner WHNP Salary and Careers, Online Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Programs (PMHNP), Online Doctorate in Occupational Therapy Programs (OTD), Occupational Therapy Salary and Career Outlook, Scholarships for Occupational Therapy Students, How to Get into Occupational Therapy School. Urban planning masters programs have students spending considerable time in seminars, workshops, and laboratory courses, in which they learn to analyze and solve planning problems.. Is a Master of Social Work MSW Really Worth It? New research shows that each woman experiences the disparity of gender pay gap in different ways, depending on her position, age, race and education. 25% above national average Updated in 2021. Located in the large city of Queens, QC is a public school with a fairly large student population.

However, some industries pay higher than others. Employers that have the highest concentration of job opportunities for urban studies majors are manufacturing companies and retail companies. Before you decide whether variable pay is right for your org, get a deeper understanding of the variable pay options and the cultural impact of pay choices. I joined in January. When choosing the right school for you, it's important to arm yourself with all the facts you can. The average urban studies major salary in the utilities industry is lower than the rest, coming in at $37,806. Bike paths along a local river, local parks and roads around the city are ordinary locations with something in common. In addition, many graduates of the Urban Studies major have gone on to graduate studies in a variety of fields, from urban studies to urban planning to education to traditional social sciences programs, and have found positions outside the metropolitan Milwaukee area, such as one graduate who now works as a Data Visualization Developer in Austin, TX or a recent graduate who now works as the Public Space Coordinator for the Minneapolis, MN downtown Improvement District. the Recruiter hasn't brought it up yet..Also any insights on what to expect from the interview? Assistant planners work directly under senior planners on a given planning project. Due to this, the urban planner career outlook can look different among professionals. Urban Studies majors who obtain their bachelor's from the school make an average salary of $41,200. One of 13 majors within the Social Sciences area of study, Urban Studies has other similar majors worth exploring. underwriters. Filter by location to see an Assistant Professor, Urban Studies salaries in your area. Teach.com / Online Education / Government Degrees / Online Masters in Urban Planning Programs / Urban Planning Salary and Career Outlook. Percent of industry employment statistics reveal that local government is the sector with the highest amount of urban planners. The average entry-level salary in Washington, DC is $40,000. City plannersdevelop the organizational layout of cities. They usually have at least a bachelors degree in biology, environmental science or a similar field. Often, planners in less populated regions must determine how to repurpose unused land or revitalize sections of the city. UCSD is a fairly large public school located in the large city of La Jolla. Once you have some experience in planning, you are better equipped to serve in higher-level roles. To break this down, lets examine the wages of urban planners that fall into different sectors of the wage spectrum. In fact, urban planners often meet with city officials and lawyers to discuss community needs throughout a project. There are multiple requirements for those wishing to earn theAICP certification, including passing the exam. The average amount in student loans that urban studies majors at UMN Twin Cities take out while working on their bachelor's is $20,041.

What Can You Do with a Bachelors in Marketing? Below, we delve into educational requirements for a career in urban planning and the average urban planner salary. Luckily, you dont have to put your current career and responsibilities on hold to do so. My jaw about just dropped when big boss said this. As planners grow in experience, they can pursue senior-level positions with higher wages. How much does an urban planner make in California? Data on how experience level affects salary is provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) as part of their National Compensation Survey, which is based on factors such as knowledge, complexity, contacts, and environment. However, graduates from the schools below may make more than this. The displayed options may include sponsored or recommended results, not necessarily based on your preferences. The urban planning career outlook is bright in terms of earning potential. Occupational Employment and Wages, May 2019, Urban and Regional Planners. Accessed June 2020. https://www.bls.gov/oes/current/oes193051.htm. How do urban planner salaries compare to similar careers. Land subdivision refers to breaking up pieces of land into plots that will later be developed. This ensures an approved institution backs your degree. While the top 10 percent make over $89,000 per year, the bottom 10 percent make under $29,000. The skillset of an urban planner allows him or her to take on a variety of roles. Urban planners are knowledgeable in regards to utility networks that provide the foundational elements of a functioning city. It is not uncommon to first learn under the wing of an experienced planner. Im in the north east Florida region. On average, they make less than scientists but more than Is an MBA Degree Really Worth It? University of California - San Diego earned the #2 spot in our 2021 rankings. Decide Here, Explore MBA Salary, Jobs, and Careers in Business, Online Bachelors in Business and Management. When you first start in urban planning, youll need to build up your experience. The Glassdoor