My comrades just corrected me. Who are you and do you serve the master. I asked, A policeman replied, no, we have come for you, get off your desk and let me sit in that chair, you dont own this base by law., I replied, so, I made the base and Im not planning to leave..

I slowly walked up to them and wrote "Hey guys! For an example, Sir Karma injected many chemicals, who knows if they will rise from the dead as a curse.

They are always reported to come to base1 at 3am in the morning.

They were at the police station because an 8 year old boy playing Roblox was kidnapped and they witnessed it. In a short time he replied, "What's up?"

Note: Hi, friends!

There are a few more people who attended the meeting, but it was mainly just about how our bases and agencies in different countries are working out. I ran into my room and saw my computer flickering, but not like you would think. I drove with my car through the whole city, also through the housing estate, but I simply found no one. The lights flickered red, and I got a message on my phone, "We warned you!"

He also said that if you sleep in your house tonight, something will happen that you don't want to happen.

Though, if there are any gangs, she will eliminate the gangs since they dont follow her, but they follow their leader.

She had no gender since she was from the underworld, but humans make her known as a she because of her appearance.

Sometimes she will ask a human a question, and the human will answer, this will make zero spare the humans life. My parents were strangely still not there. They called Master!

This made those police officers get really ticked off, they started giving threats and questions, they even attempted to be drag me out of the base. So I made my way to my grandma's house, because she always made delicious food anyway, like cheesecake. He is from the Villain planning department. I sat down at the PC as quickly as I could and researched to see if there was anyone who had had something like this happen to them, and sure enough. Zero also recruits many humans in her agency, she picks them out carefully.

It didn't scare me because what was going to happen to me?

Suddenly, I heard a worried audio from team A, they were patrolling the villain base2 which is opposite Villain base1, which I was at. Wait.

Brookhaven is probably very popular right now, I haven't played it much before, maybe once, but I wanted to give it a try again. If there is someone annoying, Us Villain, usually come and either eliminate them, or threaten the living soul out if them.. Zero was a very calm but wise leader. Please don't take the following story too serious!

As if they were doing a ritual.

Back in Brookhaven, there was a secret agency of villains.

I suggest humans should be careful and not mess with her. They were all standing in a circle, completely black, and there was some kind of fire in front of them. Speaking of The Grim Reaper, I had actually met him before, he also attended last nights meeting. They are very rare, and are not only in Brookhaven, but also in games like Bloxburg. Well, it was noon by now, and I was hungry.

Their leader was a person named Zero. It was a Monday, early in the morning.

Suddenly something came to my mind, there is yes this place, neber the bridge in a forest. When I got back home, I noticed a strange sound coming from my room. My heart stopped - was the weird user right after all? It's just a video game after all. I heard music coming from my computer, and there was a knock on my front door. It wasn't a Windows error.

Its because they need to mind their own business of the underworld.

Sir Karma explained about his experimental plans, he has been moving all around the world and works with other basessince his human experiments arent working. If it is not, we report back by a special human device called Walkie Walkie. I am not from Earth so I hear every conversation going on at Brookhaven. Our usual routine is to check every base to make sure it is secured. Was one of the 5 players a Brookhaven admin?

The Grim Reaper bought them back alive to work with him under the graveyards, eventually, they grew up working at the base so there is a mix of adults and children who work their. So I met up with some of my servants and comrades. My favorite game was Roblox, because it just has so many possibilities, thousands of games, lots of mysteries, etc.

He/She was the Spawn of Satan.

Yes, I think that is the name.

But in the night I woke up. We discussed our plan. As people think, he is a demon or spirit, whatever humans call it, so he is able to travel to another place in a flash, there is only one Grim Reaper in the world anyway. Some kind of wizard RP?".

We met as base1 and talked about our plans to destroy the world. He is able to get information about the things we need andsteps of our plan to succeed. After 5 minutes, he hastily replied, you need to get out of your house now. So I drove to the forest, and tatasche, ALL 5 players were there. Then I found a server with 5 players. There is actually another Villain Base under all the graveyards in the world, honestly, the Grim Reaper is not as bad as you think he is. They also wear these freaky sus clothes which I cant attack properly with. Then my father reports to God and the Angel and all those people up there. But not like you would normally play with your friends - no. Can Roblox really be that dangerous?

There are a total of 13 bases in the town of Brookhaven. Its A WalkieTalkie. Suddenly I was kicked out of the Roblox game, how was that possible? one of the 5 people replied, get lost while you still can. Then the Grim Reaper reports to my father, who is Satan, about the different people who are going in which afterlife. Wanna RP something?" People who work in his bases were collect by him asinnocent children who are under 13 that died. Roblox is and will always be dangerous, even if it doesn't seem so to the bottom!

I didn't care much about what he said, so I went back home in the evening. Suddenly, everything stopped. So I joined the server, and started at the Brookhaven spawn. Im pretty sure the Grim Reaper will take care of that. This one seemed perfect, but it was the biggest mistake I ever made. I scrolled down a bit on the servers, because I prefer to go to empty servers. These people, in the Brookhaven game, are so-called worshippers.

Well, I went to watch some TV and then fell asleep. The workers usually look at the whole life of a person who has died and decided where they should go in the afterlife, heaven, the middle, or hell.

Roblox Creepypasta Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. As the leader of the Brookhaven Villain Agency, I have to check that the corpses of the failed humans, are not creating a virus, or curse.

It is a kind of sect that specializes in the Roblox universe.

Why Making Purchases Was Temporarily Disabled. There are some unfortunates even in the Roblox team internally.

I remained calm and continued writing feedback to Mr.Lucifer as I heard several footsteps come down the base1 ladder.

My parents came home at 8 o'clock in the morning and were very scared. So I went to and searched for the game. A story based on a Roblox Game called Brookhaven(RP). Suddenly I panicked, I hid under the bed and waited until morning.

I was at the Villain Base checking the data sent by Mr.Lucifer.

I just finished a meeting with the higher ups. He had given his Roblox name, so I wrote to him. So I drove to my favorite restaurant and ate.

That is basically the Story of the Grim Reaper. So I asked "what are you doing here?

At first everything seemed normal, but it was already weird because you could hardly see any people. Master! There were about 140,000 people playing Brookhaven right now.

I explained my situation to him, and there was radio silence for a moment. I got no idea.

Everything was back to normal. He lives underneath the graves of dead souls.

2 freak shows are heading to base1! We call stupid heros, police officer, scientists, and secret service people that. I didn't have much to do, because I had summer vacations and my parents had to work.
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