community relies on people like you to share accurate salary info to promote fair compensation everywhere, Anonymously share your pay info to help the Glassdoor community, 8 days ago by a Assistant Professor with 1 to 3 years of experience, 8 days ago by a Assistant Professor with 7 to 9 years of experience, 8 days ago by a Assistant Professor with 4 to 6 years of experience, 8 days ago by a Visiting Assistant Teaching Professor with 7 to 9 years of experience. Physician Assistant Salary, Jobs and Career Path. Urban planner salary in Washington, D.C.: Urban planning salary in San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA: Urban planning salary in Jersey City, NJ: Urban planning salary in Hawaii/Kauai nonmetropolitan area: Urban planning salary in Eastern Sierra-Mother Lode Region of California: Urban planning salary in Nevada nonmetropolitan area: Urban planning salary in West Texas Region of Texas nonmetropolitan area: Urban planning salary in Alaska nonmetropolitan area. Unfortunately, that is 13% less than the average salary of a typical college graduate. SNHU has an online program for you. After completing their bachelor's degree, urban studies graduates from SFSU carry an average student debtload of $17,336. I have 4 virtual rounds. What Can You Do With a Bachelors in Business and Management? Below youll find recent numerical data on the average salaries for urban planners. TheSan Francisco Bay Area Planning and Urban Research Association (SPUR) (PDF, 3.4 MB)released a report urging planners to tackle the problems arising in the area. This is no coincidence. Corporations may hire urban planners to develop new properties in cities. As expected, these positions come with increased responsibilities and higher incomes. Clustering homes around green areas, well-planned pedestrian and cycle paths, and efficient public transport promote air quality, childrens mobility, and reduced traffic injuries.. When it comes to the layout of public parks, urban design landscapers play a large role. Assuming that a graduate chooses a 10-year repayment plan, the average monthly loan payment is $234. Inclusion on this website does not imply or represent a direct relationship with the company, school, or brand. On top of this, environmental planners develop more eco-friendly construction methods. As you can see, urban planning is not a one-size-fits-all profession. Several university pages indicate that completing an MUP program typically takes two years. Beyond these roles, there are higher-level positions open to experienced urban planners. MBA or JD: Which Is the Better Career Path? Recent Urban Studies major grad, Trevor Jung, is the new Community Engagement Coordinator for Visioning Racine and was also appointed by the Mayor to the Planning Commission for the City of Racine. The estimated additional pay is $32,191 per year. This could include planning new roads, installing bike lanes and using design strategies to solve congestion issues. What Can I Do With an International Relations Degree? Urban Studies majors who obtain their bachelor's from the school make an average salary of $37,700. Read on to learn about the urban planning career outlook, including the best jobs in the industry and a typical urban planner salary. Minnesota State University - Mankato earned the #1 spot in our 2021 rankings. This sector deals with engineering and construction-related services. However, Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) data reveals that the median annual salary for urban planners is $73,050. One of these utility networks is electricity. Urban planners have the opportunity to address these concerns in city design and revitalization projects. Typically, urban landscapers have a background in environmental design or in-depth knowledge of the subject. 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Median Urban Planner Salary for this Industry: $88,560. Create more job alerts for related jobs with one click: What is the total pay trajectory for Assistant Professor? While working on their bachelor's, urban studies majors at QC accumulate an average of around $18,665 in student debt. Insurance companies pay urban studies major graduates the highest wages, averaging $69,392 per year. Career Planning & Resource Center (CPaRC), Please contact the Urban Studies Department directly. The values above represent the median wages in each state. The annual salaries cover urban planners on both sides of the median. How common is it for an employer to pro-rate a salary increase if you joined in middle of the year? Bustling cities are a prime location for urban planners to put their skills to use. While working on their bachelor's, urban studies majors at UC Berkeley accumulate an average of around $11,439 in student debt. Masters in Business Administration (MBA) vs. Masters of Public Administration (MPA), Master of Public Administration MPA Scholarships, Online Masters in Urban Planning Programs, Online Master of International Relations and Business Programs. According to theAICP Salary Survey, certified planners earn more than non-certified planners, even when experience and responsibility are considered.. Does any one in this board work for Humana in the provider contracting professional/contract negotiating role? Other cities that offer high paying job opportunities for urban studies majors are New York, NY, San Francisco, CA, Boston, MA, Baltimore, MD, Philadelphia, PA, and Arlington, VA. New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Delaware, and New Jersey are the states with the highest payscale for urban studies major graduates. An urban planners salary varies based on multiple factors, including the given industry and the state the planner is employed in. Some of the states with the best salaries for urban studies major graduates are New York,Massachusetts, Connecticut, Delaware, and New Jersey.

Why do people leave their jobs? Furthermore, certain areas of the country have statistically higher urban planner salaries. In addition, companies like The Bar Association of San Francisco and Majesco report highly competitive salaries for urban studies major graduates. To that end, we've created a number of major-specific rankings, including this Highest Paid Urban Studies list to help you make the college decision. Is a Doctor of Occupational Therapy Worth It? This data shows the national average salary between 2011-2020 among Urban Studies major graduates. Find your market worth with a report tailored to you, No results found. Whether you need a bachelor's degree to get into a career or want a master's degree to move up in your current career, Thelayout of citiesgreatly affects the health of people living in it. Pay ranges for people with a Bachelor of Arts (BA), Urban Studies degree by employer. Is a Masters in Speech Pathology Really Worth It? Professional companies and finance companies pay well too, at $64,919 and $61,691, respectively. Applied Behavior Analysis ABA Scholarships, The 2022 Guide to Online Masters in Psychology Programs, Online Clinical Psychology Masters Programs, Online Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy Programs, Marriage and Family Therapist Salary and Jobs for MFT Careers, 25 Counseling Scholarships for Graduate Students, Online Masters in School Counseling Programs, Bullying Resources for Educators and Parents, The Comprehensive College Planning Resource, School Counselor Salary and Career Outlook, Online Masters in Mental Health Counseling Programs, Mental Health Counselor Salary and Career Outlook, Online Master of Public Administration Programs (MPA). Reports by the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate11% job growth between 2018-2028. Financial aid may be available for those who qualify. Assistant Professor, History and Urban Studies. This job is layered and complex. Salary also plays a significant role in the urban planning career outlook. Columbia is a very large private not-for-profit school located in the city of New York. Try another search query or, New research shows how to set pay for remote employees. While these are the highest paying industries, they are not the most common fields for urban planners. Urban Studies is the #162 most popular major in the country with 1,102 bachelor's degrees awarded in 2018-2019. The highest salary for an Assistant Professor, Urban Studies in United States is $160,451 per year. Thoughts on this? Physician Assistant vs. Nurse Practitioner: What Are the Differences? The numbers used in this ranking are early career salaries, which we define to be 10 years after a student started college. University of California - Berkeley comes in at #5 in this year's ranking. Located in the city of Mankato, Minnesota State Mankato is a public school with a fairly large student population. Full Urban Studies at Columbia University in the City of New York Report. A shift towards, Handling involuntary termination is a likely occurrence for human resources managers and, Return better results with Payscale job search, Compare real living costs across different states, Consider potential directions your career can take, Calculate the 20-year net ROI for US-based colleges, Are you the kind of person who struggles to get a handle, Learn where the best career earners attended college, Degrees in the same industry as Bachelor of Arts (BA), Urban Studies, ranked by salary. Working in Washington, DC as an urban studies major graduate will pay you the highest wages at around $73,100 per year. When it comes time to repay the loan, graduates who are on a 10-year repayment plan pay an average monthly payment of $267. Nonmetropolitan areas face urban planning issues, as well. Of course, job opportunities vary by location, your experience in the field and other factors. In light of this, thedesigns of urban planners have a sizable impact on communities. San Francisco State University earned the #4 spot in our 2021 rankings. Bachelor of Public Health Scholarships and Grants, Kinesiology and Exercise Science Salaries, Online Speech Pathology Masters Programs (SLP), How to Make a Career Change from Teaching to Speech Pathology, ASHA Certification for Speech-Language Pathologists. Become a Womens Health Nurse Practitioner, Become an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse APRN, Guide to Online Nurse Practitioner Programs, Master of Health Administration Salary and Career Outlook, How to Transition From Teacher to School Counselor, How to Become a Sustainability Consultant, Sustainability Careers, Salary, and Job Outlook, urban planning is closely tied to environmental factors, designs of urban planners have a sizable impact on communities, Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that the core curriculum is similar, San Francisco Bay Area Planning and Urban Research Association (SPUR) (PDF, 3.4 MB), Architectural, engineering and related Services, State government (excluding education and hospitals), Management, scientific and technical consulting services. In short, earning an MUP improves your urban planning career outlook and provides a firm launchpad into an urban planning career. National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. For this year's Highest Paid Urban Studies Graduates ranking, we looked at 11 colleges that offer a bachelor's in urban studies. A planner in the 25th percentile makes less than 75% of urban planners and so on. Urban Studies majors who obtain their bachelor's from the school make an average salary of $35,200. As such, planners are needed. Whether you select an in-person or online urban planning masters program, make sure that the school is accredited by thePlanning Accreditation Board (PAB). The following cities boast high median wages in non-urban areas. UMN Twin Cities is a fairly large public school located in the large city of Minneapolis. Presented information and data are subject to change. Urban studies major graduates can expect good job security. The salary for an urban studies major graduate can range from $36,307 to $113,529 depending on the amount of work experience that the person has. The average monthly payment of a loan this size is about $223, assuming that the borrower is on a 10-year repayment plan. The lowest earning states are South Dakota, Florida, Montana, Arkansas, and New Mexico. Our rankings recognize Stanford University as the #1 school in this year's rankings. Is a Physician Assistant PA Degree Really Worth It? If you are considering a career in urban planning, obtaining the proper credentials is vital. The urban planning career outlook is promising in terms of growth. The #3 spot in this year's ranking belongs to Brown University. The following industries rank as the top-paying industries for urban planners, according toOES data. Wages typically start from $62,660 and go up to $131,110. The states below have the highest median salaries for urban planning jobs and services. Urban planners strive to enhance communities. After completing their bachelor's degree, urban studies graduates from Columbia carry an average student debtload of $28,539. Consulting Group are the best paying companies for urban studies major graduates. There are also opportunities for urban planners in the private sector. Planning managers oversee a variety of urban planning projects. From compensation planning to variable pay to pay equity analysis, we surveyed 4,900+ organizations on how they manage compensation. College Factual provides higher-education, college and university, degree, program, career, salary, and other helpful information to students, faculty, institutions, and other internet audiences. The "Most Likely Range" represents values that exist within the 25th and 75th percentile of all pay data available for this role. On average, urban studies graduates from Brown take out $13,746 in student loans while working on their bachelor's degree. Whats the Difference Between a Physician Assistant and a Doctor? If you are thinking of becoming an Assistant Professor, Urban Studies or planning the next step in your career, find details about the role, the career path and salary trajectory of an Assistant Professor, Urban Studies. Learn more about the colleges and universities that produce the highest paid urban studies graduates.

This growing industry requires creative problem-solving. West Neighbors in Milwaukee; Assistant Planner for the Milwaukee County Transit System; Community Organizer for the Northwest Community Development Corporation in Milwaukee; Assistant property manager NAI MLG; Special Projects Coordinator in the City of St. Francis Planning Office; Community Engagement Coordinator for Visioning Racine to name a few. If you are passionate about sustainability, consider a role as anenvironmental planner. After completing their bachelor's degree, urban studies graduates from Minnesota State Mankato carry an average student debtload of $25,559. Stanford is a fairly large private not-for-profit school located in the suburb of Stanford. What Can You Do With a Bachelors in Public Health? Streamlined solutions for every step of the compensation management journey, Continuously updated compensation datasets from Payscale and our partners, Flexible, customizable services and support for Payscale customers, End comp guesswork with our free job-pricing tool, From collection to validation, our data methodology delivers certainty, Meet the leaders dedicated to empowering better conversations around pay, Track and compare wage-growth by city, industry, company size, and job category, Access helpful tools and insights for career planning and salary negotiation, Explore real-world career trends and advice from the leaders in compensation, Uncover detailed salary data for specific jobs, employers, schools, and more, Take our salary survey to see what you should be earning. Keep in mind that the cost of living in states like California and Washington, D.C., are higher than national averages. Is It Worth Getting a Doctorate in Education (EdD)? Located in the city of Philadelphia, UPenn is a private not-for-profit college with a very large student population. Your input helps Glassdoor refine our pay estimates over time. Additional pay could include cash bonus, commission, tips, and profit sharing.

Learn about start dates, transferring credits, availability of financial aid, and more by contacting the universities below. With a bachelors in urban planning, you can qualify for assistant planning jobs and other lower-level positions. It also offers the opportunity to improve communities. To clarify, a planner in the 10th percentile makes less than 90% of urban planners. Urban planners understand how to implement effective power systems, including sustainable energy sources. Is a Doctor of Physical Therapy DPT Really Worth It?
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